Journey’s End

The 1 year anniversary of this blog recently came and went in unspectacular fashion. As I read back over my first few posts, I realise how far I have come in such a short time.

Back then, the sole focus was women, how I could get with more of them, more quickly, and of better quality. I was in the midst of a slew of online dates, “putting in my time in the trenches” as I like to call it. I wasn’t deriving any great pleasure from it, the girls only being of slightly above average quality, but I knew it was necessary in order to gain the experience and the confidence I required to take me to the next level, and ultimately towards feeling good about myself.

As I write this post, it occurs to me that every idea, concept and notion that I read about – behave like this, say this, don’t say this, eye contact like this, etc – has just been completely internalised. I do all of these things as naturally as breathing, and although at some level of my brain the thought process of “don’t do that, do this instead” is still going on, it never surfaces into the conscious level of my awareness.

I’d come 90% of the way towards where I wanted to be a few months ago. Religious adherence to principles of self-improvement, whilst gaining more experience with women, combined with a methodical approach to optimising my health – resulting on embarking on self-administered Testosterone Replacement Therapy – got me most of the way there. And making the decision to commit to a top notch girl took me the last 10% of the way towards mental peace and contentment.

I am not sad to be waving goodbye to the part of my life that compelled me to approach and romantically pursue scores of women, whom ultimately I really wasn’t that bothered about, just because I knew that if I followed my usual lazy tendencies, I’d never become the man that I want to be. I am far happier when I am committed to a single person, the emotional closeness and sharing of experiences that come with it. The liberation of the requirement to chase tail around the streets in a distinctly less-than-alpha fashion is an added bonus.

It could never have just been any girl either. The fact that I was trying to keep her at arm’s length, and yet I still ended up going out with her shows that it happened for the most healthy of reasons. That she read my entire blog, including some slightly, er, colourful posts regarding her personally, and was ok with it all says a lot. She fulfils every requirement of a high value girl – as so recently articulated by LaidNYC with his Golden Seed (not that it matters what anyone other than me thinks anyway, but it’s a useful yardstick) – and understands me and accepts me for who I am.

Does this mean I have given up on everything I know, and am going to “beta down”? Far from it. The lessons I have learned over the last year stand me in the best possible stead for preserving a strong, healthy relationship. The extremely high standards I have for myself and the habits I have adopted ensure I will never let myself go, and indeed, they encourage my girlfriend to match them. And I fully intend to keep reading the select few manosphere blogs who I still feel offer genuine value, and a positive healthy outlook on life. Roosh and Krauser need not apply.

So is this the end of life’s journey? Do I consider myself a complete person? No, of course not. This is merely the end of this chapter, the part where I devoted all my time and energies into reaching the objective of self-fulfillment and actualisation. There are many more journeys ahead, but finally freed of the shackled of angst and self-doubt, I’ll be free to pursue them without any distractions, bring the full force of my mind to bear on them uninhibited. It’s nice to finally feel like I’ve become the person I was always meant to be.

In terms of my blog, I’m struggling to find much motivation to write about things at the moment. I’m too busy devoting my mental energies to learning the stock market to make my plan of retirement a reality, and simply enjoying my life.

Good luck to all those of you still firmly on this part of your journey, striving to find inner peace, happiness, and acceptance of who you are at a deep level. Honestly, it’s well worth it when you get there.


26 thoughts on “Journey’s End

  1. “I’m struggling to find much motivation to write about things at the moment. ”

    I’m in the same sort of predicament; it’s been a little over 2 years since I found this corner of the web and I pretty much have everything down at this point. As far as the blog, how many times can I say, don’t be a bitch, look pretty, keep his stomach full and his balls empty?

    Right now I’m busy with renovating my house & I have a ton of fermenting activities cluttering my kitchen. I’m also busy getting ready for Vegas (you going? you should!). It’s difficult to keep interested in the red pill stuff. It gets repetitive.

    I’m having more fun hanging out at Girls Being Girls (send your girlfriend over!) and then I’m a mod at the RedPillWoman subreddit that is… well… interesting…

    I wish you the best of life and hope to see you in Vegas!

    • Vegas isn’t going to happen I don’t think – the cheapest flights I could find were over £1000, and I’m supposed to be saving up :-/

      The girlfriend has actually already expressed interest in the existence of these kinds of blogs for girls, I’m going to send her over your way. Any posts you can recommend she starts with, to get her into it?

      • Nah, they’re all good. It’s pretty tame; we exchange recipes and talk about clothes and hair, LOL.

        It’s just that we DON’T talk about how the patriarchy is keeping us down like all the other girly blogs. It’s femininity without feminism.

        And bummer about Vegas, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen 😦

      • Yeah it’s a shame, it would have been cool to have gone. The airlines get you over a barrel if you don’t book months in advance.

        I don’t know why it’s so expensive. I can fly to the far corner of China from here for under half the price…

  2. It’s pretty awesome to find someone who knows and understands all of your ins and outs as well as faults, and still accepts you b/c of all the high value you provide.

    Question though, you are what mid 30s? Do you think coming to this sort of understanding with yourself would have been possible, say, 10 years ago? Or do you think all of the experience you have had leading up to this moment was an important part of the life journey?

    • I’m 31 pal. In all honesty, for me, it wouldn’t have been possible to have come to this place without having considered that I’d “made it” – one of the primary components of which is earning a large amount of money, which only became possible towards the tail end of my 20s. I could have got there a bit sooner if I’d pulled my finger out. Moving to London was a massive catalyst.

      In an ideal world, all going well, everything optimised such as starting weights young, embarking on a lucrative career path early with no time wasting, finding the manosphere at 21 etc, I reckon it’d be possible to get most of the way there by late 20s, no problems.

  3. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I wanted to thank you for this post and congratulate you on your achieved level of inner satisfaction. It is impressive and refreshing to witness an optimistic take on the idea of a committed relationship and the type of satisfaction to a red pill life it can actually provide. As someone in a committed relationship myself, it is greatly comforting to hear of success in a simple form rather than through calculated manipulation or underhanded battles for control etc. A great girlfriend is a great reward, one that you are incredibly deserving of and one that it is nice to see you enjoying and benefiting from as well.

    You see so much negativity and a lot of satirical, pessimistic, pissed-off ranting that does not contribute much to the means of bettering yourself as a person in the manosphere today. Thank you for maintaining a degree of clarity and almost serenity in your posts. I wish you the best of luck with any and all future endeavors.

    • Thank you for the heartfelt comment mate, it’s much appreciated. It’s a shame that usually the guys peddling all the self destructive “bad boy alpha” and “if you’re not doing 1,000 cold approaches a day you’re not a man” crap are the ones who garner the most attention. People like flashy, magic bullet style literary porn, they don’t want to hear that they’ve got to buckle down and work hard on developing their latent value over the course of years.

      Hopefully I can still find some incentive to post.

  4. “Good luck to all those of you still firmly on this part of your journey, striving to find inner peace, happiness, and acceptance of who you are at a deep level. Honestly, it’s well worth it when you get there.”

    Couldn’t agree with you more.

    All the best to you.


  5. All the best to you in your newfound happiness and personal satisfaction. I am on this path myself and even though I have been on this path since the beginning of the year and have progressed quicker than I could ever have imagined, I know that I still have quite some way to go. But I’m enjoying every minute.

    I am somewhat concerned by your implication that one must be in London in order to succeed. As you may remember, I’m trying to get out! I’ll figure this out somehow…

    I hope you can still find the time and motivation to spit some wisdom in the future.

    • Not London specifically, but I see it thusly: to progress. one must have a sufficiently developed peer group against which to compare oneself, to develop the urge to compete. I’d gone as far as I could go in the north – despite being friendly, there is simply no money up there, and very few successful people. Moving to London, and the massive concentration wealth and power therein, was the catalyst I needed to spur me on to greater feats of achievement.

      When you can look around and realise you are doing better than 95% of other people, there is little impetus to push yourself on. In the north, that comes way more easily than it does down here.

  6. I’ve had many moments when things from your blog has come across my mind during the day whether that be thinking about whether the London tube is quieter and more awkward than the trains in Sydney, or wondering if the your GF has the same feelings about your blog as my girl has about mine..

    All the best with the stock market project.

    • Your gf has read your whole blog too? It was quite an unusual experience, I felt totally exposed to have the veil of anonymity lifted, and my private musings read and analysed.

      Sydney – rarely have I disliked a place so much. Great city, great food. Uncultured, brash, overconfident, macho and belligerent Aussies – not so great. Very hot women, but too masculine in personality.

      • Yeah I’ve linked it to her, also another close chick who’s just a friend. At first she was repulsed then she wanted to know more about me, wnted to see me more.

  7. To be honest, there are a bunch of us who are in the same stage as you, are starting to wonder what to do with that accumulating pile of money and how to invest it and not get ripped of by the sharks. I think this blog transitioning to whatever your now interested in is not a bad thing.

    • If the advent of significant life-extension technology does not come about during our lifetimes, the main thing which would worry me about cryonics, other than whether it was actually reversible or not, is where to leave my accumulated wealth. There is simply no guarantee that any financial institution would still be around when you were revived, and leaving it in the hands of family members to safeguard would see it soon vanish I fear.

  8. It goes without saying that I fully support your finding a good woman and sticking with her. Congratulations on getting a keeper and best of luck with her and all future endeavours.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Chasing women around is a phase I think most men need to go through to help build their identity and confidence, but once achieved, the rewards of a healthy, happy and loving relationship are a far better alternative.

      All the best to you too.

  9. YouSoWould: can you explain the testosterone therapy a bit? At 31 you are a young man. What benefits have the drugs had? Ripped muscles? Do you have more energy?

    • Hello pal, excuse the delay in response. I’m going to put up a full post soon detailing all aspects of TRT. Having a deficiently low level, I immediately noticed much more muscle gains from the gym, increased dominance, and better libido.

      Initially, I was like a teenager on heat, but it has since levelled back off again. I suspect that a rapid change in testosterone levels causes the horniness.

      I’ve generally got much more motivation and zest for life. I had spent much og the prior 6 months to beginning treatment closeted in my bedroom, unwilling to socialise.

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