Testosterone Saga – The Results Are In

So, this morning I had my follow up appointment at the doc’s to discuss the results of the blood tests I took a couple of weeks ago. The good news: apparently I’m not dead.

After clearing up that pressing matter, we went through the rest of the results. My cholesterol is “excellent” apparently, I’ve got slightly low levels of one particular type of illness-fighting thing but the overall levels are fine (I literally never get ill anyway), and I have “large blood cells” (although he did admit that a lot of the tests were coming back from the lab like this – the lab technician probably put the wrong contact lenses in). I’m not anaemic, my prostate is normal, and I don’t have diabetes. All good things.

All of that is largely by the by however, since the main reason I went was to get my testosterone levels checked. Now, before I react too much to the figure on my results, I must confess that at this point I do not know if the level that was taken was the level that I should have been concerned with. I made sure that I told the doc when I went for the tests that I wanted the testosterone level “that should be around 600” to be checked (turns out this corresponds to a unit of ng/dL, or nanograms per decilitre). I have had a level checked, which is labelled as “serum testosterone” on the results sheet, which has come back in a unit of nmol/l, or nanomoles (really strange mental image of tiny burrowing creatures right now) per litre. There is a conversion between the two units, so no issues there, I’m just not wholly sure at this point if this is the relevant level.

The “normal” range is 10 – 30 nmol/l, which corresponds to 288 – 864 ng/dL (this is what I’ve seen quoted on many websites, so logically it looks like the level that was tested was in fact the correct one). My level was 11.6 nmol/l, or 334 ng/dL. Now, from what I gather, having read numerous resources on this subject, whilst this may be just within the normal range, this “normal” range is calculated as a bell curve from those patients experiencing severe symptoms of hypogonadism (love how the condition associated with low T has “gonad” in the name), and just because you are slightly within this, does not mean that those levels are not having a pronounced effect on your body chemistry. Indeed, Victor Pride is utterly adamant that any level below the average of 600 mg/dL should be considered far too low (Ctrl+F for “600” in comments), and to try and get on TRT immediately. Clearly, as compared to this metric, my levels are pretty pathetic.

And let’s not forget that testosterone levels have been dropping year on year for decades now.

“A man born in 1970 had about 20 percent less testosterone at age 35 than a man of his father’s generation at the same age.”

God only knows what that is down to by today. I’ve been compared to a baseline of low testosterone sissy men, and come out barely inside the normal range. On reflection, I’m actually surprised I’m not wearing stockings and suspenders at my desk at work right now. Or maybe I am…

The doctor was unrelenting in his assessment that my level was normal. I tried to argue the point over and over again that it was barely what could be considered normal, but he wasn’t having any of it. He said if I wanted to take it further, then I needed a referral for a follow-up appointment to a sexual dysfunction clinic (makes me feel so manly taking a trip down there), which I’ve got scheduled for just over a week’s time.

I’m going to hang fire doing anything about it for now, but if the people down at the clinic also appear unwilling to see my level as too low, then I’m just going to take matters into my own hands and self-medicate. It’s not like it’s difficult to get your hands on prescription meds in this day and age anyway. Let’s just hope I don’t get sent the wrong hormone by mistake, and end up with a massive pair of tits.

Here are my full results for anyone that’s interested (click for large version – column on the far right is normal level, the one to the left of that is my level). The saga continues…



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  1. Whereas if all of your blood work is normal, they will practically kill to prescribe statins & blood pressure medicine “just in case” in the US. My mother-in-law is on three or four different ones right now.

    Anything that will destroy your health is over-prescribed, but medications like the occasional pain killer (or testosterone in your case) that might help are impossible to get.

  2. Lift weights, do a martial art with sparring, meditate to reduce stress (stress kills T), eat correctly and do the Maori Haka dance:

    I am not kidding about the Haka. It will boost testosterone and confidence a ton with very little effort. I can`t prove it but I can feel it.

    There are also various qigong routines that have masculinizing effects and which are almost certain to boost testosterone. I saw one chinese study that found testosterone increase from qigong. It depends heavily on what qigong you are doing though and generally qigong from the martial arts traditions are more T boosting. Meditating in horse stance boosts T a lot. You don`t have to do it more than a few minutes. Other standing meditation postures are also good.

    Massage your testicles gently in a non sexual way every day. If you take up qigong properly there are various breathing techniques that work with energy front he testicles that will boost T strongly.

    Buy the ring of fire and use it. It helps quite a bit.

    • Thanks for the tips! Not sure if you saw the other posts in the series? I’ve had an ongoing problem with low libido most of my adult life, which has just nosedived of late. I sleep well, I’m 10% body fat, I lift heavy and regularly with plenty of squats, and I supplement with various things that are supposed to boost T levels.

      Now I’ve actually had it confirmed that my T levels are literally half of what they should be, It’s about time I addressed the problem properly with some decent medication which I know is definitely going to fix the issue. I’m fed up with existing in this kind of disinterested state most of the time.

      • Yep – I’m going to stop messing around with the herbal shit and get some proper meds for it. If the NHS won’t prescribe it, I’ll just get my own. I’m going to have to do quite a bit of research, but I’ll post it all up as I go probably.

        It’s entirely possible your T levels are low. Each successive generation of men has lower and lower levels, due to factors such as increasing levels of estrogen in the water supply, and estrogenic chemical compounds. Go get it checked out at the docs, results take about 2 weeks to come back, and you know what the baseline should be. It’ll put your mind at rest if nothing else.

        Personally, I’m just glad it turns out there was something medically out of whack, and it wasn’t just some psychological issue.

    • As far as he was concerned, it was in the “normal” range, so didn’t warrant discussion. He wouldn’t even have given me a printout of my results if I didn’t specifically ask for it! That’s the NHS for you, you want quality treatment you need to go private.

      • As far as he was concerned, it was in the “normal” range, so didn’t warrant discussion.

        I agree with 3MM. Go find another doctor. Just because you are within the “normal” range does not mean you testosterone, thyroid, whatever is at the right level for you. Everybody is different, and that is why a range of values is listed.

        Also, your T was at the low end of the normal range, almost too low. If you doctor doesn’t express any consideration for your desire to have abundant testosterone, find another one.

        People with thyroid disease have the same problem. If someone is low thyroid production or had their thyroid removed due to cancer and the doctor is regulating their thyroid levels, they have a tendancy to give people barely enough thyroid to be marginally functional. Apparently the American medical community lives in fear of artificial thyroid being used as a weight loss drug. They control that shit like a Schedule I drug. They will leave people marginally in the normal range but dragging their ass all the time.

        You need to take responsibility for your own health. In extreme cases it amounts to practicing medicine on yourself without a license. You need to find a doctor who is on board with your goals and interests, and who will listen and is open to experimentation.

      • Yeah, I really wasn’t happy with the guy’s attitude. It’s like he wanted to do anything to avoid treating me with something which would improve my quality of life.

        I’ll probably have to end up going private. The difference in quality of treatment between private and NHS is like day and night, and I’ve got the money to be able to afford it.

        As I mentioned in a different comment, I’m just glad it turned out there was something wrong with my T level, and it wasn’t all just psychological!

  3. Glad you went to the doctor. Other than your testosterone production being low, you appear to be in good health. It’s about time I had a physical, too.

    Before you consider testosterone supplementation, try clomid for a few months followed by anastrozole. I recall posting about this before. The clomid will stimulate your body’s natural production of testosterone, and the anastrozole will inhibit the conversion of estrogens. If you go with testosterone supplementation, your body will adapt to having it artificially and your own production will drop further. This is necessary when men get older, but if you’re an otherwise normal adult who is on the low end of normal I’d attempt to up-regulate your own natural production before artificially supplementing.

    Start on the clomid for a few months (3-6 mo) and then go back and get serum testosterone and estradiol checked. Chances are both of them will be higher. The clomid is really good for kickstarting testosterone production in men, but as testosterone is converted into estrogen as a man you don’t want high estrogen levels. This is contrary to your goal. High estrogen in men will contribute to loss of muscle mass, lower libido, and higher body fat. That’s the purpose of the anastrozole. It reduces estrogen in men, so that testosterone is the dominant sex hormone in your bloodstream.

  4. Cheers for the info.

    After your last comment, I did actually do some research on clomid and anastrozole, but the majority of what I read seemed to be quite dismissive of its actual efficacy?

    At this juncture, I don’t really feel like I want to wait another 6 months and potentially arrive back at square one. Although I understand than your body will shut down T production if it is supplemented through something like TRT, are there any long term implications to just staying on TRT long term?

  5. Johnny Caustic

    Try DHEA first. It’s a testosterone precursor (also an estrogen precursor, unfortunately, but so is testosterone itself), it’s cheap, and it’s over-the-counter, so you can start tomorrow. I take 50 mg a day, and it seriously raises my sex drive. Strong morning wood every time I get a full night’s sleep. (I was not getting anything like that before I started taking the pills.) Your body converts it to testosterone while you sleep, so take it a day before you need it, and get to bed early.

    Important: DHEA (dihydroepiandrosterone), not DHA (fish oil).

  6. Man you’ve got me thinking about getting my T Levels checked out now, but of course I’ll have to wait 4 weeks for a doctors appointment as immigrants clog up the surgery I go to. Good luck on this man.

    • Cheers pal.

      If you don’t want to wait, there are a number of companies who offer saliva testing kits – you can buy them from the pharmacy, and then send the sample off to a lab, and get the results back within about 7 days.

    • Yeah, I’ve pretty much decided that I’m just going to self-medicate. I’ve been doing a lot of reading over the last few days, and I’ve figured out a course of treatment – there are things like HCG and aromatase inhibitors to factor in, all at the correct times and doses, but reading the accounts of people that have gone on TRT, sounds well worth the inconvenience.

  7. Low testosterone can truly cripple you! I’ve experienced this and didn’t have a clue what was happening. Didn’t know it was low testosterone that was causing intense fatigue and weak muscles. It was only after a friend suggested I use Ageless Male that things took a turn for the better. The use of nutritional supplements combined with a strict diet and fitness program raised my testosterone levels within an acceptable range. I’d recommend you read a few Ageless Male supplement reviews. It’ll help you beat testosterone deficiency and take charge of life once again, just the way it did for me!

  8. The Fucking Writer

    Glad to hear you’re taking to time to make sure you’re healthy. A lot of people don’t and that’s something you can’t afford not to do.

  9. cut out processed foods, drink lots of water, lift heavy, sleep 8 bours, limit masturbation to once per week.

    • Honestly mate, it’s a mystery to me. I’m 31, fit and healthy. I just got in touch with a doctor I had a few years back. I had my testosterone checked back then too for something else – turns out my T has declined 30% in the last few years. Good job I caught it when I did.

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  11. Hey mate – I’ve just had blood tests back from a test as I went to my GP complaining of no libido and feeling sluggish. Mine were 10nmol/L – told I was in the “normal” range. I’m 32, 6 2, 205 pounds and 10% bf. Go the gym 3 times a week and exercise daily. I’ve had to press to see an endo which I’ll hopefully be doing through BUPA – no doubt they will tell me where to go. NHS lol – A 16 year old girl says she’s depressed by her breasts are small and gets 5k of surgery on the NHS – a man in 30’s reports feeling sluggish and having had no sex drive for 2 years, tests show he has the test levels of a 65-70 years… there’s the door, close it on the way out. P*ss take.

    • First, a quick caveat – not everyone is the same, and some guys will feel great at a level of 10nmol/L, whilst others will feel shitty with 25nmol/L. Also, the key figure isn’t so much your serum (total) testosterone level, so much as it is the free (or bioavailable) testosterone level, which is dependent on the ratio of total T/SHBG.

      With that out the way… yes, in general, if your total T level is that low at your age, then all signs are pointing to a problem. The fact that you have also described the symptoms of secondary hypogonadism merely confirms this. The thing to bear in mind with GPs is that they are by no means experts in this field. They see the bloodwork, they see that it falls in the “normal” range (which includes old men), and that’s all they care about.

      Next step – go back to the GP, and insist on a referral to a urologist/endo. Only a urologist/endo has the ability to diagnose you with hypogonadism and prescribe treatment. However, bear in mind that TRT in the UK is prehistoric – they simply don’t know what they are doing in general. I took matters into my own hands. It took me weeks of research to figure out how to treat myself optimally, and I’m currently on a self-administered regimen of twice weekly shots, aromatase inhibitors and HCG, none of which you’ll get prescribed (the shots you will, but far too infrequently). If you can get yourself prescribed some testosterone gels for the short term, these will sort you out until you can get set up on a proper programme. That said – I now feel incredible, and I’m running about like a 21 year old again. In all departments.

      Let me know how you get on, feel free to ask me anything – I’ve been through the works with this over the last few months, and I know a lot about it now. Good luck.

      • Thanks yousowould – I’ve been referred to a urologist by my GP and so I’ll let you know the outcome of that. Failing that I might go private if necessary as I don’t fancy self-medicating as I don’t feel it right for me. Even after educating myself I don’t feel I’d be confident enough to do this. Feeling a bit lost with it all at the moment to be honest.

      • No problem mate. It is all a little bewildering at first, it’s a vast area of knowledge to try and absorb. I’m still learning every day.

        Let me know your progress. It’s likely the urologist will prescribe you testosterone gels given your symptoms. These will give you a short term boost, but are a terrible long term solution, as they don’t produce stable T levels, and cause a lot of aromatisation (conversion to oestrogen) issues, which can lead to gynaecomastia if left untreated.

        The other option they will talk about is injections of testosterone undecanoate (brand name nebido). This is a better option, but for me, the spacing of the injections they offered was way too far apart, meaning that for the last couple of weeks before your next jab, you feel rubbish again. Hence why I ended up taking matters into my own hands.

        Don’t be discouraged though, you’re taking the first steps to getting yourself back on track to feeling awesome again. It’s well worth it.

  12. One quick question please mate – I was a bit puzzled when I was told I needed to see a urologist and not an endo!? Is this right?

    • Same as me. They need to rule out physical problems that could be causing the low libido. Turned out to be a formality for me, the dude just put me straight on TRT when I told him my symptoms.

    • Hello mate! Hope you are keeping well! So I saw the endo last night (privately) and he basically said what I expected – “My levels are normal at 10n/mol – 288ng/dl”. He’s requested that I have another test (which I’ve just had) looking at other hormones that could be causing a lack of libido / drive etc whilst also repeating the testosterone test. I know where this is going…. NOWHERE!

      • It baffles me, how a trained medical professional, especially a hormone specialist, when presented with all of the symptoms of hypogonadism and a total testosterone level of 288ng/dl can claim that anything is “normal”. That level might well be “normal” for a 60 year old man.

        I’d let the process run through to the end before making any decisions – you never know, something might turn up. The human hormonal system is incredibly complex.

        If you do decide to go down the route of self-administering TRT in the long run though, then I can give you all the information you need.

      • I know mate. This guy wasn’t just a Dr / Professional… he was a Professor!!! I’ll see how I get on with the latest test before making any decisions. Appreciate your help.

      • Unfortunately I’m learning that “professor” these days mainly just means “someone who has been indoctrinated with groupthink and outdated conventional wisdom to an even higher level”. Still, interested to see if he comes back with anything else.

        Good luck.

      • Hey mate,

        So I’ve just had my second test results back – the test requested by the endo I saw. This time my results were up from 10 to 12.8 nmol. He’s happy with them and that’s the end of my consultation. I guess I’m going to have to look for natural ways to boost my levels and live with it.

      • That’s 369 ng/dL – those reading are way low given your age, and the symptoms you have described.

        Why do “you guess” that? That’s only one of the options available to you.

        The other option is to take matters into your own hands, as I did, and self-administer TRT. It’s not a cake walk, but it’s certainly doable. My T levels, from being at around 350ng/dL when I started, are now stable at 900ng/dL, and I feel great. Better mood, better confidence, better energy, better results from the gym, better sex drive. I can’t describe how glad I am that I started on it.

        If you are interested in going down this route – and I seriously urge you to at least consider it – then drop me an email and I can help you out.

        What’s your alternative? Live out the rest of your life feeling like this, in shades of grey, instead of full colour?

      • Thanks mate – I really appreciate your help.

        To be honest I find the prospect of self administering terrifying and complex for the following reasons:

        1) I wouldn’t have the first clue where to start. I’m guessing that I’d require weekly / monthly injections of test. I wouldn’t know where to even buys this / how or when to administer it. Pretty sure this isn’t something I could buy over the counter and I’ve heard the black market is flooded with fakes and couterfit products.

        2) I’m guessing test isn’t all that would be required.

        3) I’m also guessing that there are a million things that could go wrong that would require professional guidance.

        4) I want to start a family at somepoint in the near future.

        5) Wouldn’t I require blood monitoring by a endo? Levels etc.

        6) This would be for life. If I suddenly couldn’t source test then wouldn’t I’d be in all sorts of trouble?

        I realise I’m looking at this through dark-tinted specs.

        I do appreciate your help sincerely. You’ve been more help than any of the health professionals I’ve seen so far.

      • Ok, well to attempt to allay your fears…

        1. I didn’t either. I researched it all from forums and various websites over the course of a few weeks. I’m now a medium-level expert on the whole thing – I can tell you exactly what you need to do, when, how, what to look out for etc. The single best resource for this is the TRT forum at the Steroidology forums. The dudes on there are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and between them, there’s literally nothing they don’t know.

        Standard starting protocol is 50mg testosterone cypionate/enanthate every 3.5 days, with anastrazole for oestrogen control, and HCG for fertility (and stopping your balls shrinking). I can show you 1000 websites to get legimate pharmaceutical quality stuff, many of which I’ve ordered from myself successfully.

        2. See above

        3. Not really. Initally, you want to be getting your bloodwork done every 4 weeks, to keep an eye on your full male hormone panel, and E2 (oestrogen) levels. You’ll feel crappy if anything starts to go out of whack, but it’s in no way life endangering – not in the slightest. I’ve managed to navigate myself to a totally successful, dialled in programme under the guidance of the dudes on the TRT forum, and my own research.

        4. You can freeze sperm before you start if worried, but the HCG will ensure you retain fertility. Some guys never even lose it at all whilst on TRT.

        5. You just need to get somewhere to run the tests, you don’t need an endo. I go to a private clinic down the road from where I work. I post the results up on the TRT forums, and the dudes on there analyse.

        6. You can restart natural production, but the longer you are on TRT, the harder it is. It is as you say pretty much a lifelong commitment. Given that I could probably find you over 1000 places to get testosterone from within 24 hours, running out of it isn’t really a concern.

        I understand your worries, it’s a big step. You’ve just got to ask yourself – is reclaiming the quality of your life important enough to you to undertake it? I can tell you, it’s made the world of difference to me, and the whole protocol is just part of my weekly life now. It takes up almost no time.

        I’m happy I can help in any way. The state of TRT advice in this country is woeful. Most endos don’t have a clue what they are talking about if it’s not diabetes. I recognise that you are in a similar situation to where I was when I began this journey, and I would have been great for me if I had someone to guide me through it.

        Have a think about it, check out the forums here – http://www.steroidology.com/forum/testosterone-replacement-therapy/

        It’s really not that difficult or expensive to undertake, and you’ll benefit from the T levels of an 18 year old for the rest of your adult life, and all the health benefits that go with it.

      • Thanks for all the information mate. I’m going to give it some serious consideration over the next day or two. Either way – I’ll let you know what I decide to do. One last question please though bud – how much do you pay for your full hormonal tests? I recently paid (well I didn’t pay – my insurance paid) £500 for 1 round of tests covering…
        Test Levels
        Thyroid Function
        T3 Triiodthyonine
        Follicle Stimulating Hormone
        Luteinising Hormone

      • And (sorry) how frequently do you take the nastrazole for oestrogen control and HCG? Are these also injected and sourced from the same places you’d buy the test?

        Cheers mate.

      • Ok mate – my battle plans are drawn. I’m going to give it 6 weeks of optimum diet and make a few changes to my lifestyle (although not many as I’m already doing almost everything one should do to promote test production naturally). I’m also going to start taking DAA. I’m then going to have my test levels taken privately and see how the changes have affected my levels. I’m shooting for 600+. If I can get that – I’m happy. .. it’s then just a case of maintaining it. If I’m still in the 200-400 range then I need to look at TRT. Seem like a reasonable plan to you?

      • DAA I’ve not heard of – did you mean DHEA?

        In my own case, I was already doing everything under the sun to raise it naturally, so TRT was the logical choice. But yes – if you can get to a good level without resorting to medication, that’s always got to be preferable.

        Do you read Illusion Of Sanity? He reviewed a book recently which had great methods of naturally raising testosterone, the name escapes me now, but I can find it if you’re interested.

      • DAA – d-aspartic acid. An amino acid that supposedly raises test by 40% after 12 days use. It’s about the only test booster on the market that is supposed to be completely concrete in terms of results – so I read anyhow.

        DHEA?!? That’s a new one on me! I’ll order some today haha.

        Yes – if you can dig out the name that would be fantastic! Thank you!

      • Sorry to piss on your bonfire but…


        Minor effect, 50% studies agree.

        “There appears to be an increase in testosterone in most subjects acutely (6-12 days), and while this may persist to the tune of 30-60% in infertile men it is reduced to
        baseline within a month in otherwise healthy men with normal testosterone at baseline.”

        Always check examine.com

      • What a fantastic site! Oh – well. Looks like the DAA is going straight in the bin. Not sure whether to bother with DHEA either to be fair.

      • No, there’s pretty much nothing in the way of proven natural T boosters, unless you’ve got something massively wrong with you to start off with, which your bloods would have shown.

      • Hey mate – I hope you are well?

        Just an update as to where I currently am… I saw the endo as I mentioned… these are my full results back (which cost £1400 including consultation)…

        Follicle Stimulating Hormone – 1.8 IU/L (1.5-12.4)
        Luteinising Hormone – 3.5 IU/L ((1.7-8.6)
        Prolactin 282 mIU/L (86-324)
        Sex hormone binding globulin 24 nmol/l (16-55)
        Test 12 nmol/l (9.9-27.8)
        Thyroid stimulating hormone 0.95 mIU/L (0.27-4.2)
        Free Thyroxine 16.6 pmol/l (12-22)
        Total T3 1.9 nmol/L (1.3-3.1)

        My endo told me there was nothing wrong and that I needed to see a sex therapist!?!? Which to be frank was a f**king insult. FSH seems very low to me. To my understanding my FSH is low (borderline – why my endo didn’t suggest this was an issue is completely beyond me) and therefore my brain or more specifically pituitary gland isn’t instructing “my boys” to produce as much test as they should be… thus the test levels of an 80 yo man!?! I might have this wrong.

        I’m still on with the clean living and diet etc – probably about 5 weeks in. It’s made a little difference (very minor). I’ve been advised upon a TRT forum to try a “restart” using Clomid before considering TRT. I’ve tried to purchase this from one site I found on the internet but the transaction kept on failing despite my bank not blocking it. I don’t suppose this is something that is available on the site you use? If so, could you send me details please mate?


      • I’ve not ordered clomid specifically, but there are literally 100s of UK sites on eroids.com/reviews, under the “UK” tab – you’ll definitely find a source there.

        Glad to hear you’re making progress, keep me posted how the attempted restart goes.

      • I think it’s a good idea – clomid is a tried and tested method of trying to do a “restart” on your natural T levels. If you can get them back up, it’s far preferable to being on TRT for the rest of your life. That said, the testicular atrophy they mention isn’t an issue if you use HCG.

        Good luck, keep me posted!

      • Just an update mate. So after about 4 months of lifestyle changes. Lower stress. Taking zinc, vitamin D and upping healthy fat intake. Just had my pre-clomid test back and levels have gone from 12.8 to 13.1. So the lifestyle changes made next to no difference – 0.3! I took my first dose of 25mg clomid on Wednesday night. I’ll keep you updated pal. Hope you are well.

      • Yep – pretty much what I found! There are literally no “natural” test boosting supplements, they’re all snake oil. Good on you for being so rigorous and methodical, look forward to hearing your next update.

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  14. Hi ,

    I recently got tested for T levels and found that I have T-levels at 399 and free T at 104..I saw upto 3 doctors including a endo,but all told me that My T was in normal range..

    So I took matter into my own hands and ordered a 5gm t-gel.I will get it by tommorow.

    So I wanted to know what should I look out for and if any other supplement(estrogen inhibitor) has to be taken with the gel.

    Also can you guide me on the cycle I should follow for the medication ..

    Any help would be helpful..


    P.S : I live in India by the way

    • Hello mate.

      What symptoms were you experiencing? Poor libido? Lack of energy?

      A total T of 400 is low compared to average, but some people feel fine and function well at different levels.

      The only reason I ask is that before you embark on something like TRT, you need to understand it’s going to be a lifelong commitment, and not something to be undertaken lightly.

      Once I’m sure you definitely need it, I can help you out with some advice.

      • The major symptoms for me are that I am unmotivated,less facial hair,low energy..

        Right now I am at 400 only because I have stopped fapping and watching porn,otherwise my levels were around 290-310 when I got tested in Jan this year..

        I know and fully understand that TRT is a lifelong affair for me and I am mentally prepared for all the effects of this treatment..

        2013 has been an eye opener for me as I got Game/Red pill aware and am researching ways(in limit and wisdom) to biohack my body to get it to an optimal state..


      • Ok, first of all, the gels are the worst treatment. They have a short half life – you’ll feel awesome in the morning, but low by the end of the day. They also have a tendency to aromatise heavily (convert to oestrogen), so you’re going to need to get some aromatase inhibitors. I recommend 0.25mg arimidex every other day. The gels are better than nothing though.

        Ideally, you want to get your hands on some testosterone cypionate, or testosterone enanthate. This comes in the form of an injectable oil. The best way to administer this is via subcutaneous shots with a 0.5″ 29 gauge insulin syringe. It’s almost painless, and causes very little aromatisation. Many guys don’t need any AI with this.

        Starting dose should be 50mg every 3.5 days. So you would do it on a Monday evening, and a Friday morning every week. The regular doses will keep your serum testosterone levels stable.

        You’re going to need to get bloodwork done at regular intervals to monitor everything and make sure you are on track. There are a wide number of variables that can mess up your treatment. You’ll need to get at the least a full male hormone panel run every couple of months to start, along with oestradiol. I thoroughly recommend creating an account on the Steroidology TRT forums. The guys on there have helped me massively.

        Lastly, you’re going to need to run HCG to stop your balls shrivelling up, and to keep your fertility. 250miu taken the day before each testosterone shot should be fine. When you get this, make sure you don’t get the pre-mixed one, as the peptide has a short life and loses effectiveness. You can test the quality of your HCG with a pregnancy test kit.

        That’s a brief introduction. You’ll need to do a lot of your own research if you’re going to take this on. Again, the Steroidology forums are a great place to go.

        Any questions, let me know.

  15. Guys, thanks for being so honest and informative about this issue. I have just got back from the doctors and had a near identical experience. I am 35 ex army, fit, eat healthy etc and just got results of 10.5. Told it was all normal despite a variety of symptoms. Got to start my research now and self medicate. Will keep you posted.

    • Hey Silas,

      I’d consider looking at your diet and life style first. Then once you have that nailed down take another test (privately if necessary). If still low consider a “restart” followed by another test a month or two after completing the restart… if still low then… consider TRT.

      Just my opinion.

      Good luck pal.

  16. The answer…

    1 shot of ovidrel per week for 3 week’s followed by 50-100mg/day of Clomid For Life … and an aromatase Inhibitor or anti estrogen of needed.

  17. ;c) On that note – my clomid arrived last week. I’m having a blood test before I start taking 25mg every other day. I’ll keep you posted.

      • Hey Alex,

        I’ve read a lot of material based around studies that suggest a very small dose of clomid 3 times per week is very effective and has no sides. The higher the dosage, the more sides that are experienced. This is just what i’ve read and therefore why I’m starting off on 25mg MON WED FRI. I’ll be taking periodic blood tests to assess whether this dosage is effective or not. I’ll be posting the results upon here. 100mg per day (from what I’ve read) seems extremely high… and for life?!? Where did you get this figure/dosage from? I’d imagine someone that is carrying out a restart following steriod use might take this dosage for a very short period of time.

  18. Just want to say that I was quite literalry in stitches reading that blog, I recently decided to also get my T tested as I’ve always been a kinda weak little girlie man side, anyways it was 10 nmol which is pretty shit as I already guessed but I’ve decided on doing something about it myself lifting heavy weights diet etc it was pretty much the same response as my MD who told me I was fine and told me to jog on I was intrested in how you have got on now after your results and if you had any advise in regards to test boosters etc

    Thanks Om

    • Sorry to hear that, the doctors in the UK are indeed terrible when it comes to this sort of thing.

      Natural test boosters – snake oil. Unless you’re severely deficient in something, you can throw all the zinc, DHEA or tribulus in the world at the problem, and it won’t go away.

      Your low T could be caused by lack of sleep (sleep apnea), stress, or very low cholesterol content of your diet. If you can rule these all out, then you might want to consider something else.

      Heavy lifting is a given for any man in my book anyway, the benefits to mind and body are innumerable.

      If your T level doesn’t improve, the first thing to consider is a “reboot” with clomid, to see if you can get your natural production back up to scratch. If that fails, and you still are suffering symptoms of hypogonadism, then it’s time to consider TRT.

      • Google “Androxal” as well guys – very interesting. Clomid without the side effects – increased estrogen etc / mood swings / visual disturbances etc. Could replace TRT in the future. Currently going through testing at the moment and I’ve read it’s in the final stages of testing. I’m currently 1 week into clomid M-W-F. Nothing of real note to mention although I feel a tiny bit “sharper” and upbeat although this could be a placebo effect. I’ll be taking a blood test in the next 4-6 weeks.

  19. im on nebido myself and after 7 weeks of injection i feel like im on the way out,i was just wondering would it be safe to take a shot of test e after the 7 weeks,thank you

    • With the caveat that I am not a medical professional – yes, it’s perfectly “safe” in terms of your health to take a shot of test e of around 100mg. However, if your doctor tests your blood and finds an anomalously high reading, then it may invalidate any medical insurance you have if he determines you’ve been self-administering.

      The phenomenon of feeling low towards the end of the 8 week period with Nebido is the precise reason I didn’t want to go down that route. Twice weekly shots of test c/e provide much more stable serum testosterone levels.

  20. Great blog. Keep it up – there are many reading this who are also in the same situation.I have a similar story – 11nmol test, high LH, low FSH. UK dr’s couldnt care less, if its in the normal range bracket then yr fine. Interestingly – my dr admitted the range values change depending on where you live in the UK!!! I believe if we researched what was considedred normal 10, 20, 30 years ago then you would see that normal range changing to suit the male populations declinging T levels. In 10 years what will be the new range? 5 to 27 nmol?
    I was also frustrated at the lack of help from the NHS so I also self-medicated (6 years ago) – it was the best I’ve ever felt, no fatigue, high libido, high zest for life – but it totally shrunk ‘my boys’ – even with HCG. I decided that life on TRT isn’t for me (you shouldn’t ever be dependant on exogenous hormones/drugs if you can help it), so I carried on experimenting. I have tried clomid/nolva/hcg/anastrole etc etc I even tried GnRH (Triptorelin) – this suprisingly had a slight;y postive effect but for only a short time. My current trial involves HGH. Prehaps I will add clomid and anastrole or hcg and anastrole to the HGH.

    My aim is to get myself in the 25-30nmol test range permanently and naturally – but with out using trt.

    My latest bloods show my test at 15.7nmol, its an improvement, but still considerably less than it should be, I still suffer the low test symptoms.

    Keep it up!

  21. Hi mate, great read and info. I’m suffering from low t symptoms, fatigue, depression, insomnia, mind fog, and trouble shifting fat, and a decline in strength. To combat depression I’ve hit the gym for ten years which has helped but I go through stages where I can’t even get to the gym because of the gym because if the symptoms. People think of me as very masculine I suppose I’m pretty built at 176cm and 205lbs but still carry fat (approx 16% bf), even though my diet is clean.
    Recently I had my t levels checked along with other blood work. First reading I was 250 total test, 3 months later 440 total test. I’m 38 but still feel like shit all the time. I have considered going on trt and am currently researching now. I’m lucky that I live in Bangkok and can get my hands on test and everything else cheaply and easily, my doctor is also happy to administer injections, although he is not very clued up on trt. I’ve had to do lots of research myself as I’m worried about becoming infertile, balls shrinking and growing a pair of tits, so I’m still sitting on the fence…. A few questions, you mentioned in an earlier comment you administer injection sub q with a 29 needle and not IM…. Is this for the test or hcg? Or both? And have you had any other sides…. What doses are you taking to bring your levels up? Overall how do you feel mentally and physically have you seen improvement?

    • Hi pal

      I do both test and HCG sub q. There’s no need to do IM unless you are taking large quantities, if you were running a cycle for bodybuilding for instance.

      I’m running 100mg test cyp every 3.5 days for optimally stable T levels. 200mg/week is probably a little high to be honest – last time I had bloods done, my T was about 1000. Depending on your lab though, some show a normal range of up to 1300. A starting dose is 100mg total per week, so 2 x 50mg shots. It depends on your size – I’m 6’1″ and 90kg, so if you’re a big buy, you’ll maybe need 150mg/week. Taking 0.25mg arimidex every other day for AI, and 250iu HCG 2x week on the day before the test shot to prevent testicular atrophy.

      The first couple months you’ll probably notice an uncontrollable libido, some aggression, but it sort of subsides back to “normal” within a short period. Main side you need to be aware of is increased hematocrit (red blood cell count – RBC). Basically T increases the rate of formation of red blood cells, leading to thickening of the blood, and increased blood pressure. Some people don’t get this side, but to be on the safe side, it’s advised you give blood every few months to reduce the RBC and thin your blood. I read about one guy who has a blood disease, so they wouldn’t accept his donation, so he had to let his own into a pint glass and flush it down the loo!

      Mentally, physically – world of difference. Positive, dominant mood, gains in the gym are great (taken my bench from 100kg to 130kg in just under 12 months). I’ve noticed a redistribution of fat from typically “female” areas (I always carried a lot on my hips) to more “male” areas (on the stomach).

      The brand of test I’d been on for 6 months turned dud back in January (I had no way of knowing until I realised I wasn’t feeling good, and got my bloods run). My T levels had dropped to about 100, and I felt terrible. Listless, emotional, depressed. Like night and day to being on TRT.

      The shots are easy and painless to administer yourself once you have done it once or twice.

      Good luck, let me know if you have any other questions.

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  23. Hey “yousowould” – Matt here… I was just wondering how you were getting on? Been over 2 years since I first posted regarding this dilema. I’ve made no headway. I tried the clomid (or what I think was clomid… in reality I could have been sent anything as I got it from dodgy website and it came from India) and that made no different.

    Over the last 2 years I’ve continued to monitor my T and it remains around the 12nmol level. No interest in sex. Given up on the NHS – they wanted me to see a sex therapist!?! Never felt so insulted. Don’t have the confidence to self medicate with injections. I’m waiting for androxal to hit the market. I’ll then push my doctor to put me on that for a trial at least or just get it myself from other sources. Given up really and accepted my situation… for now.

    How are you doing? Are you still self medicating with injections? I hope you’re well mate.



    • Hello Matt, I am sorry to hear of your plight. I too had no luck with the medical profession.

      I must say though my friend, that the answer is right in front of you. Self medicating with TRT is not difficult.

      Millions of diabetics around the world inject themselves on a daily basis. I can tell you every single thing you need to get started, where you can purchase supplies, what medications you need to take on what schedule. Really, all you need to do is be prepared to give yourself a few shots every week.

      If you are not willing to do this, one must simply conclude your condition does not bother you sufficiently. It is not an onerous task, especially given it will transform your life.

      In answer to your question – yes, I am still on TRT. I am strong, fit and healthy. I am breaking strength records at the gym. I am adding muscle. I am confident, assertive and dominant. I have a healthy libido.

      I implore you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and at least try shots for 6 months. What do you have to lose?

      We’re talking about the rest of your life here. You can either live it as a vital, strong man, or a shell of what you could be. The choice is yours.

      Contact me via email if you are interested in taking up my offer, and I will tell you everything you need to know to get started. Please don’t though unless you are 100% serious and committed to giving it a go, as it is a lot of information to impart and will take me some time and effort to put it all together.

      All the best.

  24. You know what, I think it’s time that I gave it a go. Give it 6 months and see how I feel. I’d really appreciate any advice and direction that you could offer. I’m 100% on this. Thank you very much.

  25. Matt – maybe it is worth seeing a counsellor – sex or otherwise.
    be careful re TRT if you’re still looking to start a family soon, it can reduce fertility

  26. I know this is an old thread, but I feel your frustration with the doc issue.
    I finally gor my levels checked after having suspicions on them. I asked the doc for a note on the results. He instantly dismissed it, but told me they were normal and right in the middle of the range – 11.4
    I get back and check the relevance…and yep, the levels are way too close to the bottom end of the scale to be ‘normal’.
    In the UK especially docs hate anything to do with testosterone as if it is some sort of dirty word, so if I went to the doc again I know for sure I would be shot down and not given a prescription. Meaning going private…yay, the expense…

  27. I’m suffering and have full blood tests to show total test at 285ng and I’m 41 years old, i lift 3 times a week and eat fairly cleanly can u help me self medicate my testosterone and hcg etc?

  28. Hey guys,
    It’s been some time since I last posted upon this thread although I thought I had to provide an update. Over the last few years I’d felt low libido, tired and generally half asleep. A few years back, blood tests showed that my T levels were quite low for someone of my age. Over the course of around 2-3 years I had 5 tests with the results ranging from 10-13 nmol. The last of those tests took place around one year ago and was 12 nmol if I remember rightly.
    I’ve just got my results back from my latest test and the results were 21 nmol!!! Absolutely over the moon with that I and can definitely feel a difference in myself (and could before getting results, that being why I took another test).
    I can’t provide an exact reason for the change, however, here are a few changes that have taken place with my life style since my previous test.
    1. Daily multivitamin for men. (Centrum)
    2. Mindfulness. I won’t go into too much detail but I’ve read a couple of books on the subject and the result is I’m a lot more relaxed day to day.
    3. Half an avocado each morning daily without fail.
    4. I no longer lift in the gym 4 times a week for 1 hour. I lift 4 times a week for 30 intense minutes with no fixed plan other than the body area I’m working.
    5. I’ve cut down on intense cardio and instead do a lot more walking.
    Sorry I can’t provide a specific reason for why my T levels have doubled. Perhaps there is not a one specific reason but an accumulation of the actions outlined above. I hope this can help someone.

    • Glad to hear you’re feeling better pal. In many cases, low T can be corrected by some simple lifestyle changes and fixing up some deficiencies in diet. Always a better option than going on TRT for life – although I wouldn’t swap my 50 nmol level now I’ve got it 😉

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  30. Hi Guys,

    I have been struggling for ages with low sex drive, lack of energy, motivation at work. 4-5 years ago I had a blood test for testosterone whilst they were investigating ED. It came back as normal. I have tried viagra (not good) Cialis .. better but red flushed headaches and does not increase desire it just makes it work…. Kind of like a robot penis.

    I have been to hypno therapy… nope

    All in all I feel crap, my wife feels crap as she feels like I do not want her. I want to want to have sex.

    I have tried different diets, fasting, excising. I am not overweight although I do have love handles. I do not carry a lot of muscle.

    I have been strength training and have just started to take it seriously I am now doing the 5×5 strong lifts program. During this and researching for the program I cam across the symptoms of low T. That describes me exactly! I did a test with Pharmacy2u and the results were normal but low. 12.8 nmol. They are prescribing me Testim gel. I have ordered this and it is on the way. Then I discovered this thread.

    I am interested in self prescribing. I can see myself using the gel. Re testing and then pharmacy doubling the dose. All this at a cost of £100+ per month. I will do this and the go to the actual doctors to be told I am normal end of (I will do this though as a matter of crossing T’s and dotting i’s).

    I am 33. I should not be feeling like this. I am ready for the commitment.

    Just looking for help/

    • Gel is the worst possible way to do TRT – wildly unstable T levels, gets into contact with other people, and causes large amounts of conversion to oestrogen. Avoid!

      First check your oestrogen level – for many, they can achieve good results just by lowering this if it is elevated. Excess oestrogen blocks testosterone.

      Apart from that, basic starting protocol is 100mg test cypionate/enanthate weekly, split into 2 weekly shots every 3.5 days (use a 17/19G insulin needle, sub-cutaneous), HCG recommended on top to prevent any testicular atrophy. Do this for 6 weeks, get bloods run again, check T level. If E2 is too high, add in low dose arimidex – something like 0.25mg every third day. Run another 4-6 weeks, get bloods done again. Maybe need to adjust T dose up, depending on your mass.

      • So a vial of GP test Cyp is €51 (euro) plus €21 delivery. This gives 10ml per vial and 250mg per ml. So effectively this is 25 doses?

        I am in the UK this Per month after adding other ingredients HCg and so on will probably be just under £100 pm so would I be better jumping through hoops to get it on the NHS?

      • Not sure of your maths there buddy. 10ml at 250mg/ml is as you correctly state, 25 weeks’ worth if dosing at 100mg/week. That’s 2 vials for 122 EUR if you include postage, for just shy of an entire year – approx 10 EUR per month. Expensive, it is not.

        As mentioned, HCG is optional, you’d have to do some research on that and make your own call. It’s a little pricey, but still not going to realistically break the bank. This is your health and life we’re talking about, how much does it matter to you.

        NHS will not prescribe testosterone cyp/eth – only gels (awful) or nebido (testosterone undecanoate). Cyp/eth has a half life of around 1 week, which means when split into 2x weekly shots, gives you a very stable T level. Nebido has a very long half life, and is administered on the NHS every 6-8 weeks. You feel like superman for 2 weeks, normal for 2 weeks, and then like dog shit for 2 weeks until your next shot.

      • My bad. I don’t know how I confused it all. Do you get all of your stuff and needles from the same place inc hcg?

      • One more question. What do you do on holiday? I am assuming getting on a plane with drugs and no prescription is frowned upon

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