A Masculine Man Is A Man Of Action

I’m going to try and start posting a bit more regularly, whenever I get the yen. It might not always be of the highest quality, or a profound insight into the meaning of life (truth be told, it’s very difficult to come up with truly original content around here these days), but it will be something of interest to me at that particular point in time.

I’ve spent the day today working from home. It’s something I used to do a lot more regularly a few years ago, taking every Monday and Friday out of the office. “Great!” you might think, a 4-day weekend ever week. And truth be told, at the time, it was. I got to slob around, just replying to the occasional email to prove that I wasn’t in fact sat at home playing World Of Warcraft (when I was), and it generally fit my lazy beta mindset like a glove.

As time has gone by, especially in the last 6 months or so, I simply cannot abide extended periods of inactivity. I notice the effect it has on me on a daily basis – I get up for work, go through my (admittedly somewhat excessively vain) morning routine of about 20 different things, stride out of my apartment in a crisp, starched, tailored shirt and make my way into the office via the tube. Walking around, getting checked out by girls, receiving envious glances from dudes, chatting to strangers, making checkout operators laugh with my stupid banter, all serves to build my state up into a frothing, churning cauldron of positivity and confidence.

By the time I get into the office, I’m on top of the world. And then I sit at my desk, the screens flicker on, and I’m presented with a barrage of the most trivial, banal bullshit you can imagine. People getting their panties in a twist over the most inane crap imaginable. Minute by minute, as I sit immobile in my chair, the joy leeches out of me, my mood turning more and more in on itself, until by lunchtime I’m quite unrecognisable from the person who walked so jauntily into the office not 4 hours prior. It takes until I leave the office, complete my workout and buy my evening meal for my state to recover anywhere near back to what it was.

I simply cannot abide inactivity. I am at my best when I have a purpose, a clearly defined goal, a reason for being. It doesn’t matter if it’s something so trivial in the short term as merely commuting to a destination, or whether it is my overarching goal of retirement by the end of the year – just the very fact that I have purpose instils a sense of masculine drive within me.

Even at weekends, when I’ve got no real reason to get up, I have to create some sort of fake structure to my day, so that I don’t just sit around and slip into a torpor. A far cry from the man who quite happily pissed a year of his life up the wall on an online computer game, who used to deliberately subdue his brain by smoking bushels of weed on a daily basis, who drank himself insensible to quell the inner torment of his doubts. I love life, I love being around and interacting with new people, and I love having a goal. It energises me, and it attracts people to me – especially women.

Beta men drift through life, purposeless, with no direction, unsure of who they are, where they are going, and what they want out of life. They might have some vague, half-assed notion of wanting to be good with women, or rich, but no concrete details in their mind on how the hell they intend to get there, nor the motivation to follow it through even if they did.

Always ensure you’ve got goals in your life, short term, medium term, and long term. You’ve only got one life here, so make the most of it. Don’t look back at the end and think “I wish I’d done more of the things I wanted to”.


9 thoughts on “A Masculine Man Is A Man Of Action

  1. “Always ensure you’ve got goals in your life, short term, medium term, and long term.”

    I fight with myself over this sometimes because I do have some ideas which I would like to implement, but the cost would be great in both money & time. I could work my butt off doing a Big Thing or I could take the same amount of money & time & get a place on the lake & a pontoon boat & loll about all summer every summer.

    I think I’m going to have to go with the lake & boat, but then again I’m older. The business plan just sounds like a huge pain.

    • Well, I think you’re mainly ok either way, since I presume you’re not aiming to be a masculine man!

      I don’t believe being so driven towards goals is typically a female trait. More, it’s what attracts women towards men who display it.

      • Right, but my husband & I were discussing & he is a masculine man! But, again it’s probably about the time in our lives to just take it easy. Everything’s paid for & we are semi-retired(ish).

      • My apologies, I thought you were commenting entirely from your own point of view!

        I honestly don’t know how I’ll feel in another 20 years time. But provided I’ve achieved a lot, and have maybe even found a girl worth settling down with and had some kids, then I think some of the burning desire to always be achieving something may diminish.

        That said, it never leaves some men entirely – look at people like Rupert Murdoch.

  2. Sounds like you need to find a job/create a job that fulfills you more. Why would you waste so many hours a day on something you hate?

    Also, big fan of your blog and interested in having you interview on my new website. Let me know if you’re interested.
    – Pete

  3. I’m a programmer by trade. I got into it because I was passionate about the problem solving aspect, and creating systems from the ground up – typical nerd. I progressed up the career ladder, and am currently contracting for an investment bank in central London, on a very good salary.

    About a year ago, I devised a plan to develop my own stock trading software as a means out. I came to realise working for someone else, having to modify your behaviour and tow the line simply because you need the cash, undermines you as a man, and that you’re essentially prostituting yourself.

    Even though the job has largely now degraded into virtual paper pushing (I do almost no real development work any more), it pays well, and there are frequent spells of time where I can fit working on my own system around my actual work – so the role is something that has to be endured. I’m going to retire by the end of the year, and use my system to gain my financial independence, and launch into my ultimate aim of living in various parts of the world, experiencing the culture and the women. That’s the plan anyway!

    Interview sounds interesting – drop me an email though the link at the top of my blog, and we can sort something out.


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  5. “Even at weekends, when I’ve got no real reason to get up, I have to create some sort of fake structure to my day, so that I don’t just sit around and slip into a torpor. ”

    I need this too whenever I have a day that does not already have structure.

    I think the book Fire in the Belly, which is a masculinity classic, goes deeply into the need for men to have purpose. It is on my long term reading list.

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