Who’s Interested In Trading?

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It’s not nearly this cool

So I’ve had little to write about recently, having essentially internalised the mindset of a confident high value man over the last 12 months to the extent that I’m not even aware of it any more (and indeed in doing so, have become one) . I could probably articulate it if I tried, but it’s already been done to death, and I don’t really have the inclination.

My days are entirely filled with working out, sleeping, eating, and trading. Eat, sleep, gym, trade, repeat. It sounds potentially dull, but I find it to be both physically and intellectually stimulating. The stock markets (or forex markets in my case) are endlessly fascinating. As you notice yourself improving incrementally, day by day, you almost start to enjoy yourself (almost…).

It is however a total minefield of second, third and fourth-rate information out there on the internet. So much awful advice. I was fortunate enough to only stumble around in the dark for a few months, before I came across the correct fundamental approach to the whole beast. Many people take years to find their way, and most never make it at all.

Who’d be interested in a small series of posts about the fundamentals of trading forex? I feel I’m at a sufficiently advanced point in my education now to impart a bit of wisdom, even if I’m not yet raking in the cash myself.

There are about 3 or 4 key concepts which I use to trade, which are serving me well. Additionally, writing about it will help to crystallise things in my head at this early, somewhat nebulous stage in my “career”.

Drop me a comment if you’d like me to write about it, otherwise radio silence will most likely be maintained!


18 thoughts on “Who’s Interested In Trading?

  1. I would be interested, but it would probably go straight over my head and I’ve been absolutely slammed at work lately! So, do it if others want you to, but I will read if you do post about it and think about trying it out when I have some time 🙂

  2. By all means I’d like to hear about your trading theory and activities! The financial markets can provide endless adventures.

  3. Absolutely.. After numerous attempts at getting out of the 95% club any insight would be appreciated.. like you say there’s too much information out there, it’s difficult to know what to focus on.. Glad to hear it’s going well..

  4. Hi there. I have been a lurker on your blog and quite inspiring stuff I should say. Please write some posts on trading as I am thinking of learning to trade too but currently groping in the dark

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