Sleep And Mood

She was not in my bed last night. She should have been. Although I’d have had a word about that fake tan rubbing off all over the clean sheets.

Since I’ve stopped drinking and removed that bittersweet source of weekly depression, I’ve been able to observe the effects of other factors on my mood in isolation, to better understand how they are affecting me. One of them that seems to make a massive difference is sleep.

Sunday night, I got 9 hours of solid, deep sleep, and awoke feeling like champion of the world. I had a brilliant day, brimming with confidence, opening girls on autopilot without even stopping to consider what I was doing, and got a ton of work done.

Last night, I went to bed in enough time to get 8 hours’ sleep, and fell asleep within about 5 mintues as I always do. However, after only a couple of hours, I begun to drift in an out of a confused, half-sleep state, my dreams intermingling with reality (Roosh was even in one of them for some reason, speaking with a squeaky voice after inhaling helium – don’t ask, my subconscious is a weird, dark place), which went on until I finally dragged myself out of it and went for a piss. Only to then promptly re-enter the same state about an hour later, which repeated for the remainder of the night. I am now tired, grainy, grumpy, have massive bags under my eyes, and in no mood to talk to anyone. Although as discussed in a previous post not being “in peak state” is no reason to not push yourself to approach, there’s “not being in peak state” and then there’s “feeling like I’m going to rip someone’s head off if they look the wrong way at me”.

The difference between the two nights? I dosed myself with 2.5mg of valium before going to sleep on Sunday night, and did not last night. Obviously, this is fine once or twice a week when I need a good rest, but is no long term solution – the body rapidly becomes tolerant of the effects of valium, and its effectiveness is greatly reduced.

I’m sure we’re all aware of the importance of getting a good night’s sleep – establishing a regular sleeping pattern, making the room as dark as possible to help melatonin production, eliminating noise, keeping the temperature below about 21C/70F, electronic devices off a couple of hours before bed, take a bath/shower, no caffeine, plenty of exercise etc etc. However, even when taking all of these factors into consideration, my unsupplmented sleep is still utter crap. The quality of my sleep started declining noticeably once I turned 30, and I don’t think I’m alone in experiencing this phenomenon.

I’ve tried melatonin supplements, and they work to an extent, but leave me somewhat groggy the following day, and I’d prefer not to mess with the level of one of my body’s more important hormones on a daily basis.

ZMA supplements are massively cited anecdotally as improving the quality of deep sleep, despite there being no official studies supporting this claim. It could be the case, as with many areas of supplementation, that the issue simply isn’t important enough to warrant propert clinical trials. I’ve ordered some of these anyway, which should be arriving this week, so hopefully this will knock the issue on the head.

Having witnessed the difference in my levels of energy, sociability and confidence that a solid night’s sleep can make, I’m now determined to get this issue covered. To use a phrase which betrays my geeky heritage – it’s like a free +10 upgrade to my level of game. I shall report back with results.


9 thoughts on “Sleep And Mood

  1. I used to get that half-sleep thing about 4 hours after falling to sleep. That sucked! I have really had a lot of success taking chelated magnesium about an hour before bed.

    Sounds like the ZMA supplements will probably work great since they have magnesium – I guess I should think about taking zinc at night too!

    Good luck – not getting sleep is the worst 🙂

    • Cheers! Hopefully they will work for me.

      My natural baseline mood these days is extremely confident, cheerful and upbeat, so having started with the elimination of alcohol, I’m trying to remove any other factors one by one that take me away from that – sorting my sleep was next on the hit list.

      • If you can get this sorted i’d be interested to know too…I also have this problem.

        Re dark circles – you don’t have much of a problem but Perlane / Restylane injections (tear trough fillers) are an extremely effective solution…

  2. I’ve got the health thing down in terms of diet, intermittent fasting etc, but sleep for me is still not as great as it should be. Nearly every night, I get 4 hours of good sleep. Then I wake up. Then I can’t fall asleep for another hour, try and sleep for another four/five hours and wake up feeling like shit. If there’s a red pill blog on sleep I havent found it yet.ZMA, I took that for about a month. Horrible nightmares for about a week, and then no effect after that, but it works great for some people.

    “However, even when taking all of these factors into consideration, my unsupplmented sleep is still utter crap. The quality of my sleep started declining noticeably once I turned 30, and I don’t think I’m alone in experiencing this phenomenon..”

    Same. I think I read something on the Roosh V forum about sleeping better, by sleeping on the floor without a mattress, but I’m quite skeptical.

    • I’ve been taking ZMA for the last 3 nights, and I must say it’s been a big help. I still wake up quite a bit in the night, but the sleep I do get feels deeper. I’ve always had fucking weird dreams at the best of times, so I’ve not noticed much difference in that regard.

      Did you see TempestTcup’s comment above about chelated magnesium? I wonder if that might help without giving you the nightmares.

      It’s always such an arse when you wake up feeling like you’ve had shit sleep. Sets the tone for the whole day.

  3. Melatonin does the trick for me and never leaves me groggy. Have you tried melatonin experimenting since you’ve stopped drinking? I humbly suggest you give it another go. As far as I know it doesn’t “mess with” your hormones.

    From Wikipedia: “The melatonin signal forms part of the system that regulates the sleep-wake cycle by chemically causing drowsiness and lowering the body temperature, but it is the central nervous system (specifically the suprachiasmatic nuclei, or SCN)[26] that controls the daily cycle in most components of the paracrine and endocrine systems[27][28] rather than the melatonin signal (as was once postulated).”

    There is also some relatively shaky but intriguing evidence that it has an anti-aging effect.

    I take 9 – 15 mg a night, depending on how badly I need a good sleep. Works like a charm!

    • I’ve not tried it since I stopped drinking in fairness – it used to leave me with a bit of a groggy hangover.

      I’ve actually moved house since I wrote this post up. I now live in a large yet cozy, modern apartment, in a very quiet area. To say the quality of my sleep has improved would be a mild understatement!

      So much of getting good sleep depends on your environment. Not just the obvious things like blocking out light and noise, but maintaining the correct temperature, and generally just getting a good vibe from your surroundings.

      The ZMA capsules actually made a big difference, enabling me to sleep much more deeply.

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