Broaden Your Interests

He should take that book back to the shop – the bottom half of it is all blurry

I love the manosphere, it’s great. I personally am subscribed to over 60 feeds, which I try and keep on top of every day (it’s fast becoming a losing battle mind you – I’ve spread myself a bit thinly and had to subcategorise them, and only concentrate on the ones that I get most value from).

However, lest we forget, there is more to being a well rounded individual than well… reading about how to be a well rounded individual all the time. It’s important to develop hobbies and interests outside of manosphere related content that will make you a more well-rounded, interesting person.

Currently, I’ve set myself the task of reading a new classic novel every month. My current pamphlet – Nicholas Nickleby by Dickens. After writing this blog for a few months now and struggling at times to find the necessary verbiage with which to articulate my sentiments, it is with a sense of greatest admiration that I see how Mr Dickens meticulously and systemically crafts the most intricate sentences from diverse descriptive words into a complex verbal structure of beauty. And indeed, reading such works can hopefully only improve the quality of my own writing.

In today’s online realm of bite-sized chunks of easily digestible information, it’s very easy to go from one month to the next without actually ever finding time to read a classic work by a gifted literary great. Try and make time, and enrich your mind.

5 thoughts on “Broaden Your Interests

  1. That is a great goal. I am proud of the library of books I have read, definitely broadens horizons.

    The internet gives us ADD, of that I am convinced. New stimulation is only a click away (not even porn, Im talking actual reading). Meanwhile we are ‘stuck’ with a book for weeks at a time.

    • I used to read so much as a child, I’d routinely devour 1000-page 12-book fantasy sagas before the age of 12. It’s taken more of a back seat in the year since to such things as alcohol, women, gaming and other general procastenabling (I just made that word up) activities, which is a shame. It’s something I definitely intend to start making more time for moving forward.

    • Not a bad idea at all. You’ll have to give me a little while to get through Nicholas Nickleby though – it’s something of a weighty tome. That said, I am going on holiday for a fortnight from next week, so it will give me a chance to plough through it.

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