I just noticed that my blog has passed the 5,000 views mark. Whilst I appreciate a blog post about the number of views a blog has received is a little “meta”, and these sort of figures are chicken feed compared to a lot of sites, I just thought I’d use the opportunity to extend my thanks to those who read and comment on my blog posts.

I derive great enjoyment from blogging, and interacting with those individuals who it has brought me into contact with. I urge any of you that have any inclination to do so to start your own blog. Translating a nebulous concept into a concrete visual representation is a sometimes tricky process, and at times leaves you somewhat dissatisfied with the result, but inevitably always helps to clarify and rationalise the inner working of your own mind.

Hopefully I can continue to find subject matter to write about which is of interest to others in addition to myself. Here’s to the next 5,000 views.



7 thoughts on “5,000 Views

  1. After discovering your blog thanks to the Free Northerner’s blogroll, I red the last few posts and yours is my favorite new (to me) blog.

    • I agree A-T. I think that’s because of the relatability and interestingness of the content. And also because it’s not a broken record on any one sub-topic, but touches on numerous things.

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