Testosterone Saga – TRT

(Following on from my last post in this ongoing series – https://yousowould.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/testosterone-saga-the-results-are-in/)

So after having my suspicions of low total testosterone confirmed, I was referred via the NHS to a private urologist. We discussed my symptoms, and some answers I filled out to a questionnaire confirmed the diagnosis of early onset hypogonadism (essentially low testosterone and the associated effects).

Various courses of treatment were discussed, but before anything could be embarked upon, more blood tests were required, to test my DHEA, SHBG, bioavailable testosterone levels from which my free testosterone could be calculated (this represents the percentage of your total testosterone available to your body to use), and re-test my serum testosterone level (total T).

All that took place three weeks ago, and I returned for my follow up appointment this Tuesday just gone. My serum (total) testosterone level had increased by almost 40%, up to a figure of about 480 (I’m using the US units of ng/dl here, since they are more widely referenced on the internet). This is most likely due to the reintroduction of more fats back into my diet, as I’d been on a pretty strict regime for some months, and obviously cut too much out. Cholesterol is a required starting point for the production of testosterone in the body. Admittedly, I had recently felt somewhat better than I had done, but only fractionally. 480 is still well below the mean level of 600, let alone the upper end of the range which could be considered optimal at 900-1000.

My free testosterone came back at a figure of around 2.3%, which is apparently within normal ranges. However, as I had previously discussed with the urologist, my total testosterone level when I was 18 years old could well have been up around the 900-1000 range – there’s no way of knowing. If that was the usual range for me, then obviously the level I was currently at would be massively low by comparison. Some people have a normal level of 400, and feel fine – it’s entirely dependent on the individual.

So anyway, since I’d presented with the symptoms of hypongadism, we decided to embark upon a 2 month trial of Testogel – 5g sachets, 50mg testosterone daily. Absorption varies from person to person, so it’s impossible to know what effect this will have on my T level until it’s taken effect, and we re-do blood work. The gel is rubbed into a hairless part of the body – upper arms, shoulders, “flank” (odd choice of word on the instruction leaflet – am I a horse?), and dries with a few minutes.

The gels reach a stable level of T in your system after about 2 days, as compared to injections which can take longer. I started on Wednesday morning, and it’s now Friday morning, 2 days later, and I feel… fucking awesome.

It’s like someone just turned my “manliness” dial up to 11. I’ve gone from wandering around in a state of disinterested abstraction, to striding purposefully, ogling anything with a skirt that walks past. And it’s not even just idly checking them out – when the girl is actually hot, anything over an 8 out of 10, I literally feel a visceral surge of sexual attraction as something like a rushing sensation in my loins. I’m sure a lot of you with normal T levels are reading this thinking “so what, that’s what is supposed to happen”, but let me tell you, as someone who has been devoid of that sensation for as long as I can remember, it’s an utter joy.

I worked out yesterday, and got an extra 4 reps out on all my sets simply through the sheer force of aggression I was feeling. I went out last night with friends, and reduced the waitress to a giggling, blushing mess every time she came over to the table. I’ve already started actively pursuing girls again, and begun lining up the dates starting with one tomorrow – something I haven’t done all year.

I ate a rich meal when we were out (1kg porterhouse steak for the win), which prevented me from getting more than about 3-4 hours sleep last night (rich food always does for some reason, just makes me extremely hot, bothered and a bit wired). In the past, being that tired represented the peak of my lack of libido. I just felt like hiding away from women altogether. Today, I know I am tired – I can feel it making my face ache a little, a grainy sort of sensation in my head – but it’s like it’s happening to someone else, such is the strength of the drive and motivation I’m feeling.

In all honestly, it’s actually a little hard to concentrate on typing this, or my work, such is the strength of my urge to go and repeatedly lift up heavy lumps of metal, or split some girl in half. I’m not expecting it to continue like this – I’ve read in quite a few places that the first week or so of TRT can be like this, as you get used to the new level of T in your body, before things settle down to a new, higher baseline.

So in a word – awesome. With all that I have learned, and all that I have developed in the last couple of years, this is the last missing piece of the puzzle that was holding me back from realising my full potential. No more excuses.

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