Flipping The Script

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In light of my recent TRT-fuelled return to the land of the sexually active, I thought I’d revisit a core game principle in today’s posting.

As detailed in my previous post, I’ve recently started on TRT. It’s rapidly becoming apparent that the gel-based form of testosterone is the least effective. Absorption rates vary wildly from day to day, with the vast majority being delivered within an hour or two after application. Uneven, high spikes in your T level cause corresponding production of Estradiol (estrogen essentially), along with the unwanted side effects of such depending on your sensitivity. Additionally, I feel like a raging bull for the first half of the day, but by the evening, have faded back to the level of whimpering ferret.

Yesterday was a classic example of this in action – I set up a date in the morning, only to end up cancelling it later in the day due to utter lack of motivation. Today, realising this was likely to happen again, I turned it into a morning coffee date (unfortunately kissing goodbye to any chance of a 1st date bang in the process), knowing that would be when my T level would be optimal for actually making me want to go through with it.

I feared I might be somewhat rusty for my first “proper” date of the year… but I needn’t have worried. Despite having the T level of a small disabled girl for the past half a year, I’d still intellectually solidified my internal frame and made vast progress in all other areas of my life. Having the effects of the testosterone in my system merely now served to multiply this up to a much higher level.

The girl was putty in my hands. She’d specifically made the trip down in person to see me to tell me that she was going to cheat on her boyfriend with me, not feeling comfortable enough to tell me over the phone – we’d only met once for 10 minutes at a party some months back. I felt so good that I even made a move on her in the coffee shop, fully sober in the middle of the day – something I’d never even have dreamed of trying last year.

Afterwards, reflecting on what had specifically gone so well, it occurred to me that I had completely flipped the script on this girl. I’d turned the narrative so that I was the prize, and made her feel like she was chasing me.

An example of this is when she told me about her boyfriend. My reaction was to say “Well, if I decide I want to see you again after today, you’ll have to sneak around like a spy, it will be exciting.” In addition to framing the whole thing as fun and exciting, instead of sordid, I consciously had not phrased it as “if we decide to see each other again”. I was the selector, I was the qualifier. I assumed the sale.

A little later, she was telling me that she likes to feel needed, and essentially could be considered high maintenance (she really wasn’t – this girl was French, and so much more feminine than her English counterparts. She could take lessons from them on how to actually be high maintenance). My response was to say “You’re really not selling yourself to me here. Is this how you behave in job interviews? I would never employ you!”. Cue furious backtracking from her, and pawing at me to regain my approval.

I fully realise these are well-established game tactics, and not revelatory to anyone, but since I conducted the entire interaction completely present in the moment, it pleased me to realise I’ve internalised so much of these core concepts since I began my journey that it is now just part of who I am, and comes as naturally as breathing.

My favourite part of the date was probably when we exchanged the following few lines:

Her: “You’re quite arrogant, aren’t you?”

Me, with a smirk: “Yes.”

Her: “You like it, don’t you?”

Me, smirking even more: “Yes. So do you.”

With regard to the TRT, I’ve pretty much concluded that I am going to need to self-administer to get the kind of treatment I need. Hopefully, I will have a handle on it all within a month or two, and then you can expect a steady stream of more game-related posts and topics, something which has been lacking from my blog for some time.



2 thoughts on “Flipping The Script

  1. Ha! I’ve had girls say the same thing about arrogance to me, and my response is pretty much the same as yours. It works an absolute treat, doesn’t it? They never expect you to agree.

    Once game becomes who you are, life and dating becomes so much easier when you’re not thinking about how to react and how to come across. One problem I’ve found with it, however, is when to “turn it off” because it’s not always needed and some girls require you to show a bit of the nice guy in you . I think it’s Krauser who calls it beta game.

    • Hah, if someone asked me what my main remaining stumbling block is, I’d say the same thing. I’ve had “don’t show too much interest” hammered into me so many times, through personal experience and what I’ve read, that I now quite often don’t show enough when dealing with long term prospects in trying to keep in rotation over text. Face-to-face is always fine of course because you can just quickly physically escalate.

      Some girls respond well to it, as it encourages them, whilst others will vanish at the first whiff that you give a shit. It’s probably down to the perceived difference in value between themselves and you. If they think you are far higher value, they’ll need a bit of “beta” encouragement, but if they think they are equal or higher than you, they’ll lose interest if you show any.

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