Critical Mass For Original Content

It’ll be coming up to a year soon since I started this blog. I didn’t really have any plans for it, other than a place to periodically cathartically vent spleen and make the occasional blog boast about some hot chicken I’d pulled. Truth be told, I don’t really have any plans for it now either, but I’m finally beginning to realise what direction I want to go in, what is important to me and what I’d like to try and open the eyes of my few readers to.

It’s tough to come up with original content, perhaps more so in this modern era when anyone with a half baked opinion on something can just start a blog and get it out there. My own opinions and thoughts have really been too nebulous in nature to allow this thus far.

The more you read, the more you find what chimes with you and what doesn’t, the more you find yourself connecting dots – a snatch of an idea you read here, part of a concept you saw there – and eventually, slowly, you gain sufficient critical mass of knowledge to begin extrapolating your own take, and gain the confidence to write authoritatively, knowing that you have the ability to back your opinions up from detailed scrutiny, such is the time you have put into carefully reasoning them out.

My focus these days is now firmly on healthy inner game development – accepting yourself, loving yourself and women, avoiding behaviour patterns which will lead you down the wrong path. To that end, I’m starting to explore Zen ideas of spirituality more, and finding, as millions have before me, that there is truly great and deep wisdom there.

The further back one steps in order to see the whole picture, the more apparent it becomes what a small part of life “being good at picking up chicks” really is.

Hopefully, as I start towards the second year of blogging, I’ll not only remain motivated to keep writing, but also to start offering something more than a rehash of everyone else’s opinions.

I’d also say that a burning desire to win, and the motivation to do so are core parts of my identity, and I’m going to try to keep writing as much as I can on these subjects too.


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