The Supplement Bible


When it comes to training, most of us are always looking for that extra edge that will help push our results to the next level. Be it a fat burner, testosterone booster, mass gainer, diuretic, something to help with inflammation – there are a completely bewildering array of different supplements, herbal and chemical, all of which claim to be the most amazing thing since sliced bread, and most of which completely fail to do anything other than make your piss go a funny colour.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone had gone through almost every single peer-reviewed scientific study about thousands of these supplements, and collated all the information together in one place, so that at a glance you can immediately see if there’s any real evidence that  the “extract of mountain goat bladder” you’ve been taking for months is actually doing anything?

Fortunately, someone has. I’ve posted about this website in the past, but for those of you who missed it, you should head over right now and check out The creators of the site have dedicated thousands of hours to collating all the information you’d ever need about supplements into one easy-to-browse location.

Until recently, that site also offered you the ability to not only look up a supplement by name, and see all of its effects, but also to look up a given effect, such as “testosterone boost” and see a breakdown of every single supplement that has a known effect, along with the magnitude and level of evidence to support the claim. It’s something they called the Human Effect Matrix. They removed this recently for a good reason.

They’ve just launched a new product, which is a PDF of every single scrap of information they’ve amassed about thousands of supplements, along with the ability to look up supplements according to the health benefit you are looking to achieve – the main useful feature that is no longer available free on the site. The PDF updates every day with the latest additions, meaning that once you purchase it, you’ve got an up to date copy for keeps.

I’m not in the habit of plugging things on here. I don’t need the money, and I don’t have any plans to monetise my blog. So you should take from the fact that I’m telling you about this that I really think it’s an excellent product. The world of supplements is literally a minefield – there is so much misinformation, bro science and false advertising, and it’s possible to literally waste thousands of pounds/dollars on rubbish that doesn’t do anything. This PDF is an invaluable resource in helping you cut through all the bullshit.

Examine themselves are totally independent, so you can rest assured they’re not in the back pocket of some company who is going to get them to push favourable write ups of their supplement. They’ve been around for 2.5 years now, and are very well established, getting upwards of 300,000 page views every day. In the interests of remaining completely neutral, they do not recommend any brand or product.

Once you have had a look at the site, and probably been very impressed with it as I was, check out the PDF here: Supplement Goals Reference Guide

If you go on to buy it, I’ll get a few pennies. I’m more curious as much as anything as to how many people will click through from reading this post.

Cheers guys

4 thoughts on “The Supplement Bible

  1. On the flipside, came across a blogger who has made himself a guinea pig for supplements and biohacks of various sorts. interesting toolkit, worth referencing/trying out for different applications (i.e. i went straight to testosterone, nootropics – he seems to be a big fan of curcumin as a modafinil replacement):

    • Cheers pal – not sure what happened to it, there’s no sign at this end. I now reflexively ctrl+c everything I type into forms on the web before hitting submit, for that very reason.

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