Your True Self

Imagine a life free from all material concerns. You have as much money as you would ever need, you do not have to work unless you choose to do so, and you either do not desire to, or have the ability to attain quality women at will. What do you think you would be like? How would you act? What mood would you be in most of the time? What would you do to entertain yourself?

I believe what would come forth under such privileged circumstances is your true nature. Unfettered by trifling concerns, free to pursue any mental or physical pursuit that appealed at any given moment, there would be no reason to ever be in a bad mood, barring perhaps ennui.

The closest I have come thus far to attaining this state is prolonged foreign travel on my own. Committed to a lengthy period off work in my mind, the worries and stresses thereof rapidly fade to a muted buzz, and then total silence within a week or two of leaving. Having stored a healthy stockpile of cash in the bank before leaving, and generally travelling through countries with far weaker economies than that of my own, money feels almost limitless. Since you have no other constraints on your time, women are there to partake in as much or as little as you please, since you have unlimited time in which to do so. With no regular companions, you are free to make any decision you wish on how to spend your time, without needing to consider the wishes of others.

And you know what? It felt fucking great. My whole demeanour changed, I was completely at ease with myself and the world, and almost nothing could pierce my bubble of total calmness. I found myself pursuing a range of intellectual pursuits such as philosophy and classic literature, physical pursuits such as working out and taking long hikes, and on occasion, getting absolutely shitfaced and going on a pulling spree for variety. Even my very manner of walking changed, becoming the most carefree, relaxed jaunty stride that you could imagine. People picked up on this too, and were drawn to it, for it radiates relaxation and confidence from every action and word.

Earlier I asked the questions: a) What do you think you would be like? b) How would you act? c) What mood would you be in most of the time? d) What would you do to entertain yourself?

For me, the answers were as follows: a) Extremely relaxed, unhurriedly savouring whichever activity I currently happened to be partaking of b) With every increasing confidence and sociability, adopting such extroverted behaviours that might even shock my normal, comparatively careworn self, restrained by the bounds of normal society c) Quietly contented, radiating calm and confidence d) Anything I liked, although boredom did become an issue at times. When any activity is available for you to do through lack of financial constraints, the one thing that keeps life entertaining is meeting new and interesting people. If you are an intelligent, mature individual, with more developed interests than merely getting trashed on a daily basis and eating junk food, it is possible sometimes to go days at a time without meeting anyone that stimulates you on any level, especially on the somewhat shallow backpacking circuit. I am sure that within time however you would quickly gravitate towards such places and activities that lent themselves to meeting more likeminded individuals. Perhaps even in time, boring of such an existence, you would turn your focus to purely altruistic pursuits.

I only think to write this now since I am back to reality once more, with work looming large on the horizon. I have already noticed an inevitable decrease in my levels of extroversion as societal norms press home, and the necessity of having to work, and conducting myself in a suitable manner to do so, start to take hold once more.

Ultimately, the condition of total freedom described above, or as close to it as possible is my ultimate goal. I have a roadmap to achieving this within a not unreasonable time frame too, the nature of one of my current personal projects having the capability to provide me with total financial independence with a minimum of time investment required, and with such financial freedom coming the free time to hone my skill set with women to the point where it is sufficiently developed to suit my needs.

I maintain this state of being should be a goal for any intelligent, rational man within today’s society. For indeed, it is only from a position of ultimate strength such as this that you are able to make decisions purely based on their own merit, instead of having to pursue things from necessity, and you can really become aware of your own true nature, and what makes you tick on the most basic level.

2 thoughts on “Your True Self

    • Travelling, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and meeting new people is such a positive experience. I’m yet to go on a solitary trip, long or short, interesting or boring, that hasn’t advanced my personal development in at least some measure.

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