The One Percent

A phrase I often hear bandied about the manosphere with regard to approaching a girl and trying to chat her up is “You’re doing something 99% of other guys will never do.”

When I complained recently to a friend about feeling like I wasn’t making progress quickly enough, they responded with “You’re already earning more, and in better shape than 99% of the rest of the population.”

My initial reaction to both of these statement is “So fucking what?”

Most people are average. Average intelligence, average appearance, average ambitions. If you compare yourself to these people, and find that you are better, guess what that makes you – above average.

Now I don’t know about you, but “above average” is not something that I find myself being proud of. It’s the /bare fucking minimum/ acceptable standard for life. It’s the baseline, the starting point, from which the battle for excellence truly begins.

I couldn’t care less about what 99% of the people are doing. The metric against which I choose to judge myself is the top 1%. The far outlying edge of the bell curve. The elite, in whatever discipline I’ve chosen to engage – earning, training, pulling women.

Until I can compare myself to the elite of this world, and then find that I am better than 99% of them, I will not be truly happy with any of my accomplishments.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m extremely hard on myself, and you should derive confidence from the level of achievement which you have so far attained in life, but do not stop to smell the flowers. Being better than the vast majority of people in a chosen area is simply a milestone towards the ultimate goal of being better than 99.99% of the world.

The further you get into the top 1%, the difficulty in progressing further becomes exponentially greater. That’s what makes it so tempting to just be satisfied with how far you’ve already come, and view the rapidly diminishing returns as simply not worth putting the extra effort in. It takes real discipline, determination, motivation and above all ambition to move forwards from that point.

For me at least, being one day able to look down on the rest of the pile, knowing that I’ve reached a level that less than one ten thousandth of the people in the world will ever get to, across multiple disciplines, will be worth every moment of beating myself up, every drop of sweat and hour of toil that it took to get there.

And knowing me, once I get there, next target – the top 0.0001%!

4 thoughts on “The One Percent

  1. This and the model post are why I pay attention here now as opposed to briefly noting “Finally, another UK man besides Krauser with a blog”.

    I wait with bated breath for the next post about modelling, and make my way into the archives in the meantime. There is something to how you write that shouts at me that I should do better for myself and information that I have either never seen before, or seen and read but not absorbed and should have.

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