Value And Ambition

If you are not devoting at least 80% of your daily mental resources to improving your inherent value, you are missing the point of this life.

These “game techniques” that you’re learning, which ultimately were developed to mimic the behaviour of natural alphas? Fuck that. BECOME the natural alpha.

If you are spending 90% of your mental resources on chasing women, you are going to hit a glass ceiling very quickly. It might be a high glass ceiling compared to most men, but you’re never going to get with those ultimate top tier women, the socialites, celebrities and debutantes. Just put it into the background for now, make it only 20% of your life, and concentrate on raising your value to a level greater than that of 99.9% of other men – and then the women will start coming to you.

How many of you reading this can honestly say you’ve done everything you can to make yourself the ultimate specimen you can possibly be? Are you ripped and muscular, at <8% body fat? Do you get your hair cut once a week to maintain your perfectly groomed image? Are you pushing yourself every day to interact socially with every single person you come across? Are you wearing tailored, stylish clothes that complement your physique? If you are pale, have you got a tan? Are you investing your time and effort into gaining your financial independence from work, permanently? If you can’t look around the streets, and see that you’re DEMONSTRABLY (not just delusionally) better than every other guy there, then you’re losing the game.

I’ve got better things to do with my time than chase women up and down the streets all day like some sort of monkey. That’s not the behaviour of an “alpha” if you ask me. Yes, it’s necessary to get used to approaching women, and everyone needs to go through it for a period of time to develop the skillset, but if you’re just boiling it down to a pure numbers game simply through the sheer number of approaches you’re doing, you’re missing the point.

Your approaching should take the form of a sniper, not a shotgun. Your other shit in life should be in such good shape that on the odd occasion that you see a girl who matches your extremely high standards (you’ve got extremely high standards, right? You wouldn’t hook up with a girl less hot than one you’ve already pulled, right?), it is an inevitability that you get with her because of your value. Your value which automatically communicates itself in a million non-verbal ways – your stance, your clothing, the angle of your head, the intensity of your gaze – because you know, deep down in your core, that you DESERVE this woman. The shit you can’t fake. Hell, set yourself up right, in a position of high status such as the owner of a bar, and the girls will even come to you. Fucking any girl over a 6 who will let you fuck her is not an end to be pursued in itself. It means you’re still trying to patch up some hole in your psyche and self-esteem by throwing women at it.

Where is your burning ambition to be better than everyone else? To win at life? To look down from the top of the pile, and say “I’m better than you all”? This is what drives me onwards. This is what compels me to never be satisfied with myself, and what I have achieved. And this is what will make me attain heights that most men couldn’t even dream of. I WILL succeed, and I WILL have it all.

Don’t be satisfied with merely being well above average. You should want to be the BEST. You will go as far in this life as your ambition allows you.

6 thoughts on “Value And Ambition

  1. Fuck yeah! This is the kinda shit that keeps me motivated to improve every day, no matter how marginally. When this is the mindset you adopt the only limits are those you place upon yourself.

  2. Altered for gender, this is excellent advice for women as well.

    Always strive to be the absolute best that you can be instead of just chasing after men. Make yourself as top tier as possible and the quality men will come to you.

    The women I see holding 50 extra pounds & dressing like a slob chasing, chasing, chasing after men (who are mostly ignoring them).

  3. I started by cleaning up my soul. That’s where most of the weaknesses came from.

    Now it’s just a matter of accepting that I have higher value than women and showing it.

  4. The manosphere is utterly unaware of what a true, natural, alpha is. This is because there have been no true *living* natural alphas since Napoleon. To argue that Napoleon was the last natural alpha may appear at first to be extreme, but with a little argument this simple contestable point becomes complex and uncontestable.

    The manosphere continually misses this case in point –> natural alphas are the “leaders” of the pack. They have to control frame by necessity, for it is required to lead the pack towards its ends, what it deems to be the most authoritative good. For the Spartans the most authoritative good was strength and honour; reproductive fitness was collateral. Yet if but one of even the weakest Spartans was among us he would be the best so-called genetic specimen. You’re making yourselves into prize steers to be sold at an auction. What makes an alpha is therefore the societal context in which he not only lives, but the essence of which he determines. Pericles was a natural alpha. He spoke to Athens not as a city but as a person; he was powerful enough to shape the contours of Athenian culture through speeches alone. Pericles not only controlled the frame. He defined its. It is inappropriate to compare human alphas from alphas present in the animal kingdom precisely because of the presence of an extraneous element called *speech* that humans possess. Speech is capable of altering not only ideas but entire wills. True alphas can do this; if not for entire civilizations, their own social groups. There is a clear difference between what was considered to be alpha, albiet unconsciously, in older days, and what is considered to be alpha in these days.

    Compare that to the conception of “alpha” as it is presented here. Essentially being alpha amounts to distinguishing oneself from others by being better groomed. In other places, it is having the best capacity to “have fun”. I will speak of both in turn, and will show that by the very terminology that each provide, a stable definition of alpha cannot be maintained. Differentiation from other males is made in terms of differentiation in *kind* rather than in differentiation in *degree*. In effect, rather being a genuinely different man, different and better than the rest, what is really being advocated here is an intensified form of peacocking what is immersed in effectiveness. Males peacock not their appearance, as females do, but their confidence. What this means is that the change for the “better” through self improvement, even though it is directed to self rather than direct game, is really no change at all. No barriers have been penetrated. Nothing has been overcome. Therefore that dreaded glass ceiling that PUA’s reach without improving themselves is still there. Being alpha simply amounts to being well groomed externally (with a good wardrobe, haircut, “swag”) and internally (with a well-ordered soul, confidence, autonomy, sovereignty, independence). This isn’t alpha. It adds no value in the long run. It is merely a short lived spark, a bright fizzling of masculine spirit that burns brightly at the height of male SMV, and sputters out into the unremarkable latter days of life.

    What, then, would it look like to overcome this barrier? It is first necessary to explain what this barrier is and where it came from. One cannot overcome an indeterminate abstraction. This barrier is liberalism, whose most authoritative good is autonomy along with comfort, and it came from the political actions of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is true that liberalism was around as an idea long before Napoleon, but it was Napoleon who made it into a reality by means of *action*. The species of liberalism established in the United States has regressed into an impudent form of consumerism, which feeds a machine that runs according to the principles of neoliberalism (i.e. free market capitalism). The *spirit* of liberalism as we know and love (autonomous independence) came from Napoleon. He was all those things and more. In a sense, self-consciousness places limits on itself through self-differentiation into opposed others who are aware of themselves as a selfsame unity (e.g. I am) as well as aware of autonomous others which are also a selfsame unity (e.g. I am also). Then another self-consciousness overcomes those limits.

    For this reason, we sense that “when this is the mindset you adopt the only limits are those you place upon yourself,” or rather one bursts the limits by means of which one is shackled. How, then, is liberalism a shackle? The essence of liberalism systematically precludes the existence of *any* one true authoritative good. There can be no one True Ring to rule them all. Hence we have a plurality of goods that are just as good as the other, equal preferences. We choose our goods without wanting to intrude on the autonomy of another. “Do what you want as long as you don’t stop me from doing what I want.” A true alpha, by definition, *must* intrude on the autonomy of another if he is to lead them. He does it *for their own good* and *because they don’t know better*. Alpha knows best. That is why he is alpha. This is why Napoleon was the last *true* alpha. The spirit he implemented prevents the the rise of another alpha by definition. Thus, what is alpha had to be changed.

    Alpha is no longer the leader of the pack, as you find in other species, but the best peacock. The one is best capable of playing with his shadow and taking his qualities to be their own. His absence is sorely felt at an existentially deep level. His ghost is desired by women everywhere. Yet it is despised by women as well (hence the feminists). No man wants him, because all men secretly think themselves to be God, but all want to be him.

    He will not return. All men must become him. They must strike their own paths and fill out the contours they have created in themselves with his spirit. Only once we become like him, without the terrible parts, can we overcome him.

    • Whilst I cannot disagree with the technicalities of what you are saying, we must nonetheless accept the realities of the world in which we live, and if the opportunity to be a true “natural alpha” does not exist any more, then we must the most of operating under the constraints that are present in terms of being more successful than other men if that is the only metric by which we may judge ourselves.

      I use the term “natural alpha” here merely to indicate someone who is extremely confident, and acts in a socially dominant, attractive, authoritive manner unthinkingly and without affectation, and thereby derives satisfaction and happiness from his life.

      Interesting comment, but I suggest your time would be better spent lifting some weights and talking to some girls than posting dissertation-length responses minutely dissecting blog posts.

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