Ongoing WordPress “Gagging” Issue

As of yesterday morning, I’ve been trying to leave comments on multiple of the blogs that I follow around the ‘sphere, but about 80% of them are simply not showing up. It seems they may be going directly into the “Spam” folder, even though these are blogs that I’ve commented successfully on many times before.

WordPress uses a system called Askimet to determine whether the source of a comment is spam or not. A lot of peoples’ email addresses have been “blacklisted” it would seem. This appears to be a known issue that has been going on for a number of days – I’m not entirely sure why it’s taking them so long to fix. See here for more info –

I’m sure it’s just a technical hitch, but it’s a little disconcerting to have seemingly been “gagged”.

I’ve tried to leave several comments on Xspat, Glenn P, and Krauser (that I can remember) – if I’ve posted the same thing multiple times, then my apologies – I didn’t realise what was going on until just now.

Hopefully this will be cleared up soon. I’m going to double check my spam folder now to see if it’s happened to any comments on my blog.

Edit: Somewhat amusingly, I just had to dig some of my own comments on my own blog out of the spam. Evidently even my own blog has had enough of me.


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