(I had this written up from yesterday when I was feeling somewhat more productive, so it’s a double posting today)

I first travelled to Bangkok in September of 2011. I’d just come out of a 2 year LTR, and was still relatively blue pill – I knew of game, but didn’t really fully understand it, and how it all fit together in concert with the psychology of women in the form of solipsism, hypergamy, cock carousels and all of the other concepts of feminine shame taught by the manosphere. I was wide-eyed and nervous, it being the first trip I’d ever undertaken alone, and the chaotic nature of the city took me aback.

14 months later, and a lot wiser, I’m back for a few days en route to Cambodia, and have spent most of today roaming around various parts of the city. This time, I was able to view the place objectively through the lens of experience.

First of all, this place is cheap, even the touristy areas. A 5 mile taxi ride from the airport was £6 (you’d be looking more like £60 in London), a portion of Pad Thai from a street vendor is 80p, and you can get a “bucket” (the charming plastic receptacle in which backpackers are served their drinks) with 4 or 5 shots of spirits and mixer for about £3.

There is a stark contrast between the few rich areas, and the poverty in the rest of the city. One of the main shopping centres, Siam Paragon, could have been scooped wholesale from any Western urban mecca. Designer labels, upmarket dining establishments, even a Bugatti and Lamborghini garage on the 2nd floor (god knows how they actually got the cars in there, there must be a capacious service lift somewhere round the back, or else they craned them in through a window). Here you will see the affluent portion of the Bangkok population strolling round in their expensive clothes, makeup, and sporting their Apple accessories, along with a liberal smattering of vest and short-clad tourists and backpackers.

Staying near the Khao San Road area, the streets are thick with travellers. Predominantly Australian, American, Canadian, and Western European. The little I’ve seen of if this time round has done nothing to alter my perceptions of people from those various places – Aussies are brash, arrogant, rude and uncultured, Americans are full of themselves and big everything up far too much, Candians seem to be a more chilled out, more approachable versions of Americans, and Brits are, well, British – common, loutish and drunk. There are a lot of Scandinavian and Dutch girls, who seem relatively pleasant, if a little reserved and stand-offish. They definitely look hot though when they pick up a deep tan, combined with their fair hair and blue eyes.

Thai people are for the main part lovely. They are humble, smiling and friendly. A few of them are arseholes, out to con unsuspecting tourists out of as much money as possible, but considering it’s a very poor country and this represents their best source of income, it’s hard to hold it too much against them. Haggling is expected, and you find yourself sometimes quibbling over the matter of 50p. It’s a paltry amount, but it’s more the principle of not wanting to be taken advantage of. I usually tip generously anyway, since the money is worth a lot more to them than it is to me.

There are an abundance of cheap tailors over here. Armed with a copy of GQ or any other style magazine and £50, you could acquire rakish garb. The clothes in all of the main chain stores (Zara, H&M etc) are roughly the same price as you would pay in the West, but the range is far more extensive, and a little bit “cooler” – ostentatious displays of wealth are in, and so the clothes over here are a little bit more blingy to cater to this. Within reason, it’s definitely more my style than conservative wear.

The girls on advertising billboards are all whiter than Westerners, and most of the men are large, muscular specimens.

You could hardly believe some of them are Thai (many are not I suspect). Many of the shower products contain bleaching agents, as in India. Paleness in hot countries used to be regarded as a sign of affluence, since it indicated that you did not have to work outdoors for a living, and the custom has persisted, much as the culture of being tanned indicating sufficient wealth for living or holidaying in sunny climates amongst Westerners.

It’s a shame that they aspire to the West so much – there own culture is innately more value driven and honourable, and the women are very feminine. Western culture, its perceived wealth and materialism seems to appeal especially strongly to poor countries, even though culturally they are by far the better off.

Lean protein is very difficult to find. You can eat for next to nothing from small restaurants and street vendors, but the food contains very little protein, being comprised of small gristly cuts of meat, and lots of carbs and fat – both being far cheaper than meat. I managed to spend £10 on 400g of smoked turkey breast yesterday, although in fairness this was from the deli counter in probably the most expensive supermarket in town in the Siam Paragon centre.

There is definitely something to be said for cutting your teeth on living in a large Western city, and then coming to this part of the world. From struggling to be any kind of sized fish in a pond full of enormous fish back home, your skin colour, wealth and attitude will immediately promote you to lesser shark status over here. If you are in good shape, affluent, and dress well, there would be no excuse in my eyes for not having a model quality girlfriend within a few months. I was ordering a drink at Burger King earlier, and the girl behind the desk liked the look of me so much, she couldn’t even look me in the eye without going bright red and giggling, whilst her co-workers laughed mercilessly at her. She ended up hiding behind the counter in shame until I coaxed her back out, subsequently nervously introducing herself and trying to hold my hand. She would probably be considered a low 7 back at home, but being the recipient of random adulation was appreciated – I’m relatively good looking, but certainly not model material. This must be how Brad Pitt feels every day.

Most Thai men have the physique of small girls, and have adopted heavy emo/hipster fashions – if you have any kind of musculature, you cannot help but feel immensely physically superior. The women in general are very feminine and timid, which only serves to amplify ones own urge to behave in a strong, masculine fashion. It’s starting to make sense how I managed to hook up so much last time I was out here.

There are numerous sleazy looking fat herbs in their 50s with attractive Thai brides, obviously driven here by the same phenomenon. Roosh talks of Poosy Paradise – doubtlessly, 20 years ago, this would have been one of them, and I feel there are still strong gains to be made here if you are a high status Westerner and have a penchant for Asian women – however, don’t expect to waltz in here badly dressed, broke and ugly, and clean up just because of the colour of your skin. Your value may have a 1.5x multiplier over here, but 1.5 * 0 is still 0.

I’d really like to live here for 6 months when I get out of the rat race and make my fortune, and try to rise to the pinnacle of the social scene – rolling out to all the most exclusive clubs, and trying to get with the model quality girls out here. It would be so much easier than back in London, since the bar to entry of the “secret society” is so much lower. It also makes me ponder what the online dating scene must be like out here – I am tempted when I get back home to set up a profile on the leading Thai site, and see what attention I get as a Westerner.


3 thoughts on “Bangkok

  1. Very interesting travelog. Descriptions like this are building my inclination to explore.

    It brings to mind an article from a while back on Bangkok’s great Indian tailors, who make suits for U.S. presidents and Secret Service men — in effect, $3,000 suits for $300 (although some online forums are disappointed by the quality).

    On the lean protein issue, are you able to buy protein bars, whey powder, or Muscle Milk single-serve bottles in the stores? I was going to suggest purchasing lean proteins in bulk at Costco if you stay there for any real period of time, but it appears that Costco hasn’t made it to Thailand yet. (That linked article could be helpful if you wind up staying long-term in Thailand in future years, with advice on buying consumer goods in Thailand and how to prevent your landlord from scamming you on appliances that break during an apartment rental.)

    As far as the online dating, I wonder if you’d actually be less successful there than in-person. That is, if the women you meet in the tourist areas and nightclubs are specifically drawn/open to Westerners, while the ones online may be looking for a more traditional, Thai match?

    And on game overall, your thoughts about learning in the “big leagues” and then doing incredibly well once you hit the podunk towns rings true, in my experience. I have the same ideas about practicing a lot of night game as a great tutorial for any nonsense that may come up in day game. Even though day game has its own ‘script’ (like Alex Coulson’s videos, Krauser, Justin Wayne, and Roosh’s Day Bang) and the women in day game are far more forgiving, they can still throw curveballs at you, especially if during a followup date. And then your night game learning becomes invaluable.

    Finally, on the Burger King cashier, I am also a sucker for cheap attention, and love the rare occasions when I do find a girl who fawns. Reminds me of a Roosh article on how it feels like to be a hot chick.

    • When I decide I’ve finished putting muscle back on, I’m definitely coming back to this part of the world armed with a couple of thousand pounds, and kitting myself out. Although it can be a total crapshoot as to the quality you can end up with – that’s an invaluable article for next time I find myself over here.

      I actually brought a little over a kilo of protein powder from back home with me. I’ve got through most of it already unfortunately, so I’m just going to have to accept a little muscle wastage for the last week of my holiday – the only other alternative would be to eat a ton of the local meat, but since most of it isn’t breast meat, the amount of damage I’d do from ingesting all that fat would far outweigh the benefits from avoiding a small amount of muscle catabolism. As you say, if you lived over here for any length of time, it really wouldn’t take too long to find sources for most things, and failing that, you can always get it delivered internationally. It’s tough to find a decent gym however – it’s not really part of the local culture to work out. There are upmarket chains, and some of the hotels have fitness equipment, but it’s all along lines of “treadmills and resistance machines”, with nary a barbell in sight. I did manage to track down a gym with proper equipment, but to say it was dilapidated would be to do the word a disservice.

      Imagine receiving reactions like the Burger King girl numerous times on a daily basis. Now subtract most of your intelligence and any kind of logical understanding as to why it happens, replace it with a grandiose notion of “It must be because I’m so generally funny and awesome” and voila – today’s Western hot girl is born.

  2. That line is an instant classic!

    Now subtract most of your intelligence and any kind of logical understanding as to why it happens, replace it with a grandiose notion of “It must be because I’m so generally funny and awesome”

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