Trimming the Fat

Just a quickie. In line with my recent post about too much Manosphere being bad for your health, I’ve gone ahead and bumped off all the blogs I was subscribed to that seemed to predominantly to focus on negative content such as complaining about feminism or moaning about the state of society into an “Other” folder, where they shall languish for all eternity *evil laugh*

I don’t want the negativity in my mind any more. I’m concentrating on having only positive thoughts and influences in my life from now on. I’m getting back to trying to see the positives in women, and appreciating them for their good qualities instead of lamenting the bad. If you look at the world through shit-smeared glasses, all you’re going to see is shit.

I’m afraid to say Roosh’s blog and Return of Kings haven’t made the cut. I like Roosh’s writing style, and his stuff helped me out a year ago, but I’ve moved on and he’s spitting far too much vitriol of late, and the quality on Return of Kings has nosedived, apart from a few decent contributors.

Have a good weekend all.


10 thoughts on “Trimming the Fat

  1. Today’s post on ignoring the female orgasm was a head scratcher. Sometimes the manosphere reminds me of an episode of “Seinfeld” in which Jerry says to George after George does something egregious, “We’re trying to have a civilization here.”

  2. do throw out some of the blogs from your filter… i am also trying to distill my blogroll. i think roosh is hanging the hat on active gaming so his posts have been more of the social commentary and philosophy streams as of late.

  3. Ha thanks.

    I see Roosh’s point…evolutionarily speaking. No, the species doesn’t depend on the female orgasm. I disagree with him and a few others (Krauser has stated he doesn’t go down on girls, for example).

    I think some guys (i.e. pua robots) can take it to the extreme and say ‘oh I would never go down on a girl that’s so Beta.’ That’s just ridiculous.

    I agree with you on this post. 3MM has a good post on some negative attitudes women in the sphere have towards women that is worth a read.

    Roosh is smart, and there is usually more truth that lie in the things he says. He just goes too overboard sometimes though with the women hating. Not ALL American women are sluts who want to fuck 100s of men till they hit the wall, marry late and then steal all of their husband’s money…

  4. I was under the impression that the muscular contractions of female orgasm actually draw the semen further inside, thus increasing the likelihood of conception? Although admittedly, this is not “essential” from an evolutionary point of view.

    Roosh definitely is an intellignent guy. He may score with a lot of girls, but by his own admission very few of them are particularly hot, and until he learns to actually love women generally, and see them as something other than just an opportunity to bust a nut to temporarily stem the tide of bitterness festering within him, he’s never going to get any really hot ones.

    3MM have a great attitude toward women in general, as does Steve Jabba. Much more healthy.

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