You Make Your Own Luck

So after it transpired that my girlfriend had read every single one of my 177 blog posts in a 24 hour period, and even printed a few out for a good measure (naturally homing instantaneously in on every single one of the negative remarks, and conveniently glossing over all the nice stuff), I figured an unannounced trip over to her place across London was required last night to smooth things over. I’ll spare the details, but things are good once more.

On the way back, I was pretty tired, but ended up getting into quite an animated conversation with the taxi driver, a youngish bloke in his late 20s. He seemed like a decent lad, and the topics of chat ranged from his picking up businessmen with their prostitutes in tow, to whether he’d ever been in love before, before finally settling on money and wealth matters, as a guy in a Ferrari GTO blared past us.

I told him about my scheme to retire from full-time work in the very near future, and he got around to telling me about the boss of his taxi firm who clears £50,000 – £60,000 total profit each month, and also has a number of other businesses on the go, making him a pretty wealthy man by all accounts.

I remarked “He must be a singularly motivated, ambitious and driven individual to have done so well. I admire that.”

The taxi driver remarked “What do you mean? That’s not how things work. I bet the guy just got a lucky break, he was in the right place at the right time, and everything just fell into place, and then it was easy from there.”

“Do you really think like that? You think that people who have made successes of themselves in life just got lucky?”

“Yeah sure, why, how else would you get ahead?”

Here he was, sat with his arm draped over the steering wheel of his shitty car in a cocksure fashion, smug in his own little world of mediocre achievement, surrounding himself with his pretty lies and half-truths designed to do nothing more than shield his own ego. Of course you can only get rich in life by “getting lucky” – if that wasn’t the case, and it came down to personal effort, motivation and dedication, then he’d have to face up to the fact that he was a failure. And we can’t have that now can we?

Let’s just assume for a second that he’s right, and you do need a “lucky break” in order to make a success of yourself, and a business venture. Let’s also assume the probability of getting your lucky break is 1 in 100, or 1%. Statistically, there are going to be those people who only have to make a single attempt, and the planets align, and everything goes right first time. Assuredly, they are a tiny minority.

What about the rest of the people, for whom their 1% chance doesn’t come in on the first attempt? They’ve got two choices – they either give up, cursing the gods, and go back to their menial lives, or they try again.

Which are you? How many times are you willing to pick yourself up and try again? 2 times? 3 times? 10 times? Maybe you’re the unlucky sod for whom it requires 100 attempts to get that 1 in 100 “lucky break”. Are you prepared to do it, to put those 100 attempts in order to get where you want to go, simply because the thought of not doing so is intolerable to you? Or are you just going to cry about the fact that someone else got it easier than you?

Face it, the laws of probability are going to make life easier for some people than others. That doesn’t mean that you should just sit around and whine about it. If you want to get your own lucky break, then you’ve got to make your own luck.

Anything less than total success is unacceptable for me. If my current venture doesn’t work out, I will come up with another one. And then another one if that one doesn’t work. And so help me god, if I need to, I will sit here and think of a million things I can try to get myself out of this existence of having to work for a living to support the quality of life I desire. And eventually one of them will work, and I will win, and I’ll pursue my dream of travelling the world for the next few years, putting in less than one hour of work a day, and raking the cash in.

How much do you want it?

19 thoughts on “You Make Your Own Luck

  1. That’s the mindset of most people I know dude, making rationalizations to preserve there ego from thinking of themselves as a failure.

  2. The Lucky Lothario

    Stealing my catchphrase! 😉

    Working hard and not giving up, people only see your win and call that luck. That’s what being lucky is to me; being in a place to take the opportunities that come my way with my best foot forward because I’m prepared. Reminds me of your American Pyscho-esque post a while back, I’d still rather people just think I’m lucky since then I’ve got less competition.

    But I’m luckier than most people I know, and I don’t just leave that down to chance.

  3. It’s also the same when it comes to the concept of prayer.

    Most people seem to think you say a few Hail Marys and God becomes your personal vending machine. It takes time and persistence in prayer to see if you really want it.

    Because I’ve found…prayer gives me the strength to seek out and knock on doors the things I ask for…and I don’t get down in the dumps if it doesn’t work out the first time or several times.

    And yes there are always a few lucky breaks…or acts of God if you will.

  4. I believe in luck, but it only really exists if you take action. Case in point, anyone that wins BIG in the lottery had to take action – even if that action was to blow a buck or two to buy the ticket – maybe they even used their own “numbers” (even more effort on their part) – regardless, THEY TOOK ACTION.

    But it’s like the “over night sensation” band, that has been killing themselves playing 300 show a year, in no name bars and halls, barely breaking even – then BOOM – they luck out and get a song that resonates with a huge audience.

    Luck happens, but as you say, it’s more about the desire to say “fuck it”, dust yourself off and try it again that will provide the opportunity for luck to intervene.

    Great article and a very important message.

  5. “Man is not the slave to his conditions in life, he is the creator of them”

    that’s paraphrased (because I don’t have the book in front of me) from James Allen’s “As A Man Thinketh” – pretty much sums up the whole luck debate.

  6. When people say that you are lucky, it is just an excuse for them to sit on their posterior and wait for luck.

    A few years ago I went back to school, paid it off as I was going, used all of my vacation for three years to take interim classes (3 credit hours for 8 hour days for 5 days). I had a full course-load while working about 55 hours a week at my job. (I was on the President’s Honor Roll the entire time.)

    This part-time chick at the eye doctor office said that “It’s nice that you are able to do that.” She didn’t say it like she really thought it was nice, she said it like she thought someone was giving me something. She was pissed off.

    Believing in luck is so much easier than busting your butt.

    • The Lucky Lothario

      Was there anything except her laziness that prevented her from doing that?

      Those who can’t make it, make excuses.

      • Exactly. You don’t even have to go the hardcore route that I did; it’s easy to get fee waivers and loans, go part time and make Cs. You still end up in the same place; it just takes a little longer.

  7. If you are in a mediocre position in life you MUST rationalize successful people’s success as luck. Or else you find yourself in a state of cognitive dissonance.

    Honestly though, I’m more interested in the fact that this girl read every single blog post of yours. WTF?

  8. There’s a really great Derren Brown show on luck somewhere on youtube. He basically experiments on an entire village on their beliefs about luck, and finds that it is nothing more than being open to opportunities that come your way. Check it out.

  9. Strangely enough, I stumbled on this blog last week and have now read the majority of blog posts. It’s very inspirational, so cheers.

    The blog started as you were getting results, it’s a pity that the very humble beginnings of the your journey are not there, it would probably help me with many stumbling blocks when you first start out. However, it’s a good blog and will be reading in the future.

    • My earliest days were back at college in my late teens, when i just used alcohol to stumble through the whole process of getting early hookups as do most other people.

      It was only when I started getting more analytical about my game that I started to blog.

      Glad you enjoy it.

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  11. The attitude from the taxi driver is lamentable. I was left speechless reading this (okay so I wasn’t talking to anyone but mentally speechless if you know what I mean)… Until I remembered that that is what most people are like. The male hamster is just as strong as the female. The other day a thirsty beta friend who hasn’t gotten laid in a good few years told me “I just have high standards.”

    Bullshit with your high standards. If you had high standards you would at least approach some women when you’re out, but you don’t. As Roosh said, men who say they have high standards are just waiting for a six to approach them.

    The girlfriend thing is pretty funny. Are you really that surprised she read ’em all? Any woman would, were she to discover the fascinating secret world of her man. At least it shows you take yourself seriously and are a man who has his shit together.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. I have a question I’d like to ask, so I’ll email you.

    • Actually no, I wasn’t that surprised – more impressed she got through all 177 in under 24 hours!

      Yes, you’re only entitled to have high standards when you’re actually turning girls down.

      Glad you enjoy reading, email away and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

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