When The Planets Align

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Ever have one of those days where everything just seems to go right? Your hair is especially great, your clothes fit perfectly, you look in great shape, you’re well rested, there’s a swagger in your step, the banter flies off your tongue effortlessly, girls check you out left right and centre. You know what I mean.

Essentially, what is happening, is that a wide range of variables are all coming to near their optimal levels at the same time, with a corresponding cumulative boost to your mood and confidence, which reflects in your body language, posture, eye contact and subcommunication. I was talking to this with Matt from the 3 Bromigos the other day, and he used the term “when the planets align”, which I thought was a great analogy.

I had the best one of these days I’ve ever had earlier this week. On top of the factors mentioned above, the extra boost to my confidence from having a girlfriend has seemingly propelled me to new heights. As I was walking the streets, a group of Spanish tourist girls literally stopped dead in their tracks, and all started staring and smiling at me. As I strode past with a wink, they all burst into fits of giggles and started whispering to each other. Later on, a woman I was walking next to caught sight of me out of the corner of her eye, and turned to me, a look of extreme interest and a smile on her face and said “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” I said “Is that a line?”, to which she replied “No. But it could be, you’re very handsome”, whilst blushing. On the tube on the way back to work after my lunch, there was a girl sat next to me, talking to her friend opposite. The girl next to me had to lean over and literally snap her fingers in front of her friend’s face to break her out of staring at me, and listen to what she was saying. The girl opposite went absolutely crimson when she realised what she’d been doing, and then all of us had a laugh about it, including some amazed looks from the guy sat a few seats down. I felt like a celebrity.

So this is great, right? How can you make sure this happens as often as possible? Each variable that contributes to this overall effect can fluctuate wildly if you don’t make any effort to control it. This essentially means that only randomly, and infrequently, will days like this occur. However, if like me, you are obsessed with self-improvement, and figuring out and then adhering to the optimal method of improving each and every facet that goes into your overall value – appearance, dress sense, physique, health, social skills, wealth – you will find that days like this happen more and more regularly. What you’re aiming to do is bring all of these fluctuating variables firmly under your control.

Some quick examples of what I do:

  • optimise sleep so that I’m always refreshed, clear headed and in a good mood (here, here and here)
  • strict adherence to diet and workout plan, so I am always in great shape (here – this is out of date now, but still applies – my physique has since improved considerably)
  • wear tailored clothes, which I get dry cleaned and starched every week to ensure optimal crispness
  • practise eye contact and good conversation skills
  • obsessive adherence to my morning grooming ritual

The list goes on. Essentially, I’ve made the variables my bitch.

It’s not possible to have your best day every day. But I’m damn well going to try.


10 thoughts on “When The Planets Align

  1. Interesting. I had a similar, albeit a light-version of the thing you are describing couple of days ago. I went to the local supermarket and every girl or woman I passed by smiled at me, gazed at me furtively or giggled a bit when I made eye contact. A hot woman engaged me in a random conversation after she caught me staring at her boobs which almost fell out of her summer dress when she bent over to pick up some groceries right in front of me. Ok, that one might have been an accident but her reactions wasn’t.

    I’ve been having more and more of days like this lately; and considering that I’m still novice to manosphere self-improvement, recovering from a crippling disease that left me depressed, out of shape and unable to exert myself physically, I guess I’m doing alright overall.

    My variables for days like this would include: getting enough sleep, dressing well and probably most important one – not jerking off to porn. Whenever I don’t jerk off for a few days I notice positive reaction from women, probably due to all that extra testosterone. Now I remembered that I definitely need to look up all those testosterone boosting supplements you and other guys mention.

    • Good stuff mate, keep at it. My whole routine is geared up around making sure I have as many of these days as possible. The effect gets more pronounced too the further along your path you get.

  2. Having one of those today. Its great. Work out which variables are holding you back, and fix it. For me its sleep… my house is just too noisy. looking for something better now

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  4. I like this article. I’m beginning to enjoy this blog more and more as I read through the posts. Solid, practicable advice, with none of the negativity that I perceive in the manosphere on most blogs. One thing though:

    “wear tailored clothes, which I get dry cleaned and starched every week to ensure optimal crispness”

    Every week? That’s really bad for clothes – the chemicals involved in dry cleaning damage fabric. It’s recommended that you get suits dry cleaned a maximum of twice a year, and that’s if you’re wearning them very regularly.

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