Ultimate Success – Part 1

Ask yourself, which is easier – ultimate success with women (rolling into a superclub, and having your choice of the hottest, supermodel quality girls in there), or ultimate success in wealth (getting to the top 1% – millionaire lifestyle and the trappings of it, multiple apartments, a Ferrari or two, £20k watch etc)?

The answer may seem obvious to some of you already, but there is a reason I ask, which I’ll get to at the conclusion of this train of thought (this post has ended up being somewhat longer than I first anticipated, so I’m splitting it into a few parts. I like to try and keep my posts to around 500 words).

For me, and many others like me, I discovered the whole realm of game (which led on to the manosphere) because I was unhappy with my ability to get women. It was the single most important thing in my life, a burning desire above all else to prove to myself and all my peers that I was the kind of guy that could be cool, attractive, confident and good with girls. Each small success along the road was like an elastoplast across the yawning chasm of my gapingly wounded ego, another stich in the fragile suture holding my ruptured self-confidence together.

Drunk with power, I imagined a linear progression in my mind from my lowly beginnings, all the way up to supermodel quality women. There was no girl that ability with game could not get me, no set of social logistics too difficult to overcome. All I had to do was study, and apply myself in the field.

I won’t say I was the fastest learner. I came from being a bit of weird kid to say to the least (definitely on the autistic spectrum), and studied at single sex schools for most of my adolescence. I was literally petrified of girls when I first started coming into regular contact with them at the age of 16, something which didn’t really start leaving me until many years later, after I started to find my way out of my wanderings in the desolate beta wilderness. However, I studied and applied game (patchily) for a few years, and slowly and steadily made progress, until I reached the point where I could pull 7s aplenty, and even the odd 8 if I was lucky.

Then earlier this year, I moved to London after a stint travelling, and discovered the manosphere. With a combination of some of the advice I found therein, and my own natural drive I had developed, I continued my progression – getting into really good shape, dressing sharp, pimping my apartment and lifestyle – and my results leapt forward once more. I got to the point where I could get 22 year old 8s and 8.5s eating out of my hand (I can see why Krauser goes predominantly for Eastern Europeans by the way – they’re much lower maintenance than their equivalently attractive Western counterparts).

With each rise in the quality of girls available to me came a corresponding rise in my standards however. What I had achieved only months prior was suddenly completely worthless to me as I set my sights higher still. I wanted ultimate success – the top tier of 9s and 9.5s.

Deciding to try and step our game up, a friend and I rolled out to some of the really exclusive (read: full of tossers) clubs around Oxford Circus and Mayfair. Basically, promo staff from these joints spend their day rounding up the hottest girls they can find off the expensive shopping streets of central London, or contacting model agencies, and pack these places out with 9s and 9.5s by 10pm. It’s a honeytrap – various millionaires of London then swoop down, abandoning their Lamborghinis in the street in front of the club, and jaunt inside, before plying these girls with champagne. There are plenty of regular girls in there too, but a core of around 50 or so jaw-droppingly beautiful women.

I’d never seen anything like it in my life. I rarely find girls to be stunningly attractive, and yet here was easily 50 of the hottest women I had ever seen in my life, right in front of me. There were girls in there, who even after years of my gaining hard-earned battle scars in the trenches of pickup, still made my breath catch in my throat when we made eye contact.

This was my time – I had arrived. Armed with my new lifestyle and self-belief, I girded my loins and sprung into action, deciding to try my hand with some of these total hotties…



12 thoughts on “Ultimate Success – Part 1

  1. Just found your site and I think it’s cool as all get out. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll kind sir and I’ll return the favor.

  2. To find those 9s and 9.5s, why don’t you just go take a hint from the the Oxford Circus / Mayfair club promoters / wranglers and go dig up those girls on the central London high-fashion shopping areas?

    Between Roosh’s Day Bang, Krauser’s direct daygame, Yad’s and Justin Wayne’s daygame videos, etc., you have wonderful, proven advice available to plow through large number of the hottest girls until you successfully connect and enter the “secret society” (like Tyler D is fond of saying).

    With your fashion sense and physical build, you could probably pull 8 and 9’s much easier in daytime and with a lot less attitude.

    Remember, women harbor ridiculous romantic comedy movie-inflicted beliefs that they will meet their boyfriends spontaneously during the day, not at some pub/club.

    Even a busy guy can take a few hours of his Sunday to go find new pussy. It’ll save you a lot of time on Friday night, when you don’t have to bother spending wads of cash (and can invest it, instead).

    • I have been out with a wing in that area a couple of times, and we honestly couldn’t find more than one or two, genuinely smoking hot logistically approachable targets. There were a few around – but in large groups, or with boyfriends/orbiters, and the streets were absolutely packed (different time of day would be better) and I’d much rather have a one-on-one situation when talking to a girl during the day. In terms of having a concentration of the hottest women I’ve ever seen in real life (that someone else had conveniently gone to the effort of lining up in one place), I’ve still never seen anything like these clubs. I’ll wrap up my point of view on it in the 2nd part of this post when I get round t it.

      Also, I’ll freely admit – I don’t push myself nearly hard enough with daygame. I know you’re correct when you say that the single best place to get these high 8s/low 9s is during the day, but I’ve got a steady supply of high 7s/low 8’s coming through online dating at the moment, and it keeps me ticking over. I simply don’t have the burning desire and motivation with women that top PUAs have, that enables them to get as far as they do – as mentioned in a previous post, most girls bore the shit out of me, and I’ve got a number of other personal goals I’m working on at the moment from which I derive equally as much satisfaction as from attracting women.

      Incidentally, why the anonymity – you’ve put a ton of interesting/insightful comments on a lot of my posts, have you got a blog?

      • Thanks for the compliment!

        I’ve thought about it, but I’m very spontaneous and irregular with posting, so any blog would probably go belly-up for lack of regular posts and readership.

        I figure I can probably bring more value and do more good by occasionally commenting on others’ sites, as appropriate.

        And thanks for being so responsive to all your readers’ comments. That’s a rarity nowadays.

      • My pleasure – one of the reasons I started a blog was to connect with other like-minded individuals. It’s rare to come across many people who have the same outlook on life in my day-to-day existence.

  3. Incidentally, I like the stock photo. The girl second from the right (with the tiny tophat) is the hottest of the bunch

    • I didn’t really look at it that closely – I’ve just realised it’s Girls Aloud (British girl group). That one is Cheryl Cole – she’s extremely hot, but is chav scum. Very early in her career, she showed her class by racially assaulting a toilet attendant in a club, which the general public seems to have conveniently forgotten about.

      Of course, she was Cheryl Tweedy back then, I imagine her publicist strongly encouraged to take her husband’s name when she got married.

  4. da wymmnz have enormously high bitch shields in closed catered environments. the situation you’ve drawn out sketches the underpinning of hypergamous spontaneous combustion to play out. looking forward to part 2 to see how you break through them…

  5. Dig your blog, you’ve got a good thing going on.

    A grammatical quible: you’re abusing the word literally.

    You said you were literally petrified of girls, if that were true, you’d be a statue of a stone, and we’d visit you in a museum.

    You figuratively were petrified. Just sayin’.

    Keep writing, this has the makings of an excellent manosphere blog.

    • Hah, fair point about the use of “literally petrified” – I tend to write in stream-of-consciousness style and only read back through my posts once to check they read fluently. One of my resolutions for this year is to study creative writing, I’d like to tighten up the quality of what I post.

      Cheers – I’m deriving quite a bit of enjoyment from interacting with people through this blog, hopefully I can keep the content fresh and relavent.

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