The Reason The Pill Tastes Bitter

It occurs to me that the real essence of men “taking the red pill” is in fact “men finally looking themselves in the eye in the mirror, realising that they suck at being men, have no confidence, are stupid, physically weak, shit with women, and have been allowing themselves to be used as a doormat their whole lives.”

This is a good thing. It’s an important realisation. To correct a fault, one must first admit it exists. However, waking up to this is only the first step of the process towards putting it to rights. The next logical step is to realise that the fault lies squarely with you, and no-one else, and that is your own utter failure to take control of your own destiny that has landed you in this situation. And therefore that it is solely within your power to put it to rights.

Unfortunately, this is a step many people fail to take. This is not an easy thing for a man to do. The taste of the red pill (and the ultimate implications of such) is bitter. Egos are fragile.

Unable to confront the cold hard fact that the fault is their own and no-one else’s, blame is immediately apportioned to anyone and anything else that serves – society, the government, even the entire female gender for merely behaving in line with how they have been biologically programmed through millions of years of evolution. Entire blogs are spawned, the authors vitriolically lashing out at everything except themselves for their plight.

As far as I’m concerned, this is just passing the buck, and not shouldering your basic responsibility to yourself to not be a loser. There’s no great conspiracy. It is merely human nature that when you present someone with a doormat, they are going to wipe their feet on it. You only get treated how you allow yourself to be treated.

What confident man supplicates to anyone, least of all someone physically weaker than himself? What intelligent man enters into any kind of legally binding agreement, marriage or otherwise, without first fully being informed of all the potential consequences of it? What kind of dominant man fears to approach and speak his mind to anyone else, be they male or female?

Stop passing the buck. Stop being a victim. Stop looking to blame anyone and anything other than yourself for your problems. It is up to you, and only you, to admit that the fault is your own, and to take steps to put it to rights. Get a better job. Dress better. Get in shape. Get in better shape. Become strong, and physically imposing. Improve your confidence. Succeed on your own terms, because no-one is going to hand it to you, and whining about it isn’t going to change anything.

And on that slightly militant note… I’m off for a curry. Have a good weekend all.


8 thoughts on “The Reason The Pill Tastes Bitter

  1. Really good points. I’ve been working on educating a guy for months with the red pill. I explained the rationale as to WHY I do the things I do and have the success I have last week, and it seemed to click with him. Let’s hope he can finally look at himself in the mirror and do all the things you say in your first paragraph.

    • Let’s hope so. Some say you have to hit rock bottom before you’ll be receptive to red pill wisdom, but I believe it just requires a strong degree of intellectual honesty with oneself.

      Those out of my friends who have the hardest time moving forwards with this stuff are those that were successful in their adolescence and early adult years, due to natural confidence and good looks. They’ve built up too much of an ego to let it go and realise that whilst they might once have been ahead of the curve, they’re now miles behind it. A former fat geek such as myself has it easier in that regard!

  2. Agreed. It’s imperative that the manosphere not degenerate into a feminist-like group, obsessing about how everyone DUN THEM WRONGGG.

    God forbid that the community becomes so insular that the men start to turn into homosexuals–the parallel of course being with lesbians in the feminist movement who arrived at the conclusion that ‘since the menzzz r evilllll,’ it made sense to turn to one another.

    I am, however, pleased that the manosphere is largely about self-improvement. It’s a helluva lot more constructive than its counterpart.

  3. Personally, the only bitterness I’ve tasted has to do with regret. Regret for the wasted years when I didn’t realize what was possible.

    Opening my eyes to my real potential has been an awesome experience, but I realize that many men don’t want to take that hard look in the mirror.

    I think sites like yours are going to be the catalyst for a lot of men. Keep up the good work.

    • I too sometimes feel regret for pretty much wasting my 20s with my head up my arse. But it’s all part of the journey ultimately. My dissatisfaction with myself and my lot in life had to reach critical mass before I was compelled to act upon it. I’ve arrived at my destination eventually, so I’ll just try to enjoy being here now, rather than regretting how I arrived.

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