Being Able To Fuck 100s Of Women Is A Means, Not An End

“What are you talking about?” I hear you cry. Of course fucking 100s of women is the ultimate level of achievement, something to aspire to above all else. I used to think the very same thing myself. It was my whole raison d’etre, the driving force behind all of my self-improvement and studying of game.

In actual fact, when you get to the point where you have nearly unlimited options with women, you realise it’s merely a stepping stone in a far greater journey – that of your fulfillment and self actualisation as a complete man.

Freed from the shackles of needing to constantly prove something to yourself by having sex with a stream of meaningless women, you become aware that there is so much more to life, challenges that are equally as difficult and more rewarding. Becoming a moral, upstanding member of society that others respect. Developing and reinforcing your personal boundaries. Learning deep self-acceptance. Total mastery of your own mind and emotions (not just deluding yourself that you’ve already got it by burying your head in the sand.)

Once you’ve reached this point, it is with deep suspicion and pity that you then view those that have seemingly become stuck there, narcissistically revelling in their own perceived power, their shallow characters and weak egos still requiring constant nurturing from a constant steam of slightly above average pussy, forever not realising that they’ll never attain true, genuine quality whilst they wallow in lascivious self aggrandisement. I’m looking at you, Krauser and Roosh.

We’ve all got to go through this stage as part of our development from our lowly beginnings. But whatever you do, DO NOT view this as an end goal, or a healthy place to remain once you get there. It’s not, and you’ll become increasingly dark the more you do so, and prevent yourself from ever freeing yourself of what is ultimately nothing more than an elaborate ego stroking exercise, and remain unable to truly begin self actualising as a complete man.

23 thoughts on “Being Able To Fuck 100s Of Women Is A Means, Not An End

  1. True that.

    Mastery of mind and emotions is something you want to strive for once you realize that women are only part of the journey.

    I’d have more respect for the PUAs if they realized that while plundering women is indeed a good achievement…they could achieve far more in this life by focusing more on their own self-improvement. Brag about something worth bragging about.

    I’m most proud of the fact I’ve prayed the rosary every day for almost 6 years and lifted weights consistently for almost 12. After all these years neither is still easy for me to do…but I do it anyway.

    For my own reasons…I keep sex strictly to marriage. That in and of itself takes strong self-control.

    • You mean praying with rosary beads? Where you slide your fingers over each one and make a short prayer for each bead or something? Isn`t that almost like a meditation prayer? I think Buddhists and Yogis use something called male beads for the same purpose.

  2. Another post from a beta boy who can’t get laid….

    …is what the PUA’s will shriek once they see this post. I expect some kind of shaming from Krauser, since I’ve noticed that he regularly tries to make fun of people who disagree with him. It must be fun in that little echo chamber of his.

    Guys who measure their worth by how many women they’ve slept with are really stupid. I don’t think they can make a clear distinction between ability to sleep with lots of hot women and focusing solely on doing that. The former is an indicator of a successful, charismatic man who has his life together and naturally attracts women, while the latter is a type of behavior men who desperately try to fill some void in their souls engage in.

    • I’m pretty sure I know who will be the first to say that. His comments about insulting people attacking PUA lifestyles are to the max.

    • Spot on mate, couldn’t agree more.

      Krauser’s entitled to say whatever he wants – I doubt that he’ll even see this. Fact of the matter is that I’d slept with as many girls by the age of 25, before I’d even heard of “game”, as he has now. He’s a little late to the party.

      He’s been systematically trying to exact his revenge against the whole of womankind ever since his wife left him for being a chode. I wouldn’t mind, everyone can do what they want, but what troubles me is the size of the man’s ego and the way he is lauded as something to aspire to, when he should be pitied.

      • Yeah revenge seems to be the motivation of a lot of those guys.

        Problem is revenge is worse on the person trying to exact it…than the person they are trying to get revenge against. I doubt his ex even cares what he is up to now.

        I learned game because while I knew the hows with women…I wanted to learn the whys.

  3. I realized after only fooling around with a few women how MEANINGLESS it is to just chase pussy. Ok, so you can get laid; am I supposed to be impressed?!

    As for improving yourself, I couldn’t agree more! I find it more profitable to learn about working on my own motorcycles and scooters; learning to become a better skater; learning more about kayaking; and I could go on, but you get my point. For me, the push is to become more self reliant, to be more fit, and to learn how to fix things myself. Since I was never good with my hands; since my HS didn’t have shop classes; this is indeed a worthy goal for me-to be better with my hands… 🙂

  4. Attracting women should be s side effect if being an awesome guy. You take care of yourself, be successful in life and have interesting hobbies, you won’t be able to avoid attracting women. Getting laid is not an accomplishment, at least not after high school.

    When Roosh and Krauser talk about texting +1 to their buddies after getting laid, I feel a little sick. I didn’t even do that in college. Pathetic.

    You gonna make it to Vegas, brother?

    • Honestly mate, I really want to come. I’ve never been to Vegas, and it’d be awesome to meet you guys.

      I’ve got to weigh it up against the fact that I’m trying to retire from work by the end of the year though, and really need to be saving all my cash for that.

      I’ll make a decision this week and stick to it. Need to check out flight prices.

  5. Yeah, the whole premise of chasing pussy and getting hundreds of new notches isn’t the end goal for me. It’s a little side project while I figure out what it is I truly want from the world. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have that notch count on my resume – it just won’t be the focus, else I’ll sink into emptiness like all the PUAs with nothing else going for them.

  6. I agree with what is said here.

    Having a goal of getting 100 notches is having a goal that essentially means nothing. Life ends after such a goal if it is the only goal one has.

    Also – I believe that there is such as thing as too many women – although I don’t profess to know how many.

    • Too many is when you’re still ploughing your way through them, and each one is doing nothing to ease the bitterness and unhappiness in the bottom of your heart, that you won’t admit to anyone is there, even yourself.

      • Yes it’s completely subjective. But as a general rule of thumb, I’d say if you haven’t found what you’re looking for after sleeping with 50 women, and you’re still unsettled, unfulfilled and unhappy with yourself at some level, then you’re looking in the wrong place.

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