The Envigorating Effect of Beautiful Women

She’s a thick chav, but she’s still hot

I’ve been in a pretty bad mood most of this week, largely triggered by a rejection from the first girl I genuinely liked for months, and I’ve been struggling to be cheerful or positive generally. I’ve still kept plugging away at the things that I know I should be doing, but without much enthusiasm.

This morning, I had to travel to the head office of the company for which I work for a meeting with some other members of my team. Since it’s a much larger building, there are far more departments based over there by way of contrast with the bunch of nerds I usually have to endure from 9 to 5. This includes the PR team, which as expected includes a lot of women.

Within 5 minutes of being over there, I had seen two genuine 9 out of 10s. Stunning women, great bodies, well dressed, and sexy. The effect was like snorting a line of MDMA. I instantly became animated, excited and extroverted, lifted out of my bad mood, and bubbling over with enthusiasm for life. I was 3-deep in my geek squad, so I didn’t get the chance to speak to them before they’d walked past unfortunately.

It made me realise how few genuinely hot women there are in the UK, or at least just not to my tastes. I get down on myself, thinking that the problem is with me, that I have unrelastically high standards, or there’s something wrong with my libido because I never meet girls who pass the boner test. But then I’ll see women like this, and I realise it’s not me – there’s just very few women around here who genuinely excite me with their beauty. My type tends to be olive-skinned, feminine, sexy brunettes – I think a trip to South America may be in order soon…


7 thoughts on “The Envigorating Effect of Beautiful Women

    • Nope, never been to any of South America, although Colombia is now definitely at the top of the list for when I go galt.

      I love how they’re all trying to out slut-dance one another, so one ups the ante and gets a boob out. They must teach them that butt wiggle move at school…

    • Wow, that girl at 00m28s is off the charts! (Arguably best of show…)

      And, yes, I recognize that *this* level of girls would still largely be unobtainable, even in Colombia, but it does give hope. In a fully westernized country, girls of this caliber of attractiveness wouldn’t deign to “demean” themselves with doing anything sexy other than for a gay fashion photographer — and they would only be available to the elite celebrity super-alphas.

  1. Amen on this.

    I’ve lived in cities where it’s very easy to beat yourself up and start blaming yourself for the lack of attractive women (“what am I doing wrong?”, “maybe I’m not perceiving the actual attractiveness of these women”, “maybe I should have tried harder and forced myself to be attracted to that chunky 6 I didn’t want to bother with last night”).

    But then, out of nowhere, comes a group of 8.5s or 9s and you say, “a-ha, it’s not just me, these exceptions prove the rule — this is a city of less attractive women overall!” And, of course, travel afterward to the proper places can help show you that your deep convictions are correct.

    Like Journey says, don’t stop believin’…

    • By all accounts, London is considered to have the hottest women in the UK, but in truth 90% of the hotties are foreign. There is the odd English rose, but in general there’s simply not as strong a culture of looking sexy and staying in shape amongst British girls.

      If I can find some South American girls with small asses, I’ll be set. Or perhaps some nice Persian women. I hear Lebanon is good.

  2. Man i work a boring ass job at a shop inside of a casino in las vegas. Everytime a beautiful woman walks into the store its like a shot of caffeine into my system and makes my shift go by so much faster

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