Foreign Girls

London, being one of the major cities of the world, attracts its fair share of foreign women. Indeed, there are many parts of the city where you can go for quite some time without seeing another English face.

The cosmopolitan melting-pot nature of the city is one of the reasons I love it so much here. Myriad and diverse cultures intertwine around one another, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes not so much – but it’s never dull.

The best part is the number of foreign women that populate the capital. South Americans, Eastern Europeans, Asians, girls from every country can be found walking the streets. And almost universally, they’re a pleasure to be around compared to their English counterparts. Friendly, lively and feminine, they form the backbone of the majority of the girls who I’ve most enjoyed dating.

You can score a foreign girl of equal hotness to her English counterpart much more easily too. You’ve got innately higher value for a number of reasons – they’re a visitor in your country, so you have the local knowledge, and fluency with the language. Teasing foreign girls for their dodgy grammar and pronunciation is one of my favourite past times, and never fails to establish a fun vibe.

I can’t help but feel sometimes though it’s a bit of a cop out – they’re just so much easier to game. On the one hand, they’re much more desirable, and more available – so why not? Why make it harder for yourself?

But on the other hand I hate shying away from a challenge. I feel to state that you do not want something (top quality English girls in this case), without first being in a position of power of being able to have it if you want to, is weak. It’s why I consider MGTOW so pathetic – they’ve opted out of women without even being to get them. How many of them do you think would still make the choice they did, if they could be knee-deep in supermodel fanny whenever they wanted.

Ultimately, I’m not going to be satisfied with my time in this country (which is hopefully soon drawing to a close) until I can crack the local, entitled, bitchy 9s with the same ease as the foreign girls. Nothing will give me greater satisfaction than being able to turn down the girls who themselves turn down 99.99% of perfectly good men for infinitesimally small reasons.

Childish? Perhaps. Satisfying though. It’s probably as much about exorcising the demons of my past too, when I couldn’t get with any of them.


4 thoughts on “Foreign Girls

  1. The Lucky Lothario

    Definitely agree with the MGTOW comment. Speaking to the super Christian crew on Saturday before my night out, I came to the conclusion they were using religion as a way to hide from their social anxiety and fear of life. It’s very hard to take a group of born again virgins seriously when they start implying they are “above” my juvenile disrespectful chasing of women.

    It’s a bullshit ego comforting lie if ever I heard one. Now go get those bitches…ahem…lovely looking ladies.

    • Yep. The whole concept of religion is massively blue pill if you ask me. It always surprises me so many ‘sphere writers are strongly religious. There’s material for a contentious post there.

      That said, Christianity is of massive benefit to society, so I’m not going to wish it away. And even if I don’t agree, everyone’s got a right to believe what they want, and I’m not going to be that dick who tries to force his point of view on others. Feminists have that niche nicely sewn up.

      • The Lucky Lothario

        I think some of the core principals are good but much of religion has been overrun by power hungry leaders at the top and losers who want need to submit in order to feel secure at the bottom. The basic stuff like consideration for others and deep self-contemplation is great. But you don’t need an organised religion for that.

        Anytime you find people believing in something which seems strange and then getting offended when you question it, (HBD, MGTOW, Christianity, Feminism) they’re using it to placate their fragile ego. That probably applies to anyone getting “offended”. You should be able to have an objective debate about your belief system, you get angry when you can feel someone getting close to the holes so strike out before they get there.

        End with a great quote from Patrice O’Neal when asked what his greatest piece of advice is:
        “Own your opinions, don’t let your opinions own you.”

  2. You’re entirely correct. Someone without an ego investment in something should be able to hold a calm. rational, objective debate about it. Heavy ego investment in things is symptomatic of the left.

    Typically, religion was used to provide strict guidelines with reward for obedience (heaven) and risk of penalty of disobedience (hell) to subjugate the proletariat into behaving into a principled, moralistic manner, which left to their own devices they would not. Generally, it comes naturally to more intelligent educated people with a good upbringing.

    The decline of religion has created something of a moral vacuum, leading to the problems with the “underclass” living off benefits, basically running riot which we see in this country.

    I’ve seen it mentioned on other blogs (Thumotic being one) that the rise of western civilisation can be directly correlated to the prevalence of Christianity as a guiding force holding it all together.
    For that reason, I see it as a useful tool for holding society together. In its absence, nothing else has sprung up to fill the void in this country.

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