Stop Sensationalising Everything

I got a text from a 7 out of 10! I’m a ladies’ man!

We all know the guy. Everything good that happens is “super awesome”, every pretty girl is “a stunner”, each mild inconvenience is “a complete disaster”.

You there, sensationalism guy – fucking stop it.

By blowing minor incidents out of proportion in the hope of impressing someone with the calamity that has befallen you, all you do is telegraph your inability to cope with life’s issues in a calm and collected manner.

Trying to win the favour of others by bigging up trivial happenstance merely serves to indicate your relative lack of value. A cool guy who is well travelled and experienced does not get impressed by such banal matters. I am not impressed. What you just desribed was  commonplace in my reality. If you had just defeated an enraged silverback in a bare knuckle fight, different story – you did not.

Referring to that slightly above average girl as “out of this world” merely serves to put her on a pedestal and cement your total lack of ability to get her. Congratulations.

Play things down, not up, you massive gimp. Truly cool people do not feel the need to show off or boast.

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