TRT -Megapost Incoming

Although I post very infrequently these days, I still receive regular comments on my TRT posts, and a number of reader emails asking for advice.

For all of those who have emailed me, and I’ve been somewhat lax in replying – my apologies.

I’ve realised that there is still a big demand for accurate, detailed knowledge on TRT, and I’ve accumulated a fair bit of wisdom on the subject over the years. To that end, I’m planning on putting together a “megapost”, with the sum total of my knowledge on the area – whether you need it, how to try to get it through your GP, the different types of treatment available, things to be aware of, long-term health implications, and a bunch of other stuff.

There’s a ton of subject material to get through, so please bear with me whilst I find the time to put it all together. Hopefully by the time I’ve finished, it’ll be a single go-to reference point for anything you need to know.



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