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Almost 1 year into my ‘sphere life, I’m at the point for the 3rd time where I need to prune back some of the blogs out of my RSS feeder due to simply not having the time to go through them all every day.

Before I do so, I thought I’d share what’s currently going into my inbox every day on the offchance there’s any interesting ones any newcomers to this part of the internet might have missed. I’d like to add a brief descriptive comment under each one… but I’m at work and I don’t have time! Think of it as a exciting experience of discovery. Or something.

This is my main RSS list (apologies if some of the links are dead/screwed up):

My “Lifestyle – General” Bundle

And this is my overflow list for when I finish reading through new articles from the above. The content of some of these perhaps doesn’t gel with my general life philosophy (too much emphasis on “alpha bad boy” or negativity, or simply someone at a different stage in their life than me for instance), but nonetheless are all very interesting, well written blogs in their own right, which I gain a lot from reading (again, apologies for any dead links):

And finally, the blogs I follow with more of a political angle:

Feel free to recommend me any others I’ve missed in the comment section.



20 thoughts on “What I’m Reading – Link Love

  1. Thanks for the link, I see you added zenhabits, I read him when I need to get amped up for some spring cleaning or focus on a new change.

    I’m not sure what happened to Little P dog’s blog, haven’t seen a post from him since January, Haven’t seen an ROK post from him either in awhile.

  2. Cheers for the linkage, funny how interwoven this corner of the internet is.

    Saw the map someone made that Frost posted, not entirely sure how strongly I’d want to be associated with some of the other clusters outside of our ‘Masucline Reaction’ subsection.I wonder what an ethno-nationalist is….

  3. Thanks for the link mate – added you to our blogroll too. I’ll be keeping an eye on the blog now. I see you’re in London, we should organise a meet up sometime if you’re up for it

    • Cheers for the add, been reading your blog for a few weeks – like the work you do. Yeah definitely up for a meet up, always good to meet a fellow ‘sphere blogger – will get in touch soon.

  4. Thanks for the link – I’m honored! There are some blogs on there I haven’t seen yet; I’ll have to check them out.

    I’m never going to get any work done at work today 🙂

  5. I know what you mean. I actually sit here some days and think “how can I actually be getting away with working on my own projects on company time”. Saying that, some weeks I’m rushed off my feet with “real” work, and other weeks are quiet. You can usually tell by the number of posts coming out of my blog which ones are which!

  6. In the “old days” (2009-2010….interwebz years are like dog years!), I used to read every single post on my blog roll, every single day.

    Those days are long gone. The Manosphere has grown exponentially in the past 2 years (this is a good thing!).

    Now, I have a few “must reads” who I will always click on when I see they’ve posted something new. Other than that, most on my blogroll have to have a post title that catches my attention for me to click. Not enough time in the day to read everyone anymore!

    • Hey, cheers for stopping by – it was getting on to your RSS ticker that started sending decent amounts of traffic my way back around xmas time as it happens.

      The main bulk of links I posted started off as my “must reads” about 4 months ago, there were only about 10 on it then. It has since spiralled monstrously out of control, there’s so much good content out there to get through – an embarrassment of riches if you will. Still surprises me how some bloggers manage to keep the content fresh after all this time.

  7. Cheers…so far, your posts have caught my attention on a regular basis, so you’ve been one of my regulars as of late! Keep up the good work!

    Still surprises me how some bloggers manage to keep the content fresh after all this time.

    In my experience, as soon as you find yourself trying to force it, just to keep pumping out fresh content, is when your quality starts to suffer or you start to get repetitive. Better to just take a break and come back fresh than force yourself to keep creating content even if you’re uninspired.

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