A Choice

Roosh has always been an interesting character. One of the founding fathers of what became the Manosphere, he helped bring traditional ideas about masculinity and the nature of women back into the light of the modern internet era. A keen practitioner of game – namely aping the traits of confident, naturally attractive men – he enjoys some measure of success with women of a certain quality.

Seemingly somewhat lacking in natural charisma however, he reduces seduction to an almost robot-like series of steps of logical progression, and then appears confused why he finds no fulfilment from the process. A master at the art of appearing to be a naturally confident attractive man, without having quite made the final push into actually making himself into one, on all levels.

I was recently encouraged by his summation of all things Red Pill under the umbrella term Neomasculinity. His post introducing the concept and its central tenets was excellent, and any man would do well to study and understand it.

At the same time, he carries with him a heart full of bitterness, which is evident in much of his other writing. He is angry at the world, at women, and appears to feel he has been cheated out of his birthright of a pleasant, feminine, submissive wife and means to start a family.

His latest article on RoK has taken a turn to the dark side, basically reducing into a “what’s the point of it all” lament. The acerbic vitriol in the comments actually took me aback somewhat. Roosh is a leader for many disillusioned men in this time, and is in a position to influence them. When he writes positive, uplifting pieces like Neomasculinity, it inspires men to try and better themselves. When he writes pieces full of bitterness, loathing and futility, it encourages men to entertain the base side of their nature and whine and complain about their plight, instead of embracing what should be a typical masculine reaction to hardship – namely to redouble your efforts to overcome it.

It cannot be denied, civilisation is well and truly on the decline. Celebration of degeneracy abounds, men are becoming feminine, women masculine. If you are anything like me, your internet content bubble is tailored specifically to deliver tales of the latest affront to human decency into your life at every opportunity.

We, as men of the modern era, are faced with a choice.

We can embrace the decline – watch it burn, give in to the baser aspects of our nature, “bang some sluts”, fail to start a family, and live a hedonistic live of selfish individual pursuits. On many levels, a life of total selfishness is appealing – the most seductive lures always appeal to our most base desires.

We have another choice however. We can witness the depravity around us, and use this as a catalyst to spur us on to embrace the old traditional values even more firmly, to throw ourselves into becoming men of honour and virtue, aspiring to lead by example, remaining immovable pillars whilst all around us begins to crumble.

Although it is a comforting ego-justification to convince oneself that there are utterly no women of any worth remaining in the West in the modern era, it’s simply not true. They’re just harder to find. One must look further afield, travel to parts of the country where more conservative values still hold sway in the main part – you are extremely unlikely to find a woman of worth and virtue in the middle of a sprawling liberal metropolis for instance. Perhaps you must even need to go to a different country.

One must also tirelessly work on oneself, to become a man of depth of character, of financial strength, of physical and intellectual development – primarily for the benefit of ourselves, but also to ensure we are the most attractive proposition available to be able to attract and keep a woman of worth when we find one.

As you sit here, reading this, understand you are the end point of a series of your ancestors stretching back thousands of years into the past. Every single one of them made the decision to live an unselfish life, to give up their personal time and freedom, and start a family, so that their children might carry on the line. If you decide now, at this time, to give up on it all, decide that you simply “know” there are no quality women left in the world – then know that your lineage ends here with you. You are responsible for breaking the chain, because you did not have the strength to fight to continue it.

Undeniably, Western society will collapse. At this point, it’s just a case of whether it is sooner rather than later. Does this mean that suddenly everyone will vanish in a puff of smoke? Of course not. From the wreckage, a remnant will remain of those people who kept to the traditional ways, who did not give in to their urges of selfishness, and it will be up to this remnant to begin the rebuilding process.

Human life has inherent value. Civilisation has inherent value. These are things that it is worth fighting to preserve and protect. If you do not think this, then perhaps indeed you are within your right to ask yourself – what I am even here for?


17 thoughts on “A Choice

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  2. In a hurry, so short comment: good post. Clear and concise. I like that you are adressing a topic that is a lot more relevant than the usual manosphere how-to-alpha.

  3. Solid article on the topic. I agree wholeheartedly with your assertions with regards to Roosh- yes he is one of the founding members of the ‘sphere but it seems as though the ‘authenticity’ is slowly fading into blue pill idealisms

  4. Nataliya Kochergova

    Roosh has been like that for years. It sounds like his lifestyle is not bringing him a lot of contentment, but he is at the same time bored of only having one woman. Maybe his Neomasculity is actually an attempt at getting superalpha status, thus making getting women much easier and with much less “playing the clown” for them.

  5. You talk the talk, but can you actually walk the walk? Do you know many children you will want from her and do you know how you will name them?

    • I can’t honestly say I’d thought as far ahead as names yet.

      But I want at least 3 children. Couples with 1 child aren’t even replacing themselves, 2 isn’t actually adding anything. I believe if you have good genetics, and are able to impart civilised traditional values, then you owe it to yourself and the betterment of society as a whole to have at least 3. Unfortunately, we’re in a situation at present where something about modernity means the best and brightest have no kids at all, or just a single one.

  6. Preparation, especially mental preparation is key when you decide to lead a life swimming against the tide. Names are powerful symbols and symbols are inspirational guides. I will name my children after kings and queens of my country and after geniuses of arts and litterature.

  7. This might interest you: an article tracing back the origins of the play boy (= player) life style and arguing that (among other things) the feminist and the player are two sides of the same coin.

    • Interesting, it does seem a valid comparison. Imagine the difficulty however that your average “alpha” will have in understanding that eschewing family and sleeping with as many women as possible is “behaving like a homo and furthering the feminist agenda”

      • LOL.

        They’re the same guy who tell you an alpha is the guy passing his genes on to the next generation while being adamant about avoiding both LTRs and having babies. Next they make fun of some feminist’s hamster. Pot kettle.

  8. This is a fair assessment of Roosh. I myself have been saying these things for some time and I am glad there are other voices that see what I see. Too bad our voices are currently nowhere near as widely heard as Roosh’s and his kind’s…

    I only take exception with your agreement with the view that civilization is declining, and I wrote the following on my site to explain my disagreement:


    “Is Western civilization declining or not? First of all, realize that there are no other civilizations left, and there haven’t been for centuries, so the predicate “Western” is superfluous and even misleading (since it implies the existence of alternatives). Second, the fact that this question is even raised proves that the vast majority of so-called civilized individuals are nothing of the kind. I mean, you are seriously asking me whether a culture that’s about to figure out how to print human organs is declining? What the fuck do all the minor symptoms of decline you are rabidly pointing out to us mean compared to such utterly astonishing and previously even unimaginable accomplishments? Not to mention the arrival of a person who has managed to reach the very end of philosophy itself, which is to say of thought! which is an immeasurably harder and more valuable achievement! (since it was thought which created the theories with the help of which the machines that print human organs were designed in the first place, and so on). — In summa, the only one who is declining here are those who are saying that we are declining. Civilization as a whole is obviously progressing, and its highest manifestation and greatest triumph so far is blatantly obviously myself.”

    • Haven’t got time to respond properly now, but I’d just say don’t make the mistake of conflating technological progress with civilisation, they’re not the same thing. Indeed it is perhaps only because of the unprecedented pace of technological progress we’ve seen in the last century that things haven’t come apart sooner.

  9. “We can embrace the decline – watch it burn, give in to the baser aspects of our nature, “bang some sluts”, fail to start a family, and live a hedonistic live of selfish individual pursuits. On many levels, a life of total selfishness is appealing – the most seductive lures always appeal to our most base desires.”

    Just out of curiosity, are you familiar with Aaron Clarey, who also writes for ROK?

  10. Yay for intelligent & varied views regarding masculinity.I’m for realism and self improvement but not reactive misogyny or misanthropy.

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