What Makes You Tick?

(I originally had written this post up in draft form whilst I was doing a fair impersonation of the exorcist when struck down with lethal food poisoning in Cambodia, but have since managed to lose it, so I’m going to have to start from scratch)

We are all different. What excites me might bore you. This is very much a good thing – if we all liked the same stuff, the world would very quickly become a boring place, and there’d be no-one around to have a really good argument with.

The differences between our likes and dislikes are not relevant however, at least not to the thrust of this post. What is important is for you to be able to take a step back, analyse yourself, and answer the question “What really makes me tick?”

By that, I mean what is it that you do in your life that truly makes you come alive? Brim over with passion for existence, a fervent light of enthusiasm shining forth from your eyes? Draw those around you into your effervescent zeal?

If you’re anything like me, the difference in your countenance between doing some activity to which you are indifferent, compared to something which you really thrive on, is like night and day. This may sound obvious – and indeed it is, and yet I meet so many people who have never actually stopped to consider this question, and figure out what it is they really love doing, failing to harness the positive energy from doing those activities, drifting through their meagre years on this mortal coil in an ennervated, apathetic haze.

Here is a list of things that make me tick:

  • being around beautiful women
  • having positive social interactions with new people
  • heavy, physical exercise
  • finding a new field of interest, and ravenously devouring all subject material on it that I can find
  • being around peers who challenge me in some way to improve myself

Having spent the time to reflect and identifiy these activities as things I love doing, I seek them out wherever possible, and my life is enriched because of them. If I find myself in a malaise or suffering from ennui, I can guarantee that I have not partaken of any one of the above for several days.

Take time to stop and reflect on who you are and what you love doing. Try and write down 5 activities that make you tick, and then seek them out and do them as much as possible.



9 thoughts on “What Makes You Tick?

    • The Lucky Lothario

      Word: Erinaceous
      Definition: hedgehog-like
      Uses: To show off

      Me and my housemate put up words of the week on our fridge, last weeks was erudite, this weeks is erinaceous.

      Think ill start making a note on my phone every time I do something that gets me pumped, like a show I was in last weekend or the Krav class yesterday. Since whenever I get stuck in a period of boredom I can’t remember what gets me going.

      • Btw, have you heard of the concept of flow?
        That sort of complete in the moment feeling which seems to be linked with the things you enjoy most. Almost everything I can think of where I feel awesome afterwards seem to feature at least a few moments where there is a complete lack of self consciousness and only sense of performing to the best of your ability (sounds a bit power of now I know).

      • Yes I’ve heard of the concept – I think it’s commonly referred to being “in state”, totally present in the current moment, existing outside of your head absorbed in the moment, instead of introspectively inside your head.

        Back in the earlier days of game when RSD (Real Social Dynamics) were one of the main groups, a lot of focus was put on being “in state” as much as possible when talking to girls, in order to disinhibit yourself and allow your true self to come through, removed of restraint or self-consciousness. They espoused various tactics, ranging from self-help such as Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power Of Now” (I’d actually recommend giving this a listen on audio book format, it’s pretty interesting and teaches you about ego disassociation) to the ludicrous such as one chap who used to squeeze a lime in his eye before approaching a girl in order to get himself “outside of his head”.

        Of course, as far as I’m concerned, the best way to be “outside” of your head and “in state” most of the time when engaging in social interactions is just to be completely at ease with yourself, accepting of your own nature, and very self confident. It’s only when doubt of your own worth or your own ability creeps into your mind that you begin introspectively second guessing everything you do and say. It’s why so many people get drunk – it just mainly shuts down the frontal lobe, and makes you act more on impulse, allowing people to act in a manner they secretly wished they could all the time. With both good and bad results, as I’m sure we can all attest to!

  1. Hey I stumbled upon this post and really liked it actually. It’s basic but true: you must spend your best hours doing the things that make you tick, or else you will be pretty unhappy. The problem comes in when your job or circumstance won’t let you do that…

    @ lucky flow is the best. Have been experiencing it less and less lately, need to get back into being into things.

    • Hey, glad you liked it. I’ve expanded somewhat upon the concept of “flow” in my response to Lothario above.

      Most people never even figure out the things that truly bring them alive, let alone prioritise them in their lives, so if you can do that, you’re already 10 steps ahead.

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