The Ugly Duckling

All of the results for “ugly duckling” from Google were pretty gay, so here’s a picture of a midget clown riding a unicycle instead

For as long as I can remember, my main goal in the pursuit of game, and indeed even before I was aware of the existence of game, has been to acquire a truly top level girl. Not just hot, but intelligent, down to earth, feminine, and with a bit a dark sense of humour on occasion to match my own.

I won’t settle for anything less than an 8.5 looks-wise for LTR material. Physical attraction is just as important a part of the equation as mental attributes are.

Now, it’s a sad and inescapable fact of Western women, that as they increase in hotness, there is usually a corresponding decrease in much in the way of personality. Having had life largely land in their laps because of their looks, with preferential treatment and regular arse kissings from scores of men handed out like clean syringes to heroin addicts, there has been no need for these girls to put any effort into developing things like wit, charm, compassion or humour. There do exist exceptions to this rule, but they are the male equivalent of the desperate post-wall woman’s rich, handsome, alpha unicorn.

Fortunately, all is not lost. There exists a type of girl, not so uncommon as to make them impractically rare, that I’ll refer to as the “ugly duckling”. Usually highly intelligent, they were the unpopular, bespectacled, geeky girls at school, who by dint of not being blessed with the genes to cause a perfect blossoming during adolescence, had to actually work on being kind, thoughtful, interesting and humorous individuals in order to attract the attention of guys.

10 years later, these ducklings are beginning to turn into swans. Acne and glasses replaced with smooth skin and contact lenses, frizzy curly hair tamed into sleek locks, and at least a modicum of fashion sense acquired, these girls have raised themselves at least a couple of points, and can be found knocking around the 7 and 7.5 level, but whilst most importantly retaining all of the personality they had to develop in their youth. They’ve managed to basically eradicate the -2 superficial penalty to their looks which they had been afflicted with. Of course, this applies only to those girls who had the potential to improve themselves – for those that looked like they’d been smashed in the face with the back of a shovel, there was never going to be any chance.

Even so, not all of these girls, even possessing greater levels of character, will be compatible with your own personality. But for the ones that are, think about how much it is possible for an already relatively pretty girl to raise her attractiveness through top level grooming and exercise. I’m talking classy clothing, tasteful accessories, a haircut from a top quality salon, skillfully applied minimalistic makeup designed to enhance natural features – a lithe, toned body, firm and soft in all the right places. A girl who was already at a 7.5 level could easily raise it another whole point, easily up to the required standard. They’re never going to be a 9 or 9.5, but for reasons outlined above, it’s pretty unrealistic to think you’ll even meet a girl who ticks every box.

You’re going to need a girl who is receptive to the idea of self-improvement (although chances are she will be, having come from the duckling background and being keen to carry on the momentum of her transformation), and be tactful/sly enough to put your suggestions across in such a manner as to inspire the desire to accede, rather than cause offense.

Ultimately though, you’re going to get much more mileage from an LTR with an intelligent, kind, funny girl who you’ve groomed up to the requisite hotness level, than a girl who was born into those genes. You can’t groom a conceited bitch into being anything other than what she is.


8 thoughts on “The Ugly Duckling

  1. I suppose there’s a reason the comedian Ron White had a tour called. “You can’t fix stupid.” He says, if I don’t like her tits, they can be changed, if I don’t like her nose, that can be changed, but you can’t fix stupid.

  2. Great post. Reminds of the ‘University Challenge’ episode of Peep Show where Mark hits the ‘Jackpot’ of a girl with both ‘beauty and low self-esteem’, which is funny purely because it’s so very true. Low self-esteem can be cured. Excessively high self-esteem – lost cause.

    • Cheers. This is where the feminists usually chime in and call men weak for preferring girls with lower self esteem. We have another term for a girl with low self esteem however – “not a massive cunt”

  3. We used to call it “Former Fat Girl Syndrome”.

    Damn, those FFGs were awesome. They still had that acquired sweetness built up, because it’s hard to unlearn such a deeply ingrained defensive posturing (used to prevent Mean Girls-type stuff).

    It was almost discomfiting to be interacting with a woman who was good looking but so nice to all men!

    And check out the Fattyist hate in the comments, directed to a woman(!) who wrote an article about FFGS.

    • Hah, great article, and clearly a self-proving phenomenon – the girl who wrote it obviously was fat, and obviously does have a good sense of humour. Loving the butthurt remarks in the comments, somehow hearing the gnashing of teeth from a stupid bitch with no personality makes life worthwhile

  4. You can add women who have been through a lot, or their family has been through a lot of bullshit (sans something like divorce where the Dad has fucked right off), and an actual lot, actual pain, to this ugly duckling list as well.

    • True, girls like this will also be hot with low self-esteem. They could potentially be carrying a lot of emotional baggage as a result of what they’ve been through though? In an ideal world, a girl with a stable upbringing, but with low self esteem due to her looks in youth might be a better LTR bet

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