50k – Blogroll Updated & Viva La Manosphere

Since I’m just 700 views shy of 50,000 total views for my blog, I thought I was due a bit of meta-manosphere link love – it’s become a bit of a tradition.

I’ve updated my blogroll to better reflect my current favourite blogs. If you were on there, and aren’t any more – don’t worry! I still love you, and still read you, but I wanted my blogroll to be a bit more selective, rather than “every single blog in my RSS feed”.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to put a shout out to Viva La Manosphere, and the sterling work that the site does for the Manosphere. I’ve just recently found out that it’s only a single guy doing all the work – I was under the impression there were a few people doing it, so I can only imagine how much work he’s putting in. I’ve offered my humble skills as a massive IT programming nerd to see if I can help him automate any of the process at all.

Also whilst I’m at it, here’s a list of all of the current blogs in my RSS feeds (some may be dead). If anyone else has got any cool ones that I’m missing (which is more than likely the case, it’s been a while since I added any new ones), please chime in with a comment and let me know.



15 thoughts on “50k – Blogroll Updated & Viva La Manosphere

    • I believe he was very astutely able to discern large parts of my personality (over and above what could be expected from cold reading techniques) by simply looking at a front and side profile of my head, so there’s definitely something there

    • “You believe in that melonhead stuff?”

      “you believe” are the words I hear so often concerning these things. Do you need to believe in order to understand or consider an idea?

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  2. Many thanks for the linkage.

    And I’m glad to see the black background/light text finally making its way around the ‘sphere.

    Much easier to read.

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