Finding A Suitable Girl – Reverse Engineering The Problem

So, after reflection, I decided to take down my post yesterday bemoaning the lack of decent women in western society (sorry Francie Begbie, I see that you’d commented on it).

It was a negative post, exactly in the vein of those which I have recently been critical of. It’s not constructive to think in such terms – if you view the world through a lens of negativity, that’s all you’re going to see. That, and the fact that Lucky Lothario managed to somewhat embarrassingly point out to me that I’d managed to perform some impressive mental gymnastics to come up with a line that claimed 100% – 98% = 5%. Must have been gymnastics at the special Olympics.

As stated, I feel I’m at a point in my life where I’m looking for more than just random hookups for the sake of it. I don’t need the ego validation, and the sex is ho hum, and readily available through online dating with a bit of effort anyway. It would be pretty great to have someone to start sharing stuff with, to give life a bit more meaning.

I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’ve realised that the single most important factor I can highlight in the suitability of a girl for me is intelligence. Not education mind you, since anyone can acquire that with enough time and effort, but rather a bright, quick, inquisitive, open and engaging mind, coupled with a corresponding personality. I get bored extremely easily, and I’ve found my group of friends whittled down to a very select few over the last couple of years, since I find I simply do not get enough stimulation out of interacting with most people to make it worthwhile investing the time. Obviously, she needs to be attractive as well. Model looks aren’t required (but hey, they’d be nice), but at least a solid 8/8.5.

Now, the main problem with doing cold approach anywhere, anytime is it is a total crapshoot in terms of what the girl’s intelligence level is going to be. You obviously know you’re physically attracted to her, but the chances that she’s going to be in that 1% edge of the bell curve that means you’re going to hit it off intellectually are vanishingly small. I can go from turned on by a girl’s look to turned off by her personality in the space of 30 seconds.

Approaching the problem from the reverse angle appears to be the sensible way to go about it. If I put myself in a situation where there is a lot of opportunity to interact with girls socially, and they are all of at least a certain level of intelligence, then the law of probability states that at least a few of them are going to be hot enough.

It seems to me that enrolling in classes such as philosophy, psychology and literature are sound bets. Fortunately, I am already highly interested in all of these things myself, so it wouldn’t be the same as pretending I like Salsa classes just to get a bit of minge. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to actively pursue this at the moment, what with having a full time job, and training most evenings of the week. When I manage to get out of work however, this is going to be pretty much the first thing I pursue in an effort to get this next phase of my life on track.

If anyone else can think of good opportunities or venues to mix socially with girls like this, I’d be glad to hear them.

Have a good weekend all, cheers.

9 thoughts on “Finding A Suitable Girl – Reverse Engineering The Problem

  1. My tastes run similar to yours.

    Not only am I exclusively attracted to intelligent girls, they’re much more attracted to me. To a girl with a 50th percentile mind, I’m just another guy who’s smarter than her. Only smart girls can truly appreciate how smart I am.

    Not to be cocky or anything.

    How to find smart girls? Online dating is fruitful, as you can sort by education and profession. More importantly, you have an opportunity to read a few paragraphs she’s written, and writing is a heavily g-loaded task.

    Day game, I hunt primarily in the downtown core and focus on girls whose clothes and demeanor suggest status and intelligence.

    There is definitely a such thing as an intelligent-looking face.

    Night game is a waste of time. Charity events, food shows, and similar classy joints are generally filled with smart girls.

    I have a friend doing her residency who is going to start bringing me as a +1 to various med school mixers. Student girls in med and pre-med school will be my primary wheelhouse for finding a wife.

    • Some good tips, cheers. My last two exes both told me that I’d ruined them – they have both completely failed to find anyone that measures up to my level of intelligence since!

      I know what you mean about an intelligent face – I saw a girl just this lunchtime, whose face just radiated brightness. She had the classic ‘thal skull (that stuff on Koanic Soul is quite accurate), with large wide eyes. Shame about the chode whose arm hers was linked through.

      I think as I start moving into my mid 30s, I’m going to have to start really working some social circle game to get into situations and opportunities to mix with the upper echelons of society a bit more – there is a general correlation between status, wealth and intelligence. Plus there’s just something incredibly appealing about taking a really classy girl, dressed up to the 9s, and then absolutely ruining her… in the best way possible of course.

  2. “Now, the main problem with doing cold approach anywhere, anytime is it is a total crapshoot in terms of what the girl’s intelligence level is going to be.”

    such is life mon frer.

  3. Social circle game, is probably the best way

    Join clubs & events which require intelligence …

    Most intelligent women also happen to be upper class, you should think about running day game, in more expensive areas & venues

  4. Bookstores. Especially the sections such as philosophy etc. Classical concerts, go watch plays, go watch debates, art museums, art galleries, day game at university campuses (especially top schools of course), lectures about buddhist philosophy, day game in more well off parts of town will have smarter girls and you can judge quite a lot from clothes she wears and looks roughly how smart a girl is. You can make an online profile where intelligence and intellectual interests are a key criterion.

    • Great comment, lots of ideas to try out there. I’m keen to avoid online dating – it’s very difficult to get an impression of what someone is like until you meet them in person, and then if in the 99.9% likelihood she’s not intelligent and stimulating enough, I’m stuck on a bloody date I don’t want to be on for at least an hour or two. Getting to know girls commitment free in a social situation is more appealing for me.

  5. Find a few small but very wealthy hamlets nearby & hang out at the cafes & coffee shops. Get a daughter of the manor (or whatever the hell they are called). She might be more spoiled, but she might also have lead a very sheltered life. I’m only half joking with this 🙂

    Or join a country club or golf club. You will have fathers introducing you to their daughters in no time.

    • I know you’re half joking, but I think you may have a somewhat romanticised notion of what England is really like 😉

      Anyway, must dash, I’m having tea with the Queen shortly

      • LOL! And yes, I do, but even here fathers would be introducing you to their daughters. If you saw the choices out there for future son-in-laws, it looks just as bleak as choices for brides. (not that you are looking for a bride or anything!)

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