5 Jobs to the Poosy Paradise Fast Lane

Yes, I know only the one on the left is actually all that hot, and even that’s probably just because it’s a high contrast shot, but I’m at work, and it’s kind of difficult to browse images of hot women when your manager can see your screen. Ok?

The inimitable Steve Jabba recently put up an interesting post on Honesty and Frame Setting. For those of you too lazy to click the link and read, the part which caught my interest specifically was the following:

Over the years I’ve read a lot of pick up literature, watched pick up videos, talked about it on forums, with friends, and generally cogitated on it for years.  What often comes up is the concept  of your frame.  If you recall the three levels of game, with specific reference to pick up the frame is:

The underlying  set of assumptions that exist in the minds of the participants in an interaction.

I just made that up by the way, but it is a workable definition.

Here are some examples of frames that you may try and hold in your mind:

  • My Time Is Valuable

  • I Am A Sexy Guy And You Better Believe It

  • I Am The Most Important Person In This Interaction

  • You Should Listen To Me

Now to my mind, there are issues with this:

Manifestly, you probably do NOT believe those frames when faced with a real live, hot girl – otherwise you would not be seeking advice, reading the pick up literature, or doing this stuff.  You wouldn’t give it a seconds thought.  If you were in this situation by the way you would probably be in the top 1-2% of men.

Being a firm proponent of value game myself, and raising your own via shortcuts to the point where pickup becomes effortless through your character and lifestyle, this got me to thinking as career paths for a likely lad to try and pursue in order to internalise these mindsets and increase his access to hot women.

So, without further ado, here are the candidates:

  • PR/Advertising Manager – your office is full of hot PR chicks. You get tell them what to do all day. You internalise that you are higher value than hot women. Win.
  • Model Agency Director – literally 100s of super hot women are fighting with themselves for your attention. You are their gateway to a successful career. A light suggestion that they might consider “blowing their way to the top” never hurt anyone now, did it?
  • Fashion Photographer – supple, nubile, lithe women contort at your very command. With a wave of your Photoshop wand, yours is the power to enhance away any imperfections, or alternatively to make them look like they’ve been brutally attacked with every branch from the ugly tree. They’d best stay on your good side.
  • Porno Movie Director – scores of hot, slutty women follow your every whim or command. “You there – gargle that cum. You over there – I want more dicks in that ass. New girl – get on that casting couch and lets see what you’ve got.” Is it any wonder Ian Ironwood (great surname for his job – must be a stage name) writes with such authority?
  • Club Promoter – you are the gatekeeper to the hot girl’s world of validation whoring, the enabler of her social orgy of attention and rich men buying her drinks. “Do you want to be on the guest list tonight? Sure, just give me your number. I promise I won’t then pester you for illicit, sweaty sex. Every day of the week. For a year.”

So there we have it, 5 jobs that will place you on the highway to a life of plenty in the realm of high-class clunge. Never mind studying to get a job in one of those bullshit STEM fields – that’s just a fast-track to a life spent hunched over a monitor in a darkened room every evening, with only your tears of solitude as lube.

Start planning your new career today!


3 thoughts on “5 Jobs to the Poosy Paradise Fast Lane

  1. To add a tier 2,
    Bartender: automatic social proof, attraction/comfort come easy due to context and girls lurking. “dont fuck it up” game.
    DJ: social proof, source of entertainment.
    Waiter: lot of actors/actresses fill time in between auditions with these types of role, and the party/hookup culture is prevalent within these circles, not to mention the talent pool.

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