Game Gets Academic Validation

Just been reading an interesting article over at the ever thought-provoking blog of the guys at Chateau Heartiste. It seems that an academic analysis of the teachings of Mystery Method has been carried out and cross referenced with evolutionary psychology, and all of its major tenets are found to have solid grounding in directly observable societal effects.

I’m torn as to whether this is a good thing or not.

On the one hand, it’s nice to be able to have something to shove down the throats of all the self-loathing, defeating beta naysayers, who claim there is no such thing as game and it’s all about the size of your wallet or how good-looking you are. Although personally, I didn’t need the recognition of a bunch of man-boobs to know that this stuff works, having personally experienced its effects and reaped the corresponding vaginal rewards.

On the other hand, the more widely accepted this kind of thing becomes, the more it’s going to enter the consciousness of the masses. More and more guys will start learning game.

Your initial reaction, as a learned individual, might well be “Ah, ’tis not an issue – Mystery Method is full of cheap tricks and tactics, which will be quickly learned by women, and spotted coming a mile off, resulting in humorous and spectacular blow-outs. I no longer use such methods, having turned myself into a manly man to whom such things come naturally.” But if you’re anything like me, finding out about Mystery Method was merely the start of the journey, and led on to a whole realm of self-development and self-actualisation, resulting eventually in the raising of my core value and the internalisation of the mindsets of a confident, successful man, and the rewards that come with it.

Now I don’t wish for a second to deny any of my fellow men their birthright of realising and enjoying the full benefits of their masculinity, and all that entails. But do I wish to have my competition for the highest quality females increased? A successful player of a game never gives away his edge after all. It can’t be denied that year upon year, game becomes more and more widely known amongst the Venusian proletariat.

Consequently, it means that for those of us who currently keep abreast of the forefront of the teachings of the manosphere, our job is going to get that bit harder and we’re going to have to keep working to ensure we stay ahead of the mob.

Then again, as motivated, driven, masculine individuals, we were going to do that already… weren’t we.

11 thoughts on “Game Gets Academic Validation

  1. ‘On the other hand, the more widely accepted this kind of thing becomes, the more it’s going to enter the consciousness of the masses. More and more guys will start learning game.’

    It seems like that would happen. But I think the indoctrination of male to feminism is at a much greater rate, and any betas will just drop out anyway.

    • It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, and which becomes the greater force – the feminist oppression of masculinity, or the increasing frustration of men as their innate biological urges are denied to them.

      Pass the popcorn.

  2. This is a good thing for the rebirth of civilization (when it comes), although it certainly will make it a little more difficult on the ground for a PUA.

    Imagine, just for a moment that all men Grokk game.

    Think about what that would be like. The social destruction it would cause to this bloated female centric ridiculous culture.

    Imagine what would rise in its place

    • This then raises an interesting thought about the nature of hypergamy – namely is it objective (tuned to select those males who exhibit certain traits, regardless of the number of males exhibiting them) or subjective (select only the top n% of males, regardless of what traits the majority exhibit)?

      In the case of the former, if all men learned game, you’d have the majority of women walking around in a state of near permanent panty-dampening arousal, drawn to every man they encountered. In the case of the latter, it would still be the case that only the top men got most of the women, just that the bar for levels of game would be massively higher.

      • I suspect one of the reasons women were happier 50 years ago, was men were more masculine as a group.

        Its a little easier to “settle” into your natural SMV if the man exhibits dominance and knows how to be attractive.

        I don’t thonk it would be a state of “constant” arousal. The few top men would still stand out to women.

        However, the social status that men used to have naturally elevated men a point or two.

        A lesser alpha, greater beta in the social range (lets say a “7”) that can elevate his ranking to a nine with game , is more likely to win and keep the love of a 7 woman. (I understand the step drop off in attractiveness for men that occurs from the 10 point and we’ll leave that aside).

        What we have right now is a bunch of cubicle men with no game running around. They neither stand out, nor understand and display in ways that are hardwired into the female brain.

        It would lead to more stable ltr relationships (but paradoxically less marriage) with women displaying more feminine and devoted actions on their part.

        That being said, the pattern right now is to a complete antagonistic relationship between the sexes which is going to lead to the utter slavery and oppression of one gender or the other if things don’t change.

      • I suppose that even though men were generally more masculine 50 years ago, there was also a much stronger social fabric, and women were not encouraged to let their hypergamy run rampant as they are today.

        We’re currently in a situation that as women have become more masculine in their behaviour, most men have correspondingly become more feminine, so that the few alpha males have their pick of the bunch.

        A juxtaposition of men from 50 years ago, combined with today’s women and their unfettered sluttiness would be interesting.

  3. I agree with Erudite Knight. Betas will drop out and most girls are oblivious to almost everything.

    In 1996, when Ross Jeffries started advertising all over the Internet, we said that everybody would learn about game and it would became useless.

    In 2002, when the online pickup artist forums became popular, we said that everybody would learn about game and it would became useless.

    In 2005, when The Game was published, we said that everybody would learn about game and it would became useless.

    In 2007, when The Pickup Artist aired, we said that everybody would learn about game and it would became useless.

    In 2011, when the filming of The Game was set, we said that everybody would learn about game and it would became useless.

    In all my gaming, precisely 1 girl has called me out for “being one of those pickup artist guys, like in that book.”

    • Amongst my own peer group, there has definitely been a marked increase in the number of people studying and applying game. But then, that suffers from confirmation bias – logically, I am drawn to hanging out mainly with people with a similar mindset to my own, namely that of having a strong desire for self improvement.

      For those that want it, it’s certainly more easily accessible than it ever was. But as you say, it’s most likely the case that 99% of men simply aren’t intelligent or motivated enough to seek it out – my concern is probably unfounded. I would think that we can expect to see a greater rate of game adoption amongst the 1% of guys that are motivated, resulting overall in slightly increased competition – but probably nothing that would be noticed.

      And I suppose it follows that if most guys aren’t intelligent enough to seek this stuff out, then it’s going to be the case that most women aren’t intelligent enough to spot it when it’s used on them.

      I’m still intrigued though about what the effects would be if every guy in the world learned game, as per my response to Ras Al Ghul’s comment

  4. I was in eastern europe (balkans, yugoslavia), and though i spent just about a month, it was enough time to read into the socio-sexual dynamics there. Its no secret that EE has some of the most beautiful women, however, most of the guys there have game, and will have a hottie by their side to show it. the situation there plays out a little differently, since game is geared towards LTRs there vs. ONS and serial monogamy in western culture. the average joe did not get the cream of the crop – he ended up with a tier 2 or tier 3 girl (which is still a 7, since women there are not yet infected with the mass fatty femcunt careerist entitlement disease yet).

    more recently, i was at a client in NYC where the populace was predominantly female, and most of the consultants, visitors, and executives are male. the girls swoon at the novelty, but at the end of the day, the bell curve sorts out the higher alphas from the alphas, inherently making the latter the new beta. so my prediction is, if all men have game, hypergamy will calibrate and adjust accordingly, leaving the new greater betas with the leftovers. if the virulent strains of feminism continue to perpetuate the mass fatty princess entitlement complexes, it is bad for men and good for women. Look at certain parts of scandinavia, where men are dropping out MGTOW style in mass quantities, as reflected by lower marriage and birthrates – a lot of these men are pursuing eastern frontiers for more feminine women. I predict to be the case with western cultures as post-modern feminism continues to spiral out.

    • Yes, I was leaning more towards the mindset that hypergamy is subjective, dependent on those males around. So basically, the feminists in the west have fucked us over – they’ve en masse turned themselves into obese, conceited sluts, who all have impossibly high standards. Cheers feminism.

      It’s been becoming more apparent to me over the last year or so, as I’ve started to become fully aware of the extent of corruption of Western women, that I’m going to have to broaden my horizons and look abroad if I ever want to find a wife (which may not be ever – I love being single).

      There is one plus point though – by improving yourself, your game, your value and your style so that you can at least gain access to half decent women in Western cultures, you will be light years ahead of the average Joe in most other places in the world, and should have your pick of the women once you make an effort to integrate yourself with the local society and pick up the language.

      • It is subjective and it is not.

        What you’re really describing is that it is situational depending on the setting. A man that is the boss of his company is attractive to the women in it, but at the club scene those women are more drawn to the famous men if there are any.

        It is objective in that once you know the reality, you can pick out the alphas in the setting.

        But it is subjective, not every woman you approach is going to be interested, generally its 1 in 7 if you’re good, which is why I don’t think it would really lead to superalphas cleaning up, that’s what you have right now.

        The other subjective part, is what is described as love or passion.

        Have you ever known a girl that is obsessive about a man, and her friends (or perhaps even yourself) can’t figure out why?

        That’s why if all men understood game at an early age, I suspect long term it would create stability. If a man understood Amoging and knew how to defend against it. If a man understands the truly wayward hearts of women, if he could handle the shit tests. Hell, simply being decisive, stoic, and in control would but him ahead of most men today.

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