It’s Your Fault

Got dumped by a girl? No, she wasn’t “going through a tough time” or a “commitment-phobe”, you simply didn’t exhibit enough attractive behaviours. Your fault.

Friendzoned? And then stood by as she got railed by some bad boy? No, it wasn’t just a moment of weakness. She’s not going to see the light and realise how wonderful you are. You’re not man enough to be worthy of her. It’s your fault.

Mates take advantage of you all the time? No, they’re not just perpetually down on their luck and need a break. You are weak, have no boundaries, and allow people to walk all over you. It’s your fault.

Wife cheated on you? No, she’s not just suffering from problems with her identity, and trying to sexually express herself. You let yourself go, and beta’d yourself down over the course of years to the point where she’s not attracted to you any more. It’s your fault.

Can’t get any quality women into your life? No, they’re not all bitches who aren’t worthy of your greatness. You simply lack the ability to attract them. It’s your fault.

Stop looking for external excuses as to why your life isn’t going the way you want it to, and take responsibility for whatever predicament you are in. The buck stops with you. Learn from your mistakes, and take positive action.

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