On The Nature Of Shit Tests

Following yesterday’s post on how to never get shit tested, I was led to reflect on the nature of what a shit test even is.

Essentially, it’s a tactic used to establish a social pecking order between two (or more) people.

Figuring out where you sit in relation to another person on the social hierarchy is perhaps on of our most primitive instincts. It would have been used historically to determine privilege of access to resources, and to mates.

When two people meet, they will initially feel each other out to determine who is the dominant party. Many cues are at play – mainly nonverbal through body language and eye contact – but also some verbal. Shit tests are always thought of as being verbal in form, but this isn’t necessarily so. A woman is testing you when she tries to push in front of you at a queue. Or when you’ve piqued her interest, and she gets into your personal space to try to fluster you, or tries to hold eye contact with you until you drop it for example.

This isn’t just limited to male/female interactions. It is especially noticeable with male/male interactions also, whereby a new guy being introduced to a group will typically be the recipient of some ribbing and banter, as the group try to assess who he is and what his place in the hierarchy is. If he shows that he is not able to handle the tests, he’ll probably be warmly accepted and placed low down in the hierarchy (who doesn’t like having someone around they can feel better than?). If he shows he’s capable of handling himself, and has high self-esteem, chances are the reception will be more cagey, as the existing higher status members of the group try to size him up as a potential threat.

When a girl throws a shit test at you, she is trying to wrest control of the most important frame away from you – namely the frame of “I have more social value than you”. Lose the test, and in her mind, you are low value, and she is not romantically interested in you. Beat the test, and you become potential mate material.

In the context of the above, it then becomes obvious how if your apparent social value and dominance is high enough, as conveyed simply by your countenance and eye contact, that your place in the social pecking order is beyond question, and no tests will even be issued, apart from by perhaps by others who (rightly or wrongly) assume themselves to be your equal.


15 thoughts on “On The Nature Of Shit Tests

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  2. Women for the most part know that logic is our strength…and that emotions are our weakness. Which is why they usually don’t argue abstract facts…but who you are as a person. So as a man you better have logic and emotions be allies with one another…or they will defeat you every time.

    If she praises you…don’t say anything other than “thank you”, if she insults you tell her she is right but you have strengths.

    “Small dick…yes it is. But for a small dick you seem to want it all the time. You can’t get enough of small dicks.”

    If this sounds beta remember…you are manipulating her into creating an image of yourself by using her tests against her.

    • Due to winning the genetic lottery in that department, “small dick” is something I’m never going to hear in my life thankfully!

      Thank you for the remarks, as always you are a diligent commenter

      • That’s where logic and emotions are allies.

        But probe your weaknesses…you have them somewhere. Chances are she’ll find them too.

      • Just because you aren’t small doesn’t mean you can’t exploit jokes about it to your advantage. Before I even had a clue about game, some guys were trying to one up me in front of some women by making comments that I probably have a 2-inch dick. My response:

        “Hey! It may be short, but it’s damn skinny.” followed by a confused expression like that didn’t come out right, but I wasn’t sure how.

        Moments later, one of the women says “oh, I doubt that”, and she and one of the others got a lot more interested in me than the guys trying to AMOG me.

      • A good comeback, essentially agree and amplify to show you are not perturbed by the remark.

        I don’t get shit like thrown at me often, but my natural response is to just act as if they don’t even exist and I’ve not even heard them, and just carry on talking to the girls. If they persist, I’d just throw out something like “You should really stop thinking about my dick. I might get the wrong impression.” before resuming my blanking of them.

  3. This is all true.

    This reminds that when fat or ugly chicks shit test a high value guy, they make themselves look foolish and out of place to me or any bystander in the conversation. Such a girl not accepting her place in the world makes everyone lack respect for her.

    Shit tests are only given and necessary when social value appears close and needs to be determined.

    Really a hot girl shit testing you is a compliment. It means she thinks you are on her level.

    • Totally agree, I actually nearly included a paragraph to that effect. If you don’t even get shit tested, and you can honestly say you’re not a socially dominant high value guy, then you’re not even registering as a blip on her radar.

      As you progress over the years from a low value starting point to a very high value end point, the progression should ideally be:
      No shit tests –> Shit tests –> No shit tests

      • I disagree with the last sentence. Once you hit high value it should be.

        Create your own shit tests -> She shit tests you -> You defeat them -> No shit tests from her are needed

        Most guys create them inadvertently without even knowing it. Might as well create them and own those.

      • Yeah but every woman is going to do it to you in the beginning. She doesn’t know you yet.

        Unless you are a famous rock star or conquered a few countries…there is nothing self-evident to her other than how you look. The real game is when you start letting loose information.

      • Ok I concede that one, I’m talking about an ideal I guess.

        The number and frequency of tests will be greatly reduced however depending on how she views her SMV compared to yours of course.

  4. HeManMasterofthePooniverse

    “No.” and “Why?” straight forward responses to women that have served me well. Served with a cold stare or slightly annoyed look on my face. These two words have the ability to cut them back down to size and sit back down on their haunches.

      • HeManMasterofthePooniverse

        The post-bedding conversation usually ends up with her saying things to the tune of “no other guys challenge me like that” or some other dribble basically saying most of these fags just bend over for whatever nonsense is coming out of her mouth.

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