Libido – Update

At the risk of of jumping the gun – I’m cured. Or if not quite there yet, at least well on the way to a full rehabilitation. I’ve spent at least half of each of the last couple of days sporting at least a semi, and woke up with raging morning wood this morning for the first time I can remember in months. I’ve started eyeing up women in not just a manner befitting a certain appreciation of their aesthetic qualities, but now with a vicious predatorial glint in my eye, as I rapidly visualise the various manners in which I’d like to slam them up against the wall, my hand yanking fistfuls of their hair, and give them an extremely vigorous seeing to.

It feels great to be “back on the scene” again after my prolonged absence. I’ve started lining up dates once again with merry abandon, and feel like my hands have been untied from behind my back.

What’s caused this? My daily compartmentalised pill container for my supplements currently looks like the result of a wild orgy in an apothecary’s laboratory due to my recent bout of experimentation, but I’m pretty sure I know what’s made the real difference.

To give a brief rundown of some of what I’m taking daily which I think might be having any kind of effect:

The zinc, maca and anabeta are supposed to be testosterone boosters. Fenugreek has been shown to have a positive effect on libido, whilst the Vitamin D for mood is important – because who feels horny and grumpy at the same time?

The star of the show really has to be the 5mg daily dose of Cialis however. I added this into my regimen last week, and the effect has been astronomical. Despite not directly increasing sexual desire, it increases circulation and basically allows erections to happen a lot more easily. The slightest stray sexual thought or physical sensation is enough to get things going, and once there, the very act of being slightly horned up creates a positive feedback loop, which ends with my throwing the nearest female colleague over my shoulder and trotting off to the disabled toilet to give her what-for. Possibly πŸ˜‰

It’s inexpensive, and easily obtainable from your friendly internet based Indian pharmacy. There are other health benefits too from having improved circulation. Although it’s only early days, I see no reason to ever stop taking this low dose – it isn’t tolerance forming. Credit has to go to Steve Jabba for first bringing this to my attention. Genuine sexual state is such an important part of picking up women in a masculine, dominant, authentic fashion. There’s really no way you can operate without it.

Once again, my borderline anal-retentive, OCD, supra-logical, scientific breakdown and analysis method of approaching a problem, combined with the advice of my peers, has reaped its rewards. Who’d have thought being on the autistic spectrum as a child (and probably still am, although I’ve learned to cope with it) would come in so handy!


15 thoughts on “Libido – Update

  1. There you go. Since you’re teeing up dates does that mean you were approaching during the period where your libido was low? If not was there approaches during that period?

    • My interest in women was essentially zero. I was still able to aesthetically appreciate a beautiful woman, but it ended there. No approaches, real or online, no going out to bars, no dates, no masturbation. It was like someone had flipped the switch off.

      These dates I’m teeing up now – a couple are old flames, and a couple are new ones that I’ve been able to arrange in the space of a day or two from online dating

  2. I’m not convinced that the over-the-counter testosterone boosters you get at the vitamin store really do that much. If you want to see real results you need to see your urologist and get a prescription for clomiphene citrate or anastrozole. In women these medicines are used to stimulate ovulation cycles. In men, the clomid will increase testosterone (and incidentially estrogen production, too) and the anastrozole acts to reduce estrogens. The long term effects of clomid in men has not been well studied. Anastrozole has been deemed safe for long term use. If you are a man with mild hypogonadism, the clomid will help boost your own testosterone production and then you can switch over to the anastrozole to reduce estrogen. Body builders and athletes use drugs as part of the recovery phase of the steroid cycle, because supplementing testosterone directly downregulates natural hormone production.

    If you’re in your 30s or 40s and have mild hypogonadism, these medicines work well to recover your own body’s testosterone production. At some point in my life I acknowledge I may need to supplement testosterone directly, but as long as my body is able to produce my own hormone I am going to try to work with that. I intend to supplement when I get older. Having sufficient testosterone is key to muscle and bone density, and I really want to stay active late in life.

    • This is why I love writing a blog sometimes – I would have never heard of those 2 drugs if you hadn’t mentioned them, cheers – I’m going to do some reading up.

      From wiki: “Clomid is a selective estrogen receptor modulator that increases production of gonadotropins” – a testosterone booster that increases gonadotropins? Really? Or am I being incredibly dense here, and that is in fact the origin of the term “gonads” for bollocks?


        “This is a family of proteins, which include the mammalian hormones follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH)…”

        FSH and LH play roles in male reproduction, so boosting these in men would boost the production of testosterone.

        Health, virility, and having a satisfying sex-life are inter-related. This is only my opinion, here, but I think you’re better served getting your T checked than relying on the Cialis, which you’ll eventually develop a tolerance to.

      • Yeah will do, I keep meaning to do to the docs and get my bloodwork done, but it remains the one area of my life where the procrastination remains strong!

  3. Lulz on the graphic!

    It looks like you are taking the shotgun approach to your situation – that’s what I always end up doing. I look for answers to whatever problem & then, due to my incredibly impatient nature, I tend to implement ALL the cures. Usually works πŸ™‚

  4. Very honest post. I think the general stereotype of men being basically mechanical bulls, much and all as that would be great, is more faulty than generally realised. It’s a spectrum between ‘not even a twitch’ and ‘constant horn’. I don’t think either extremes are particularly happy-making or desirable for the individual concerned.

    • I seem to use this blog as a place to vent most of things that I can’t talk about with 95% of my mates. I’m an extremely open person, and will talk about most anything with anyone, but the majority of them are a little too blue pill and straight down the line to discuss shit like this – it makes them far more uncomfortable than it does me.

      Yeah, the stereotype of “men are always up for it” isn’t helpful. When called into action, I’m good 95% of the time, but I go through periods when left to my own devices where I just have no urge to pursue girls. Which doesn’t fit well with my master plan to ensnare a intelligent, funny, down to earth girl with model looks (aka unicorn!) Hence the human guinea pig style supplementation.

      Knowing my luck, it will probably backfire and my dick will shrivel up and fall off πŸ˜‰

      • I imagine it would be something like what happens a baby’s umbilical stump. Well, that would be extreme.

        I wouldn’t tell the ladies about your boner cocktail though, they might think it’s them and not you πŸ™‚

        How much of it do you think is psychological though? I.e. do you worry you will become psychologically reliant on your regimen?

      • It’s hard to be objective about something like this – there are myriad factors that can affect libido. I was already doing all the right stuff – exercising a lot, eating healthy, low body fat, good sleep. I’d had my T levels checked and they were within normal ranges, so the next logical step was to begin experimenting with supplements (although perhaps there’s some mileage in getting a full panel of bloodwork done nonetheless).

        There is a lot of anecdotal evidence of guys on the internet using a low daily dose of Cialis to treat the “issue” long term with no negative side effects, so ultimately if I just have to take it once a day that’s no biggie (or rather it is!)

        I used to be motivated towards getting regular sex to validate my ego when my self-esteem was lower. Once I got out the other side of that, my drive kind of died off, since it’s extremely rare that I really find a girl attractive – it’s got to be on all levels. It’s great to feel like the missing piece is back and I’m firing on all cylinders again – I’ve got the predatorial glint back in my eye.

        So anyway… how you doin’ πŸ˜‰

  5. I’ve popped a few ED drugs in my day but I’m slightly concerned about the long-term effects of a constant low-level dose a la what you’re suggesting. It’s too early for longitudinal studies, but do you know of any plausible mechanism through which ED drug sue could build up a tolerance?

    • I just did a bit of research, and it actually turns out that the FDA have approved low daily dose Cialias as a long term treatment based on 3 studies –

      I’m not worried about any kind of permanent effects on my sexual chemistry since Cialis is just a vasodilator, and doesn’t act on any hormones. It doesn’t directly instigate desire – it just makes the connection between a sexual thought (or physical sensation) and getting a corresponding boner a lot stronger. Which then creates a feedback loop – ie I have a boner so I feel horny etc.

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