The Repressed Alpha

Some men are destined to be betas. Through any combination of low intelligence, poor genes, no ambition or bad upbringing, they lack the deep-seated burning desire to better themselves, or the wherewithal to make it happen. Content with merely snaring a single girl who will love them, life’s opportunities pass them by, and they invariably end up getting shat on by womankind as a whole.

However, merely being blessed with the right set of conditions to achieve alphadom is no guarantee of their realisation. Not all men that have the capacity to be full alphas actually make it – despite possessing the required attributes, a lack of early success in life with women stunts their personal growth, and they impose self-limiting beliefs on themselves, hindering their own progress. Some will reach a turning point later in life when a particular event will set in motion a chain of events that leads to the eventual achievement of their full potential, whilst others never reach that moment of awakening. These repressed alphas end up settling for a girl of decent but not great quality, whilst never quite being able to shake the feeling that they were destined for something better.

There is one massive advantage the repressed alpha has over the latent beta however – their relationship is theirs for as long as they wish to keep it. In stark contrast to the every action of the beta telegraphing insecurity and neediness, the repressed alpha’s deep-seated frustration with his lot, and secret yearning to be ploughing a furrow through as many nubile young beauties as possible, manifests itself in semi-disinterest with his partner. Always with one eye on the horizon, he never fully commits to the relationship, losing interest in regular sex and frequently acting distant.

As those of us who read game will know, this semi-aloof, slightly non-committal behaviour is exactly that of a man with many options, which women cannot help but be drawn to by their innate biological urges. Never quite sure if they have the man under their control, they fret that he doesn’t find them physically attractive or wonder if he is cheating on them, all the while cementing themselves further and further under his control.

Ironically, the repressed alpha is not acting in this fashion because he actually does have numerous other options, but simply because he knows he was born for greater things and cannot fully reconcile himself to the decision he has made to settle for less than that which he knows is his by right.

The reason I post about this today is that I just had lunch with an old friend from university. He is tall, physically strong and fit, intelligent and commanding, but never had any self-belief when it came to women, having being crippled (in a similar fashion to myself) by attending single-sex schools all throughout his adolescence and never achieving early-life success with women. Being single was a miserable place for him, as he lurched from one mediocre slut to another, never getting the quality of woman he desired. He never fully embraced the potential of game, seeing it as a cheap scam, and thus was never able to internalise its teachings and better himself. Now, he is engaged with a pregnant girlfriend, yet still cannot fully reconcile himself to be happy in this situation.

Up until a few years ago, I was in the same boat. I had come from 2 LTRs, the first lasting nearly 6 years (when it should have lasted 1), the second 2 years. The hallmark of both however was that the girls were devotionally attached to me. My quiet discontent, lack of interest in regular sex and constant eyeballing of other women drove them mad with insecurity, and locked them fully under my spell, even whilst I was completely oblivious to what I was doing. It is only with the benefit of red pill enabled hindsight that I am able to explain the situation now.

The first relationship ended due to a comedically coincidental revelation of numerous of my infidelities in consecutive days. Not long after that, I met a friend who set me on the path of game – I was eager and receptive to its teachings, and drunk it all up. By the time the second LTR went sour, I was strong enough to end it when it needed ending. Had I not met that friend when I met him, I’m not sure I would ever have found my way out of the wilderness.

Those of you that can claim to have reached a point of happiness with your ability with women, spare a thought for our repressed brethren, who may never be freed from their self-imposed shackles.


4 thoughts on “The Repressed Alpha

  1. 1. Great expansion into longform-style writing. That’s a nice mix of philosophical musing, personal narrative, and prescription.

    2. Yes, a lot of men are not ready for the red pill until they’ve fallen on tough times of rejection, loneliness, and frustration. It’s a shame that they only accept this information as a last hope when everything else has failed. But I guess it is part of man’s nature to try to figure out everything on his own and reject advice until it’s seen as absolutely necessary. (Although I’m not a big fan of psych for the masses, the pop-classic Men are from Mars… has some memorable vignettes on this.)

    3. “Hypergamy orgy” — that’s a wonderfully lucid phrase. I’m going to have to remember that one.

    4. The club description brings to mind Tyler Durden’s classic article on the “secret society” that, in his view, comprises the good-looking women and the top 2% of men of the population.

    5. I strongly agree with you on not scoring a woman a 10. This guy statistically calculated that, if each unit on the 10 scale of attractiveness is a 0.5 standard deviation, the percentage of women who are anywhere between 9.0 and 10.0 is just 2.5% of the population.

    So we’re looking at a microscopic part of the female population that is even above 9.5. (Incidentally, each time I hear one of my friends call a girl a 10 or even “a dime”, I’m reminded of the destruction wrought by the Olympic gymnastic judges awarding Nadia Comaneci a perfect 10 and breaking down the barrier so nowadays every decent Chinese, Russian, and American team ‘knows’ that is has at least one 10 on board.)

    • (I moved your comment from the other post to this one. I’ve also managed to now wipe this reply 3 times having nearly typed it all out in my hungover state)

      1. Cheers – I think what prompts me to write up a post is generally a day-to-day occurrence or conversation that triggers something I can relate to personally, which then leads me to ponder the cause and try to extrapolate conclusions. So don’t expect too many posts on how to pull supermodels any time soon!

      2. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve used the phrase “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” over the last few weeks. I’ve not read Men are from Mars – does it suggest that it is an inherent part of man’s nature to always need to experience everything for themselves before they will accept it as wisdom?

      4. I hadn’t read that before, it’s a great metaphor. Essentially there is a club of “high value individuals” who receive preferential treatment in life that you are either in or out of, the other members of which are continually evaluating you with social shit tests to determine any signs of incongruence in your behaviours that indicate whether you really belong there or not. Could it then be said that becoming a member of this club is the pinnacle of achievement for any man starting off on his journey of game and self-improvement?

      5. Yeah, the term 10 is thrown around far too often for my liking, usually applied to women who are in no way deserving of it. There are very few women who possess flawless natural beauty, who will look as good first thing in the morning as they do on a night out. And even then, it is fleetingly theirs but for a short portion of their lives, before the ravages of age begin their process of erosion on their looks. A statistical normal distribution is definitely the correct model to apply in this case.

      There’s a terrible programme called “Strictly Come Dancing” on UK television where washed up celebrities try to resurrect their fading careers by learning to ballroom dance, and partaking in an elimination competition of the period of a few months. The judges award 10s to frankly mediocre performances so frequently, that by the end of the series the few remaining competitors score perfect 10s across the board every single week.

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