Roger Roger

I feel shocking this morning. Despite doing nothing remotely out of the ordinary yesterday, like wrestling sharks or having a bath in broken glass, I woke up absolutely shattered and in a terrible mood. No big deal – it happens some days. Most of the time I’m awesome.

What keeps surprising me however is that someone keeps making my mouth open and issue forth banterous remarks to complete strangers on the tube and at work. I’m pretty sure it isn’t me, because I’m in a terrible mood, and at the meta-cognitive level I have absolutely no desire to speak to anyone.

It seems that all this hard work I’ve put into building my self condidence has caused some kind of autopilot to move into the nether regions of my brain. My autopilot is a pretty badass dude, to whom divulging sparkling banter and witty repartee comes naturally. He’s pretty good with the girls too I’ve heard. He’s not too impressed with me being a pussy today apparently, and has decided to take over the reins this morning and force me to man up until I can pick up the slack again.

Cheers autopilot, I owe you a beer.


One thought on “Autopilot

  1. Lol, usually when I wake up like that & I’m in an inexplicably bad mood, I’m trying to come down with something. Take your vitamins!

    I have autopilot envy though, I could use one this morning 🙂

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