My Rules for living in the Kali Yuga

The Kali Yuga is the last of the 4 ages in the cycle of history from Hinduism. It is also known as the “age of vices”.

From Wikipedia – Hindus believe that human civilization degenerates spiritually during the Kali Yuga, which is referred to as the Dark Age because in it people are as far away as possible from God.

As we witness the decline of Western civilisation around us, there seems little doubt we are living in such a time.

I’m reblogging here a list of simple advice for living in the Kali Yuga from one of the blogs I follow.

At any time in history, this advice for living as a man is pertinent, and in the present time even more so.


13 thoughts on “My Rules for living in the Kali Yuga

  1. You’re the type that pushes through everything and “wins”. But my experience with any eating style – IF, Paleo, LowCarb…is that intuitive eating works better. Ironically in my pursuit of high protein or healthy eating I simply ate too much. When there are no limits and I also strength train I’m not super lean but I get better results than with any of those approaches with a lot less to worry about.

    • One must always count calories on any nutrition program to make sure we’re meeting our requirements of cutting fat or slowly gaining mass. Calculating your BMR is the starting point, and then adjusting based on goal.

      I’ve read in a few places people saying “if you eat paleo/keto you can eat what you want and not get fat” – not true in my experience.

  2. Very good list.

    If you are interested in getting a historical perspective on the recurring kali yuga eras in Western civilisation you should have a look at this serialisation of the book ‘Production Versus Plunder’.

    My main problem with the kali yuga is that a man’s healthy aspirations and ambitions are massively hampered while all possible harmful behaviours are encouraged. How can a man find healthy and meaningful activities and goals during the kali yuga?

    • Thanks for the link.

      I agree it is difficult to avoid degeneracy when it is thrust down your throat at every opportunity.

      Personally, I choose to have nothing to do with mainstream media or social media. I do use Twitter however, to follow those who view society the same way as me, and post insights on political theory. Neoreaction is especially interesting in this regard.

      Additionally and perhaps most importantly, I’ve whittled my peer group down to a mere few, who are my closest friends and who are moral, decent people. It is also good if you can meet and form a relationship with a traditionally raised girl. Easier said than done I know, but there are some out there, especially more so in European countries.

      I left corporate work 18 months ago, and learned to trade the Forex markets, which will be my living. I am beholden to no-one for my income.

      In terms of long-term goals, my own is to accumulate great personal wealth in order to provide for my loved ones, and to raise a traditional family outside of the influence of mainstream society, and make sure I have at least 3 children.

  3. Hey mate,
    I’d like to just send you this presentation. Quite interesting healthy challenge of some views you or me may have, yet it’s not coming from Roosh-Krauser type person. I’m also convinced based on his posts that Steve Jabba holds similar views as well which helps him in seduction. Personally the problem that stems from some traditional beliefs is the madonna-whore syndrome which for me doesn’t really reflect reality and hurts my chances with women that are actually worth it.

    I also hope you’ll update us on what’s your current more detailed position in areas like dating, diet, exercise, style, work etc. as you mentioned finding more of an equilibrium. Cheers.

    • Hey pal, hope you’re well.

      I’ve got about 10 mins in, and he’s just said “the truth is that women were treated as 2nd class citizens throughout history and violently oppressed”.

      Nothing could be further from the truth.

      This man has absolutely no historical knowledge, or knowledge of social theory, I’m not inclined to listen to the rest of it, if he’s going to base the crux of his speech on this flawed assumption.

      I do agree with “not identifying as a victim” though.

      I’ve lost motivation to blog at the moment, for some time in fact, but if I ever get it back again, I’ll definitely write some more articles around those topics you suggested.

      • Basically, he said defining what’s masculine should be based on experience and testing extremes rather than plugging into any ideology. It’s easy to find evidence for anyhing, really. And that the key is to be ok with yourself, non-reactive, non-judgemental. When you believe in ideology you can justify punishing people for being “wrong” which you may regret later. Also leaving the idea that sex only in exchange for money/ring/commitment means good girl. I saw many “good” girls with valuable degrees, class and motherly skills who are now in commited 6 year relationships having drunk wild enjoyable sex in the forest at the age of 18 so I believe girls go through phases and if you judge this, it may not be healthy position long-term. He probably said it all way more convincingly than me though. It doesn’t really make sense for you to hear it from me like this.

      • Ok sure, maybe I’ll try to check the rest out at some point.

        Consider this – we know hypergamy exists. Women always like to sex/marry/date a man of higher value than themselves. The more comparative value a woman has, the fewer men she can find to outrank her. This then leads to the situation of 5% men getting 90% women. These women can’t secure commitment from these men, so they spend 20s alpha chasing, and then hit the wall, lose their looks, and settle for a beta, who in many cases they subsequently leave because they’ve had too many tastes of alpha. This then leads to broken families, children without fathers, and everyone loses out.

        Bearing this in mind – is it good for society that so many women go to higher education to pursue largely pointless degrees?

        Forget for now what seems “good” for them as individuals, and think in terms of society at large.

      • Well…I actually don’t buy the model Tomassi presents. For me, hypergamy isn’t alpha fucks/beta bucks. More like the better you are at body, style, money, charisma, connection, status etc. the better and none of these factors are alpha/beta. So the money, safety etc. also contribute to arousal. What I see in my country are certainly girls experimenting in their 20s, but I see more of serial monogamy. Usually quite “beta” boyfriend with some “alpha” characteristics. Mabye in the meantime when they’re single short term, they’ll have some one night stands. Ironically the girls I should value most are those most likely to ignore my sexual advances. Kind of catch 22. If I want her to love me for me, the relationship should start as sexual one. But then she does it this way with any other high value man. So yeah, in this case I guess it would make sense to pick one of those girls at the time of monkey-branching who you can sense are attracted and be classic boyfriend.
        But I’m not sure if it really works in real life that more sex outside of relationship means she’ll be more likely to leave the husband. And that she herself percieves better degree as her eservng more alpha man. Maybe the ideal, good girl bride regrets being “good girl” later and will cheat on him massively at the age of 30. Usually I just feel if the respect at all times is or isn’t there. And this depends again mostly on this value comparison. Her looks vs your all.

  4. Btw some points from today’s official CZE and SVK press conference about immigrants: In Czech, officially more than 98% immigrants want to Germany. So far, 1 family and 2 other people asked for asylum in Czech. After German statements that they welcome every Syrian, fake Syrian passports are common, also protests. Quotas for each country don’t make sense. They’ll be allowed to go to Germany anyway after 3 months. But it’s funny how they talk about rights for immigrants but immigrant having a right to move to Germany despite some quota…that’s not discussed – let’s lock them as 2nd grade citizens in Estonia, right, frau Merkel?:-) Also, Hungary is criticised etc. but nobody talks about how outer states like Greece failed, despite massive financial support to protect boundaries, but also in the procedures. Many countries, unlike Hungary, Slovakia, Czech etc. already resigned on agreements that are in place now – people stay in countries they should have left 5 years ago etc, controls aren’t of good quality etc., and it makes situation worse. Lot of talk about solidarity, nothing about safety and responsibility.

    I remember how difficult it was for Eastern Europeans to even get the option to work in Germany, and Czechs were in EU already, identical cultural background, common history, all rules 100% fulfilled, and yet people were badmouthed, anti-campaigns, it took way longer it should etc. Now? Welcome everybody immediately, tuberculosis or not, passport or not – even people from Balkan not running from war, willingness to work or not, risk of terrorism or not.

    Also, based on anecdotal evidence by employees from the camps in Germany, despite having cooks, doctors, translators, psychiatrists, table tennis, basketball court etc. the immigrants are unwilling to clean their own mess, and send kids to get more food for them now that they can’t go many times like before because it’s controlled, are aggresive, throw furniture out of the window when they don’t like it, complain on food even though religious aspects are respected etc. Also have golden rings, chains, even kids have iPhones. For example, the cooks are behind bulletproof glass. Immigrants also steal stuff like tea, pot, and create confusion intentionally – kids cry etc. to steal in organised fashion, despite getting 300 euro adults, 250 kids. Wonderful future, really.

  5. I know I pushed one poor presentation already, but you’ll like this new one, focused on building value in both social and sexual axis, with relationship as end goal. Very interesting marketplace analysis, especially who fuckbuddies really are. (psychopaths)

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