How To Beat Shit Tests

This isn’t going to be a compendium of the “10 most Machiavellian dark triad aloof bad boy shit test destroying comebacks ever”, or whatever nonsense is currently being peddled in certain corners of the manosphere. Far from it.

In actual fact, I’m going to tell you the only single technique you’ll ever need to beat tests – by not even getting them thrown at you in the first place.

Girls throw out shit tests in order to test your mettle and resolve. To see if in actual fact you can live up to the urbane witty patter you’re throwing around, if you’re really the guy who you’re presenting yourself as. They can be passed easily – when you know how – and I’m not going to go into it here. There are already a thousand and one other articles on the subject.

The key to never receiving them, in my experience, is to make the question of your masculinity and social dominance so completely beyond reproach, that women never even entertain the slightest notion of questioning it.

As I have grown more confident, especially since starting my testosterone therapy, I’ve found myself catching girl’s eyes, and shooting them a look of such utter authority combined with masculine sexual intent, that in a split second their expression flickers into total submission, a doe-eyed look of surrender. My whole bearing conveys that I am a man who is used to commanding respect wherever I go. When I talk to girls, some who would be utter bitchy little shitheads with other guys become as meek as a lamb. The greater the comparative gap between your (perceived) SMVs, the more pronounced the effect.

My latest girl is one of the sweetest, most feminine girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with. I’ve told her about my blog, what I do, how I constantly strive to improve myself, and especially my interactions with women, and she has just accepted it all without skipping a beat. No mention of exclusivity has been made, nor do I suspect it will be. She is merely happy to spend time with me. I know full well she has busted the balls of many other guys before me, and even when I first met her, proudly described herself as “high maintenance” to me.

Shit testing occurs because girls are uncertain of who you are, what you are about, and what your intentions are. Remove all shadow of a doubt of these things from their minds, and the shit tests go away. If you find yourself getting tested a lot, then the problem lies with you, not with the girls.


18 thoughts on “How To Beat Shit Tests

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  2. There is also a third option….make up your own shit tests.

    I actually create them now and manipulate her into thinking she is coming at me. They are going to happen in the early stages anyway…might as well be shit tests of my own creation.

    I’ll say something outrageous like I can prove that I can win any argument with a woman. Then ask if she believes me.

    One of two responses…yes or no.
    If she says yes…then she knows of my masculine dominance and since she agrees with me I won the argument.
    If she say no…I then tell her she is right, for all she’s knows she has never seen me win an argument and for all she knows I’m a liar. Then I mention the argument is over…and that I just won it. Thereby proving to her I can win any argument.

    Logical paradoxes will help you defeat any woman when it comes to their tests.

  3. You mean beat shit tests by quit being a pussy whipped raging ignorant mangina?

    Get your head out of a vagina & learn some real game, your whole life’s been one failed shit test,

    When you’re not worshipping pussy, you’re giving shit clueless advice to men …

    • What a charming comment.

      Judging from your blog, I see you’ve not made it out of the “bitter misogyny” stage of your recovery yet. Good luck when you do, you’ll find life is much more enjoyable when you start to actually love women again.

      By the way, I’ll delete any more comments you might make, unless you actually have something more worthwhile than a pointless angry tirade.

  4. I fully agree with the general point of your post but I think there are three exceptions. One is that women will also sometimes shit test just for the pleasure of the feeling she gets when you pass them. They test with full expectation that you will pass. David Deida mentions this and I interperate some of what I have experienced as being about this. I just see those kinds of tests, if you can call them that, as an enjoyable part of flirting and relationships. I see it as similar to when I have rough sex and women give me resistance and sort of play fight during sex or scratch and bite and try to physically “fight” me in playful way knowing full well that I will overpower them. If there is no resistance they can not be overpowered. Remember that a dominance display from a man (your man) will always bee pleasurable for a woman to experience.

    Secondly, some girls shit test way, way, way more than others because of their own emotional needs. For example I have seen guys that date strippers say that they will tend to shit test to an extreme degree. I think girls that have very deep feelings of insecurity and that generally feel unsafe will naturally test more. No one can really provide the security that they feel is lacking in their lives because it is lacking IN THEM not in you. You should`t bee with such women long term anyway.

    Thirdly, once a man grows to another level as a man women have a natural ability to feel what the next place he needs to be is in terms of masculinity. So when women have found your strength sufficient to not test in conventional ways, eventually they will find some cracks in your “higher level” development that needs to be fixed and they will instinctively push your buttons a bit in those areas precisely in order for you to fix them. David Deida writes about this and the authentic man program people talk a lot about this. My meditation teacher, which has the most unbelievably strong frame I have ever encountered has also told me how his girlfriends tests have become ever more subtle and geared towards issues she never would have “addressed” before as he was too far away from having those things in order anyway. This is actually a very positive thing and one of the ways women help men grow and how women naturally, without understanding it themselves, “grow”/”nurture”/”build”/”teach” men to be what they want men to be and what men need to be. I have written about this in my two posts in this thread over at Dalrocks:

    This does not mean that women’s “higher level” tests will be very frequent, just that they will come. I am not quite sure how this works if the man outranks her so much she just fears loosing him. Maybe then all regular tests will be put on hold and she will only use loyalty tests.

    • Very interesting comment, as always. On reflection, I think the thrust of this post may have been a little too extreme, as there are cases no matter how dominant you are, as you rightly point out, where you will always get tested – such as playful flirting.

      These higher level tests intrigue me. I can’t honestly say I’ve experienced them, since I’ve never been at a stage in my own development where they would be relevant. One would presume it would also be reliant on being with a sufficiently high value and intelligent woman to be able to test you in this fashion.

  5. I can`t say I have had such higher level tests either. I think they will mostly show up later in LTRs anyway. I don`t have much more knowledge about them really other than that some people write and talk about them and it makes sense to me. I remember Deida writes something about women first testing your “dark side” meaning your raw masculine power and the killer in you and only then move up.

    I think for certain it will depend on the woman and where she is at herself where she will try to test you to make you grow and some women simply will be too far below you in development to be able to though as a general rule I think it holds that they tend to instinctively feel your next step. Some things a woman might feel is next for you if you have a very solid masculinity can maybe be being more in the moment, being even more authentic, gaining a deeper purpose and mission, becoming more of a teacher guide for her if you have something to teach and you are not already guiding her as much as someone that has whatever competence you have could do, developing a better ability to be deeply intimate and strong at the same time, becoming more able to be vulnerable without fear, loosing even more inhibition, increasing your capacity to feel with your whole body, going deeper into sensuality, she might think you are strong and lead her well but you do not read her as effortlessly as you could. I also think, like I write about in the Dalrock thread, that at a certain level women want moral leadership from you as well and actually find that arousing.

    If you read this comment by Badger and follow the links to Xsplats blog in his post and in the comment field you will find some posts by him where he writes about his skill at combining extreme intimacy, extreme dominance, the ability to feel very strongly and very vulnerably without loosing “frame” and becoming weak, feeling with his whole body and reading her like an open book and playing her body like an instrument. That combination of emotional skill is far beyond what most men with good game in the sphere are capable of and even 19 year old virgin Indonesian girls respond instinctively to it. It is natural for women to respond automatically in a similar way to all of that just like responding to a raw conventional alpha power is instinctive. So even a young girl like that in a sense knows in her body the value of these things and so should be able to sense when a man is starting to get close to it but is not quite there yet.

    So, thats my guess.

    I recently came across this and thought it looked interesting:

    They link to the authentic man program, talk about Deida and teach PU and it looks very much like an AMP approach. My guess would be that they are former students. They (or he?) works out of London so I figured it might be extra interesting for you.

    • This is a great comment. What you describe is really a level that so very few men are even capable of attaining, let alone actually getting there. The level of confidence and self-acceptance required to get to this point is very high. It’s given me something further to strive towards.

      I keep wanting to put up a series of posts on this whole presence/authenticity/vulnerability stuff, but I don’t think I’m yet at a stage in my development where I can do it justice. I’m still learning.

      Do you have your own blog by the way?

      • Yeah, those things would require that you are already unusually solid and sophisticated psychologically.

        I`m a bit vary of writing too much about this stuff myself as I need to get more experience and go deeper with it AND read more theory, to be able to handle it well enough. Basically what I`ve got so far are impressions and intuitions and some experience. I am delving deeper into these forms of masculinity work after the summer with workshops, coaching, reading and more serious meditation practice etc. As I get more substance in this area and get to see the results show more up in interactions with women I think I want to make my own manosphere blog. But I need more to say and a better basis for what I say before I bother with that.

        That said, I think posts written from the perspective of just starting to learn can be very useful. Especially since most of that stuff is very little known in the sphere. It will inspire others to investigate and open up perspectives and that is more important than getting top quality posts on those themes.

        Taosim and the tantric yoga writings are a goldmine of insight into gender dynamics at a very deep level. The sphere has started to see the yin yang dynamics between women and men and in society to a fair degree but these traditions could teach them so much more, both practically and theoretically. Once the manosphere theorists really start to see how much insights into yin and yang psychology can be applied to all the stuff they are thinking about, even to broad developments in society, they will really dig into it.

        My tips to you in looking into such practices would be to try out the inner smile meditation and some sort of standing meditation. The inner smile because in addition to many of the normal meditation benefits it helps you develop deep self acceptance and self compassion and empathy and compassion for others. You can work directly on fear, confidence and a multitude of things with it but it always develops the things I mentioned to an extra degree. Those are particularly important for someone on a self development path because so much self development take the form of compensations for feelings of inadequacy, and those feelings can be VERY subtle. After you reach some proficiency in it you can also get into inner smile state in just a minute or after even longer just seconds. Xsplat says that the inner smile his is seduction foundation or inner game foundation and I can definitively understand why.

        There are several reasons why standing meditation is especially useful. Besides normal meditation benefits it makes you incredibly grounded. Its like you are sucked to the floor and can`t be moved. If you imagine a Kung Fu master or someone who grew up in an African tribe on the Savanah or in a jungle you can get some picture of the feeling of rootedness I am talking about. They will seem rock solid and like they are very much on the ground not in their heads. That feels powerful to women and makes them feel secure. That sense of calm rootedness is a huge component of alpha. In a sense if you have every reason to be secure you will stand very calmly and securely on the ground. Almost no one in the west has this sense of rootedness.

        Another reason, related to that is that, like I think they write in the AMP article, women will only respond to you in their bodies to the degree that you are present in your body in similar places. Meaning if you are in your head, their responses will also only be at that level. In order to be seductive you must be IN your body, really IN IT. If your field of awareness is head pluss heart area but you are disconnected from your stomach, genital area and legs she won`t feel you there and so she will respond little to you in her body in the same places, which means very little sexual response. Standing meditation, in a very profound way, makes you come into your body and feel FROM the body instead of feeling the body through the head and you learn to control it to a remarkable degree. You really become rewired in a way that gives some of the same movement control that dancers and martial artists have. Not the same technical ability but much of the same still. That stuff is really key to waking up her entire body sexually.

        The third reason for standing meditation is that it is great for building masculine energy. Positions such as horse stance produce ridiculous amounts of testosterone. Other positions such as Wuji reduces fear and worry and builds self esteem in a way I have found is just a remarkable base for everything else.

        Another great practice is the male deer exercise as you can find described on the pages of Umaatantra. It will rewire your sexuality and build a lot of sexual energy. When I do it I get very sexual and sensual and I get very sexually non needy and self contained somehow. Women can just smell this. It is like I don`t need sex all that much anymore but I can have even more of it and I will enjoy it more than ever and it will be different in a way women love.

        The combination inner smile, standing meditation and deer exercise is amazing for building inner game from the inside out. You get all the relaxation you need, the presence you need, the testosterone you need, the sexual state stuff you need, the confidence you need, the self acceptance you need, the fearlessness you need etc. You can also do the inner smile at the same time as you are doing the others and it is perfect for mini meditations on the tube or a couple of minutes at the office etc.

        You could also check out Illuminatus´ personal power meditation forum and his writings there on presence and presence walks. He has loads of insights.

      • I’ve got to be honest – I’m pretty skeptical about meditation being able to boost my testosterone. However, that said, I am an open minded individual, and what you talk about sounds like it could be incredibly rewarding if it really does have the effects that you talk about.

        To be honest, I’ve largely arrived at a place of self-acceptance and non-neediness, but I can be knocked out of my state by tiredness, outside influneces etc. It’d be nice to get it dialled in permanently, so I’ll start doing some reading up on it.

        My testosterone doesn’t need raising much any more I don’t think – I’m on TRT now, and I’ve never felt better in my life!

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  7. This makes me wonder whether it is a good idea to make a pretty woman your wife, as they are bound to do more shit tests.It seems to me that girls possess more of this “machiavellian dark triad personality” when they are in a position of power as determined by their desirability.

    So what is a man to do? Construct harem type set-ups? Cheat? What if you are a one-girl type man?

    The popular advise dispelled is “keeping your frame”. But when you are building your life and do not want to go through the maintenance and operation of a harem (ie. landing a hot chick girlfriend) then the advise doesn’t hold. You need your chick for now, then when you are at a better position, then her shit tests will lessen or you will care less about her.

    However, keep in mind that your frame is exactly what she wants to break down especially if you are not yet rich or financially self-actualized or not good looking.

    This makes me think that the best an ascendant man can do is to cheat. Ala, “shit test the fuck out of me all you want, I can replace you”

  8. If people would dig a little into psychology, then they would truly understand what these shit tests are and how to beat them.

    Humans are afraid of unknown, biggest fear of all. Women are more emotional than men, so women will be MORE afraid than men, they have different mindset. Women approach it more carefully, they test, they create a scenario/trap and then they just watch, the more experienced women is in psychology, the more she will know about your personality. Not only women do this, men do this too, everyone does it, its basic defence mechanism of us. We try things, before we actually do them, only few brave, bold or stupid go into things without thinking. The more the woman is fearless or self aware, the less tests she needs to conduct, to see who you really are. Many times I can see shittests miles away, you can even predict them, but if woman is kind of devious, she can catch you unguarded. If you know how people react, if you know basic psychology, you can EASILY manipulate women, you can easily manipulate trough shitests, they can even help you…but I wont help any asshole, to destroy other peoples lives, because they dont have money for hookers or have weird moral double standarts. Believe me, manipulating and using someone is sometimes worse than rape or mugging, but what comes around goes around.

    For the testosterone, yes it may help or may not. They are only hormones, they change your basic interactions, for isntance more aggressivity, more assertivity etc…but you know taking hormones is extremelly dangerous, as it disturbs your balance in body, your body is well oiled machine, in perfect balance, once you upset balance, everything will start to fail.So please dont take hormones to get women…thank you.

    • Yep, a well oiled machine – except for those of us for whom the machine wasn’t working properly.

      The rest of your comment is thoughtful, but don’t give advice about things you don’t any personal experience of.

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