Do You Believe This Is Possible? Or That You Can Do It?

Following hot on the heels of “Put your number in my phone”

we now have “What’s your excuse not to kiss me right now?”

Whether or not you believe this is possible or not, or indeed whether you can personally do it or not, will depend on a number of factors.

  • level of unplugging from the matrix – “But women don’t like men who behave like that! He’s sexually assaulting them, what a douchebag! Women want to be respected, their boundaries honoured, slowly wooed over the course of months. Women don’t like sexually forward men like that. This video is fake!”
  • level of self confidence – “There’s just no way anyone can do that without getting rejected. Those are all set up. This is far too far outside what I believe to be possible.”
  • intellectual honesty/willingness to face harsh truths – “There’s simply no way in the world this video is real. If that man is capable of those things, then that means technically that I could be doing that also, instead of wanking into my sleeve every night in my mother’s basement, my pale skin bathed in the pale glow of my 7 monitors, reminiscing about that one time a girl looked at me for 6 nanoseconds. If that is possible, and I desire the outcome of that man’s actions, then I must look myself in the eye in the mirror, admit that I am a total failure, and allow my ego to crumple in a heap. I am not willing or not able to do that. Mum, can you make me a sandwich?”
  • reference experiences – “Whilst I believe it is possible, I have never even tried to do anything like that, and I’m absolutely certain I’d get shot down instantly if I tried it.”

I’ve got to be honest, when I first saw “Put your number in my phone”, I had a hard time believing it was real. I had no (sober) reference experiences that even came close to that myself, and I couldn’t even really picture myself doing it. However, I pride myself on always being intellectually honest with myself, and I knew it was possible, and so I was left to face up to the fact that I simply wasn’t far enough along in my development to pull something like that off yet.

Now I’ve seen “What’s your excuse not to kiss me right now?”, I didn’t even bat an eyelid. Again, I’ve got no (sober) reference experiences of doing that, although I’ve done it easily 500 times when pissed, sometimes without even saying a single word – I’ve even fucked girls within 10 minutes of meeting them whilst drunk – but I no longer think of “drunk me” and “sober me” as two different people, with two different realities of what is possible for each one. I can picture myself doing this, sober, in daylight, and firmly believe it is possible.

I’m sure that these videos took a lot of takes before they had enough successes to put together a compilation. I imagine that the dude got blown out over and over again, but the fact is, it worked enough of the time, and some of those girls are extremely hot.

A caveat? You’re not going to pull this off if you are a pale, pimply, fat, stammering dweeb. You’re going to need to have your shit together, and be very self confident to get away with something like that, but it is possible. If you’re nowhere near that level currently (and I’m not saying I’m out doing this every week – yet…), let it inspire you.


13 thoughts on “Do You Believe This Is Possible? Or That You Can Do It?

  1. That was tight, my best friend in a long term LTR hated on him for his gym video, saying he was rude to the other guys. I can only imagine his recoil to this.

    There wouldn’t be too much follow through with those phone numbers, the excitement from his ballsy approach would wear off after a day with those girls, plus he built 0 comfort. The kiss one is harder to believe but I believe it after spending hours and hours on the street, and I’m reflecting on a few girls who I think i could have pulled it off with.

    • Yeah, it’s a massive tell of low esteem when someone gets their knickers in a twist because they think you might have offended someone else – they essentially /need/ people to like them, and get extremely uncomfortable when someone does something which they think will jeopardise that.

      You’re right, most numbers would flake, but it just goes to show what’s possible if you can make it part of your reality. I actually find watching videos like this right before going out puts me more into that “zone”.

      • I would have to agree with you, I watched that video before going to work tonight and after I had 1 beer with a friend at a bar around midnight, I only spoke to 1 girl in that 20minute stint but i had never been more forward, i even took the seat of the chump who was sitting next to her. Thank you Vitaly.

  2. I’m not to that level yet…but I did pull out an absurd story that I knew would entice a reaction out of a gal. Funny part is she went with it after I didn’t react to the fact she knew it was absurd.

    And those 4 things I would have said the same thing…until I decided to test it out. Why make assumptions about something and be a hater without trying to verify first?

    • That’s a great mentality to have, but for most people, it threatens their who mental cocoon of ego protection they’ve woven around their fragile beta self esteem to even consider it.

      I wonder what’s next for this dude… 10-second street fucks? Hah!

  3. Inspirational. I love balsy approaches and would like to eventually be able to do this. Have you heard of the apocalypse opener? It is extremely balsy.

  4. “Put your number in my phone.”


    “Because I said so.”

    That part made me laugh. It’s so dominant. Now to f-close just call these girls up at 2 am friday and saturday after their clubscapade has left them drunk, horny, and alone.

  5. What doesn’t surprise me is when they approach the first two girls and they both put their numbers in. As soon as the first girl does it, it’s highly likely the other one will play follow the leader and give out her number even though she has a boyfriend.

    I disagree with the idea that they didn’t build attraction. They did. Telling some strange what to do is high level dominance. They’re not asking for numbers. They’re pussy commanders not pussy beggars.

  6. well said, my man. vitaly is awesome. if we are being honest, we recognize that. if we bitch and moan and criticize, then we are just being jealous.

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