Death By A Million Leers

I don’t know who you are. But you are one creepy fuck.

Long time readers of this blog will know that I’ve made no secret of my distaste for the general introversion of the people of London. You can literally go days on public transport without a single person making eye contact with you. Everyone goes around staring at the floor, petrified to look up in case… well, fuck knows. In case they actually have to interact with another human being?

I’ve given girls an especially hard time for this in the past, for being the worst culprits. Gaze locked dead ahead, or at a spot 10 yards on the floor in front of them, headphones in, they seem to be doing everything in their power to totally isolate themselves from the world (and then bemoan the fact that they don’t seem to be able to meet any quality men). Although over the last couple of weeks or so, I’ve started to feel a little more compassion for them, for reasons I’ll expand upon.

I love people watching. There are such a wide variety of freaks and weirdos, and just generally massively socially maladjusted people walking around the streets, it provides me with no end of amusement to observe them in all their resplendent bizareness. Over the last couple of weekends, I’ve been spending some time walking around with my latest girl, and have been good-naturedly ribbing her for her total and utter lack of observational skills, as she fails to notice even a single one of these freakshows. It’s like she’s just stuck in a little bubble, where she is wilfully refusing to take in any of her immediate surroundings.

Pressing her upon the issue, she explained why, and all of a sudden the reason the she was doing it, and indeed the reason that all these girls walk around with stony expressions, shutting themselves off to the world just made sense. I felt a little stupid for not realising it sooner. The reason? Thirsty betas.

My girl is slim, tanned, and dresses extremely well. She turns a lot of heads. She told me that when she was younger, she used to make eye contact with people, but after a while just stopped because she was fed up with being eye raped with creepy leers by 90% of the men she walked past. She said that immediately she can tell what kind of guy they are by the way they look at her, and that the vast majority of men were not confident men, and who did not have honest intentions. She was petrified that by returning their gaze that one of these guys would feel emboldened enough to come up and sleaze all over her.

At one time, I may have chided her for being overly sensitive,  and told her that she should just make more of an effort to get over it and interact with the world. But since moving to the part of London I’m now in, I actually know what she means. There is a large gay contingent in this part of the city, fully 20% of the men you walk past in the street – it’s massively disproportionate. I’m in no way homophobic – I have many gay friends – but even I am starting to reach the limit of my tolerance. Literally every single one of these guys just fucking eye rapes me as I walk past. With a massive leer, they look me proprietorially up and down, their expression just projecting volumes of “I want to do nasty sexual things to you”. The gym I go to up here is even worse, bordering on 50% gay men. One of them actually interrupted my set the other day to tell me “You have lovely eyes”. My housemate, a personal trainer, got followed by a guy on a bike through the park last week whilst he was wearing his “Peronal Trainer” shirt to work. After tailing him for 5 minutes, the guy eventually passed him and said “You can train me any time big boy”.

I’m extremely proud and strong willed, and there’s no fucking way that I’m going to let the leers of a thousand gays make me start dropping my gaze to the floor. But then I’m a dude, and a pretty dominant one at that. I can fully understand why a girl would choose to do so when faced with the equivalent raping glares of a million betas – essentially men that she is sexually repulsed by, in the same way I am sexually repulsed by gay men. And however many homos there are round here, there are 20 times more straight men.

A girl I know was round at my place the other day with friends, a former Croatian lingerie model, and she has actually developed a permanent hunch in her shoulders from having to keep her gaze locked to the floor at all times. She says she actually feels dejected and downcast when she goes out in public because of the way the majority of men lech at her.

When I make eye contact with a girl, I hold it, unwaveringly, unapologetically, and usually crack a small smirk, projecting my masculine intent. And there are very very few girls who don’t return the smile, and then play with their hair a little bit. Girls like being looked at in this fashion. Beta men however are ashamed of their sexual intent, riddled with self-loathing, and so shoot girls furtive glances laced with thinly-veiled sexual frustration, and then immediately divert their gaze when they are “caught”, before then rapidly flickering it back, to see if they can get away with leching without being noticed. It is contemptible, and it ruins it for those of us who actually own a pair of balls and aren’t ashamed of our masculinity.

Now of course none of this is an excuse to not approach a girl, far from it. You should still be using any and all opportunities to push yourself to talk to women wherever you can. But it does makes things unnecessarily harder. You’ve got to immediately show a girl when you stop her that you’re not just some weird beta creep, and prick her bubble of isolation from the world. You may also have to deal with her massively overinflated ego that has developed from thinking that all these men check her out because she’s a special little snowflake.

This would also suggest that women should be much more receptive to making eye contact in countries where the men are more masculine, such as Brazil. I’ve not been personally, but from what I gather, the women are much more unrestrained and sexually open there.


15 thoughts on “Death By A Million Leers

  1. Definitely opened up the niche of eye contact here.

    I look at most girls who I walk past and I don’t break eye contact until they do. My potential problem is, and I say potential because I don’t know if it’s to my detriment is that I do not smile. When I approach I smile, but general eye contact when I’m going from A to B there’s no smile, just raw eye contact.

    • I generally break into a smile spontaneously after a few seconds, so there’s not usually time when just passing by. I am a fan of throwing a cheeky wink out there though when I catch a girl checking me out from a distance.

      Girls check guys out more openly I’ve found when there’s no “danger” of having to talk to him, like when they’re in their car, or going past on the opposite escalator on the tube.

  2. Eye contact was the first part of game I ever implemented. I usually either have an indifferent look to my face…or a bit of an “evil grin”.

    If you do it right and have the wolf eyes down…they’ll look at your eyes, smile (then I smile back), then look down towards the ground. Most of the time…they are looking at your package.

    That’s why I also keep eye contact with them until they pass me by…to see where their eyes go in the end. Like Mike Tyson said before he got into a boxing fight…”I keep my eyes on ’em, I keep my eyes on ’em, I keep my eyes on ’em.”

    • I always thought the downward glance was just submission. I didn’t actually consider they might be checking out my crotch! I’ll keep an eye out for it

      • It’s about 50/50…sometimes it is straight to the ground.

        But I follow their eyes and that’s where some of them are looking.

      • If you want to see an interesting display of women’s downward sneak-a-peek technique — that put Jezebel into fits — check out this video at:


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  4. I think the beta leer (TM) is more common in the really large cities. I grew up in a very small city & then was in a tiny college town for 6 years & didn’t really have a problem with it too much. Of course, the men in flyover country aren’t as sissified as the city ones, generally.

    • I don’t know, being from the other-side of the pond, in NYC, I get my thousand yard stare on in the subway. mostly to ignore crazy homeless guys and panderers. I also have to do this in Mainland China secondary cities. big white guy (6’0”, 18st.) makes em do a double-take.

      • Personally, I love making eye contact with people, men or women (but mainly women), giving them a nod or a smile, or even saying “Hello”. I’m from the north of England, where it’s pretty much standard practise for everyone to talk to each other all the time, regardless of whether you already know them. I think life for a lot of people would be a lot less miserable if they would drop their introverted distrust for one another in these large cities. Any number of people have commented how they were so happy that I spoke to them, or smiled at them, as it really brightened up their day.

        Obviously, there’s a time and place for it. I wouldn’t walk through a rough neighbourhood trying to have staring matches with the locals.

  5. I don’t know how things are UK, but here in Brazil it’s full of betas. Maybe “masculine” here is more then where you are, but I got say that it’s no full of alphas here, in fact I got tell you that I don’t know first hand any guy who I would call a true alpha.

      • Only if things are really fucked up in the north, I mean feminism has hit so hard here yet, I read about the reality of american girls, we’re not there yet, but let’s say the guy from 500 with Summer, not so far from the average brazillian dude. Maybe we get more girls here ’cause we’re a little more “friendly” or “heat” kind of society. But for sure no bastion of manliness. Same beta traits, needness and stuff like that.

      • I dunno man, i been Rio and the dudes are very very full on, and overly aggressive with girls from what i saw about 5-6 years ago when i traveled there.

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