The More You Change, The More Everyone Else Stays The Same

Ever get the feeling that whilst you’re really making an effort, every day of the week, to push yourself forward in some measurable capacity, and to make the most of all your spare time, (barring the odd hour or two a day of downtime which you can permit yourself), to achieve something productive, in multiple areas simultaneously – whilst you’re doing all this, everyone else you know, even the more red pill aware of your friends seem to be just standing still, or even going backwards? Just half-assing everything they do, wasting their free time on computer games or TV, and using the potential of the manosphere as nothing but “mental masturbation” to make themselves feel better about not doing as much as they could?

Or maybe I’m just being too harsh. I’ve become hyper-driven since the turn of last year, and I love it. I can’t honestly imagine how I used to go about wasting so much of my time before I was like this, and I get frustrated with others if I find them doing the same.

Ultimately, it just means more of the pie for those of us who can be bothered to get up off our asses and take it. I just hate to see people wasting their potential, especially friends.


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