Life Extension Magazine

Just a quick post – I”ve recently been too busy shagging my new girlfriend, and generally being completely content with life, to post up angst-filled cerebral deconstructions of obscure facets of inner game.

I’ve always been interested in supplementation to maximise my health and well being – I currently take about 9 different things every morning. More so especially since I started on TRT, and discovered the “fountain of youth” properties which it bestowed upon me. I’m currently in the process of obtaining some Human Growth Hormone, which I also plan to add into my regimen on a daily basis for as long as I can afford it. I’ve got one life on this planet – I plan to make it as long and as enjoyable as possible, benefitting from optimal health.

I came across Life Extension Magazine a couple of weeks ago. It’s full of interesting articles and discussions of the latest technologies and research addressing the issue of prolonging your life as long as possible and maintaining optimal health. It appears to be a mouthpiece for the Life Extension Foundation, no doubt attempting to coerce you into signing up, but nonetheless it’s free and the content is solid.

Anyway, check it out – there’s some interesting stuff in there, ranging from discourses on how to reverse the aging process, to discussion of the benefits of supplements, to cosmetic treatments. RedPillScout, Frost – probably up your street if you’ve not already seen it.



2 thoughts on “Life Extension Magazine

    • Haha, no chance. My self-improve habits are so ingrained now, I could never stop doing it.

      If/when I ever go back on to the market again, I’m going to make sure I’m in better shape than I was when I went off it.

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