TRT Information – Update

As I’ve sat down to go through the subject material I need to cover, I’ve realised it’s simply far too much information to put into a blog post.

To that end, I’m going to begin work compiling it into a short eBook, which I’ll make available to download free of charge, or with an optional donation if you think the information is worthwhile.

This will take a little while, so stay tuned for updates.


6 thoughts on “TRT Information – Update

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  2. Hi YSW,

    That would be massively helpful for me right now. I would pay good money for a detailed guide from someone who knows what they are talking about. Look forward to it.


  3. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m now in a similar situation that you were. My level came back at 12.7nmol/ltr twice in 3 years (first time at age 24 and now at 27). I’m getting sick feeling old in my 20s with a low libido, loosing interest in sex halfway through, now more prone to storing fat, poor exercise response etc. Your blog has given me the confidence to persue this for as long as it takes. Thankfully the European and even UK guidelines show that I’m only about 0.7nmol/ltr outside of the recommended treatment trial level or 12/ 12.1/nmol ltr. With a range of 8-30nmol, an extra 0.7nmol is not going to make any difference to how I feel. I’ve printed off the relevant pages of these documents and will make my case in a couple of weeks. If it fails, I’ll make it to another doctor until I find one who will either treat me or refer me. thanks again

  4. Came here to comment on your “Necessary Journey” post, but it looks like you’ve deleted it…

    I just wanted to say that I went through the same journey as you. In the end, what helped me the most was returning back to those things that brought me the most joy in my childhood. One day I just sat down and thought about when in my life I was happiest (for me, it was jr./sr. of high school), thought about what made it so great, and resolved to only do those things that made those years so great. I spend all of my free time doing one of four things – writing and learning about computers, playing video games, lifting weights, and hanging out with my girlfriend and a handful of my very best friends… and I could not be happier.

    What I found is that I became less attractive to a broader group of women, but far more attractive to a smaller pool of women… When I started dealing only with those women, the quality of my relationships improved dramatically, and so did other areas of my life. Within a year of making the change, I met current girlfriend – the first girl I’ve ever seriously considered marrying.

    I don’t know if this will benefit you in your current situation. It’s just something to consider for anyone who’s coming to the end of their player phase and wondering where to go next.

    • Thanks for the comment pal. Yes, I reconsidered that post, it’s not deleted, just hidden for now.

      Glad things worked out for you. To be honest personally, I don’t seem to find the same things fun any more – I can’t play a video game for longer than 5 mins any more without getting bored, although I used to live on them when young!

      I’ve known for a long time I was never really a player. Something I did discover about myself though during the previous years – as I forced myself to become more social, and talk to everyone around me all the time, I actually realised I massively enjoy it. It’s fun, letting my natural self come out, and brightens everyone’s day up. Doesn’t matter who it is – old man, middle aged woman, hot girl.

      So yes I agree, it’s to find what you most enjoy and just do it, even though in my case that seems to have changed somewhat since childhood.

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