Too Much Manosphere May Be Bad For Your Mental Health

When I first discovered the manosphere some 8 months ago, I hungrily devoured everything I could find. Articles on the evils of feminism, the decline of western society, interspersed with posts on self-improvement, lifting and game. A wide range of topics to cater to all facets of lifestyle and intellect. Nebulous concepts about the nature of socio-sexual relations crystallised, until I was able to form well-reasoned, rational arguments to articulate what has previously been a vaguely defined viewpoint. I can credit the literature I’ve consumed with a large part of helping me become who I am today.

As time has worn on however, and I’ve continued to read a wide range of blogs on a daily basis, I’m finding less and less of true value any more, barring a few select bloggers whose quality of output remains consistently high. I’m already doing everything physically in my power to learn more, look better, have more hobbies, lift more and earn more, whilst posts on actual, actionable game tactics seem fewer and father between. Topics relating to the evils of feminism, hypergamy and the general poisonous nature of women seem to feed on themselves in a negative feedback loop, creating waves of embittered men who are just ready to throw in the towel and declare the pointlessness of the whole thing. When I already agree with most of what is written, an echo chamber forms, and actually robs me of some of my natural positivity for life – I’m already extremely critical by nature, I don’t need any more ammunition than what I can come up with on my own!

I actually enjoy writing more than reading blogs these days. It is perhaps a symptom of learning any new field that there is an initial rapid learning process, followed by a slowing consolidation, finally followed by “coming out the other side” at a point where there isn’t much left for you to pick up any more. A journey that we all go through at various points.

I’m going to consciously try and cut down on the amount of manosphere output I read on a daily basis, but put my money where my mouth is (when decrying a lack of original, quality content) and keep creating output that people besides myself hopefully find interesting, and start to cut my teeth on classic literary masterpieces on subjects such as philosophy. I’m getting an office set back up that is separate from the living area when I move in a few weeks too, which will help me focus more of my spare time back on to my projects. Coming up next – a fitness and nutrition website in partnership with my housemate, who is a personal trainer.

As the old saying goes: “Everything in moderation”!



9 thoughts on “Too Much Manosphere May Be Bad For Your Mental Health

  1. Good post. There’s a lot of stuff just being regurgitated out there, and I don’t bother with blogs that don’t give me some fresh insight or original ideas at least reasonably regularly. There is a large element of the manosphere that doesn’t seem to evolve much, thus risking disappearing down (up?) its own man-hole.

  2. I’ve got some great advice from it, such as lifting weights, juicing, more alpha body language, books etc, but there is a point where you are simply wasting your time reading it. In the end that part of it is clutter, and it is up to you alone to clear up that clutter.

  3. In certain corners, it has become a bit of a circle-jerk. I think it needs to exist, because there’s always going to be men discovering it for the first time, but I, too, imbibed too much of the negativity in the beginning, and turned into a bit of an asshole for awhile. I’m…trying to fix that.

    The problem seems to be that some people can’t move on once the reality is accepted i.e. feminism bad, hypergamy, feminine imperative, etc. They can’t take these facts and move on to self-improvement. To me, focusing on the negative aspects is a tell-tale sign that you’re still trapped in a blue-pill mindset.

    • Yeah, definitely agree.

      It also seems the material which most appeals to socially repressed, shy beta type guys is the Chateau Heartiste “dark arts” style, which I’ve always taken with a pinch of salt. Don’t get me wrong, I like most of the stuff, and the really far out posts are funny, but here is a bunch of people telling these guys they can behave like the narcissistic, arrogant, misogynistic asshole they’ve observed from afar and always secretly yearned of being, and women will flock to them. They identify with it, but crucially without having the social skill to sift out the wheat from some of the more extreme chaff.

      • I agree. The underlying attitude in Heartiste and similar writings can be very useful — when used in conjunction with more practical advice on acting suave, fun, and superficially romantic.

        For example, I’ve had STRs and even LTRs where after using a lot of Routines Manual/Magic Bullets/etc material to push through the first few dates, the girl will eventually shit test me hard or even flake on, say, a fourth date.

        Heartiste’s advice on “one word game” and “agree and amplify” has worked brutally well in those situations for me. His jumbotron test has also given me enough foresight to save my bacon a couple times.

        But you definitely should mix up such laconic game with some talkativeness, sweetness, and a level of interest conveyed. It’s all in the mix and moderation.

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