I Was A Weird Kid

This isn’t me, but it’s not a million miles away

I was a weird kid. I could show you pictures – they’re hilarious. Whilst all the other children were outside, playing football, learning to flirt with one another, and generally doing all the things that normal, socially-adjusted kids do, I was sat alone in my room drawing intricate mazes on giant sheets of paper, or coming up with hierarchical ranking structures for my collection of toy cars. I had a lightning quick brain, and could perform amazing feats of mental arithmetic that are far beyond what I can do now – 15 years of drink and drugs takes its toll after all.

I was also desperately unhappy, and had absolutely no social skills. It simply didn’t come naturally to me, and looking back, I’m pretty sure I was (and therefore still am) autistic. Every single social skill I now have, every conversational technique, every bit of quick-witted banter – it all had to be figured out through trial and error over the course of many painful years, the ebb and flow of conversation that comes naturally to most being painfully reverse engineered until it all made sense to me.

However, as a result of breaking down and approaching the problem much as I would any other scientific puzzle that I’m currently faced with, I’m in the almost unique position of not only now being better at it than 99% of other people I know, but also being able to explain how to do it step by tiny step.

People have a hard time explaining how to do things which just come instinctively to them. You ask them how, and they say “I don’t know, I just do it”. It’s why asking a natural how he picks up girls is largely a pointless exercise – he won’t be able to articulate it. It took a bunch of nerds to analyse the behaviours of alphas for game as we know it to be invented.

Since my stock trading system seems to be coming along very nicely, and I’m starting to effortlessly pick up profits off the back of what must be thousands of hours of work I’ve put in over the last year, I’m starting to already contemplate what I’m going to do with myself when I’m free of the daily grind.

I’ve been considering for some time starting up a “life coaching” service. Through applying rigorous methods of self-improvement to myself over the last few years, I now have a wide range of knowledge in areas such as: health, career, nutrition, working out, appearance, style, general social skills and game. And because of my autisitc-style brain, I can explain in minute detail every single step involved in how to become successful at each and every one.

You can get training in almost all of these things already, but all from separate places. I think there might already be people out there doing this kind of thing – but then they wouldn’t be as good as me would they 😉

It’s something to bear in mind anyway for my future – I’m going to need something to fill my time with when I’ve retired!


10 thoughts on “I Was A Weird Kid

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  2. I was also weird growing up. I was always pretty good with logically solving problems but I also a great imagination. I was also what you would call a lady killer back in early grade school because I told interesting stories.

    I remember in 1st grade for show and tell I wouldn’t have anything interesting to show…so I told stories to the class that popped into my brain. My favorite was that my family and I went on a weekend vacation to West Virginia to buy some pie. Later in grade school my friend and I came up with comics about the personality of our hands…which we later turned into alter egos. We would talk through our hands while riding home on the bus. The girls looked at me funny…but they were always entertained and remembered that about me.

    People thought I was insane or amusing…but I always had a great imagination. It’s sad that I lost it until game helped me rediscover it. Now I’m back to telling girls stories…either real or fictional.

    • Yes, I too am now revelling in showing off parts of my personality which were big parts of my childhood, which I largely restrained thorough fear of ridicule and not being socially accepted through most of my adult life. Caring too much what others think is a terrible affliction, and one which I am thoroughly glad to now be free of.

  3. weren’t we all. while i did do some of the social stuff, i was a nerd up until i discovered skateboarding in 7th grade.

    before that i was in all the “gifted/talented, academic, “point and snicker in the hallways” clubs. lol.

  4. I discovered skateboarding after playing Tony Hawks 3 on the PS2 whilst I was at university. It lasted 1 month before I fell off it spectacularly, causing myself so much pain that I vomited. I never touched it again.

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