If You’re Not Part Of The Solution…

Then you’re part of the problem. What problem, I hear you ask? Entitled, attention-whoring, shallow, superficial behaviour from Western women, no less.

What causes this problem? Thirsty men, supplicating, ceaselessly praising, permitting behaviour that should not be permitted.

Betas are of course the worst culprits for this. And in some ways, we should be thankful, for game would not work as well as it does were it not for the stark contrast in behaviour that practitioners of game demonstrate as compared with the manginas.

But when I read blog posts detailing encounters with women who behave appallingly – glued to their phones the entire time and making literally no effort to be pleasant or polite – finished off with the sentiment “I don’t care, I just want to fuck her”. Or when I see lengthy debates on the optimal way to dumb down your intellect so you can connect with stupid girls, for the sole purpose of gaining access to their vagina, it makes me think – a lot of supposedly red pill aware guys aren’t much better.

Every time you fail to call a girl out for her behaviour, and walk away from the interaction immediately if necessary; every time you compromise your integrity by altering your behaviour even slightly in order to ingratiate yourself with some stupid bint for the sole purpose of trying to fuck her, you are making the problem worse.

A girl hooks up with me on my terms, entering into my frame, or not at all. If I am flaked on, without even the courtesy of a message by way of an excuse, do I ignore it? Leave it a week and re-initiate contact? No, I tell her immediately that her behaviour is out of order, and will not be tolerated, and that an apology is required. Do I lose a lot of girls this way? Yes. Do I also gain a lot, girls who have never been spoken to like that by any man in their adult lives, suddenly twice as attracted to me? Yes. And knowing I didn’t have to compromise my principles even slightly makes the post-coital glow even more satisfactory.

Don’t be ruled by your dick, or your need for validation via attention and sex from women. Stand up for your principles and integrity, and do your bit to let shallow girls know that their particular brand of bullshit will not be tolerated. And only then, when girls start realising that they’re going to have to start shaping up in order to fully satisfy their hypergamous urges, might we begin to see a change.


5 thoughts on “If You’re Not Part Of The Solution…

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  2. If nobody ever calls her out on her lack of respect…when will she ever learn?

    Even if you don’t get her…you’re helping some other guy down the road.

  3. the true beauty of beta males is that they make it easy for guys like me. women are so use to supplication that when they encounter a guy who puts himeself first, they tingle like mad and vie for your attention.

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