Western Women Are Not Entitled

Contentious title? Perhaps so, but bear with me whilst I explain my reasoning.

When those in the Manosphere accuse Western women of being entitled, what do they mean? Essentially, they are accusing them of acting in a manner unbefitting their “true” level of value.

Very average looking women, who don’t dress well or look after their physiques, go around acting as if they were twice as attractive as they really are – diva-like behaviour, rudeness, flakiness, unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions, wanting privileged treatment, and so on.

Who then is the arbiter of this evaluation of someone’s true value, and therefore able to decide whether someone is acting above their station? Is value an absolute concept? Or is it subjective, according to the culture and society in which an individual resides?

If I believe my value is high, but no-one else does – are they all wrong? Or am I deluded?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter what you think your value “should” be – value is only relevant if other people around you believe you possess it.

Having made this deduction, it’s then clear to see that an average looking woman’s value in Western culture is exactly what she thinks it is. Men kiss her ass, tell her that she’s amazing, supplicate. The more above-average she is in her looks, the more she will encounter this behaviour. She can post up a profile on an online dating site, and receive 100s of emails every day, from thirsty men just desperate to get laid by any girl who isn’t completely physically repulsive.

Their behaviour then is not entitled in the least – it is exactly befitting the level of status which society is conferring upon them.

As men, we adhere more to the concept of “absolute” value – that is, regardless of culture or society, a person’s value should be viewed objectively based upon their physical attributes and accomplishments. Anyone acting above their station in this regard, in an entitled manner, is called out, and brought down to size. Women however, being inherently more social creatures, less rational and more emotive, do not operate on this model.

In an ideal world, the objective model is how things “should” operate, but we are being naive if we expect society and culture to play by the rules under which we think it should operate.

Value as an objective concept exists. One can most definitely make a concrete assessment of a woman’s beauty, or a man’s accomplishments, and critically evaluate their value. However, this is not the predominant model of value at work around us. In our current fem-centric society, the prevailing model is one of subjective value – namely that your value is precisely that which others deem it to be.

Understand this, and you understand that “entitled” women are merely doing what any other human being would do in the same situation, and acting in a manner according to their apparent status.

Human beings evolved in a social hierarchy, and we have built-in psychological mechanisms that grant us permission to act in a certain way when we believe our social status warrants it. Consider the confidence boost you feel when you are in good shape, or dressed well, or have a lot of money in the bank. We give ourselves permission to act in a more socially dominant manner, reinforced by feedback from those around us who confirm our elevated status by their behaviour towards us.

Much of this “privileged” behaviour is ugly, yes, but then human nature is ugly, and many men in positions of high status are no less ugly in their behaviour.

Since the model of subjective value is the one that is in force, the only way to change it, and impose the “true” objective model in its place, is to get through to the masses of modern men and tell them to stop pedestalising women, and encourage them to develop their masculinity and rely on concrete measures of value instead.

This, of course, is easier said than done, but I remain ever hopeful.


7 thoughts on “Western Women Are Not Entitled

  1. You had the perfect analogy to use too but you didn’t use it. (Or maybe you didn’t use it on purpose…)

    Stock prices.

    The value of stock prices are due to their perceived worth. If the market perceives their value as high, they will raise in price. If “information” about them comes to light that puts that stock in a bad light due to whatever reason — overpricing, poor long term horizons, low yields, volatility, and the like — then the stock may devalue in price. If the information is bad enough to many areas or if the price is overly bloated the market may undergo a correction and crash.

    Simply put the vast majority of men were sold a particular set of information about the value of women. However, more and more men are starting to come to light about the fact that the value of women in particular in the context of marriage and family are not what they bargained for. And they’re starting not to buy the stock. Many who own the stock are getting out, or those who it has already crashed on know better not to buy it again.

    Perceived stock prices (to society) are at an all time high… but many men can see that those prices are built on a bubble that may come crashing down at any moment.

    • Hah, no it just didn’t occur to me actually! Probably because I hate trading stocks over Forex, because of the increased number of random factors that can affect price 😉 But it is a very good analogy.

      I wonder – how many men are really waking up to this? It’s easy to lose perspective sometimes as we all sit in our Internet content bubbles that are tailored to our pre-existing views, and think that a major cultural shift is taking place. But how many blue-pill “normies” is this stuff starting to reach?

      The Internet is the great leveller in all this social narrative propaganda. At no other time in history has a tool existed that is able to so effectively route around the Cathedral-sponsored message, and reach so many people so easily. We live in interesting times.

      • I would suspect not as much as you would think.

        However, there are an increasing number of media pickups on various manospherian posts and the comments of most articles are starting to be littered with comments about men getting the short end of the stick.

        To be honest, the misandry bubble prediction of 2020 might be the correct prediction.

        Societal decay, poverty, fatherlessness, and other trends follow the OOW birth rates:

        Hispanic OOW birth rate probably reaches close to the blacks by 2020. 2013-2014 was the year that the OOW birth rate of all races hit 50%. It should climb up into the 60-70%+ range by 2020 most likely.

        I suppose we’ll see what happens in the next 5 years.

  2. Fascinating post and solid observations. I never thought about it in this way before.

    ‘Having made this deduction, it’s then clear to see that an average looking woman’s value in Western culture is exactly what she thinks it is. Men kiss her ass, tell her that she’s amazing, supplicate.’

    I was about to point out that this is caused by a lack of what you might term ‘masculine strength’ in modern day men. Men are not strong and resolute in their own sexual value, but rather supplicate to women. This is what effectively moves the goal-posts and makes modern Western woman’s value as high as it is.

    You explained far more eloquently and perceptively than I could that men’s conception of value is rooted more in objective, traditional ideas than women’s, which on the whole is largely subjective. In this sense, yes – women are rational automatons responding accordingly to the state of affairs they are faced with.

    Modern Western men do indeed require a kick up the backside to dispose of their effete manboobishness and re-instate traditional masculinity in order to bring female entitlement down to earth. The trouble is: where from? The rise of Left-wing ideaology, feminisim, and a lack of traditional masculine role models is well documented in this part of the web, and things certainly don’t seem to be taking a turn for the better. As you say, this corner of the web (I am hesitant to use the phrase ‘manosphere’ but call a spade a spade) is a good start but it is still a fringe movement with little chance of infliltrating the mainstream.

    Give me a shout if you’re ever in London.

  3. You mentioned the trinity of Appearance, Status and Girls. What do you think of the social aspect – being centre of the “cool” social circle, and especially using facebook and instagram to present your lifestyle: travel, gym, girls (subtly), friends, events etc.

    Do you believe the trinity plus some cold approaching is enough or would you add this to basically improve “marketing your product”?
    Because even if you have The Trinity and nobody sees it cold approach is pretty much the only way for you, and I noticed some girls have this thinking of “You don’t really have anything cool going on in your life.”

    • Personally, I think social media is the spawn of the devil, and I would rather gouge my eyes out than go anywhere near it. It’s a women’s playground, a place for them to get a stream of constant validation from men, so you’re better off out of it entirely in my opinion.

      Being confident, wealthy and in good shape, and then simply having the balls to approach is all you need to get the A+ girls. Sure, you don’t have to be wealthy to get girls, but if you want the cream of the crop, you need to be bringing the full package to the table.

      The inner game boost you get from knowing you’ve achieved significant financial success is also hard to describe until you’ve experienced it. It’s just a level of certainty at your core that you are entitled to the best the world has to offer.

  4. Nataliya Kochergova

    I think accusing someone of feeling entitled is mostly shaming language, something feminists made up, a runaway idea that everyone believes without examining it. Who actually believes they have a right/are owed something just because?

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